Saturday, May 25, 2013


For those who are unable to participate in tonight’s rally at Dataran PJ, light a candle and follow the event live


wandererAUS said...

What a beautiful sight!...those shinning lights have ignited the flame of democracy we so dearly hold. Nothing, not even the UMNO devils will shift us from our stand. We shall overcome...the oppressors. Our days will come. Rahid, Bali pendatang balek negri ku.

Teh Tarik said...

The EC Chairman and his his deputy have brought ignominy to Malaysia. They have presided over the most fraudulent elections in our history akin to Zimbabwe. These two disreputable and despised individuals, will one day, have to pay for their crimes. Their punishment should be to exile them to Zimbabwe, where they, together with Mamakutty, can be the permanent guests of Robert Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

I put to you, UMNO-junta, that the RM 9 billion that was mysteriously raised by a government backed bond at a highly preferential rate, just before the dissolution of parliament, and wired over to an equally mysterious bank account in Grand Cayman, was at least in part intended for the Bangladeshi airline Air Biman, for ground operations and payouts in Dhaka before the Malaysian 5th May general election.

Through various Emails and Tweets from known UMNO henchmen, mistakenly reaching the public, a picture is beginning to emerge of UMNO's ground operations in Dhaka, and its collaboration with Air Biman and one other well known airline, coordinated from UMNO's Putrajaya War Room by one of the most outspoken new UMNO ministers in denial of electoral fraud.

51% said...

有理能行天下 无理寸步难行

爱国的大马子民! 争取民主! 全民挺进!

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim & Wan Azizah Wan Ismail Telah Membuat Laporan Polis Sebentar Tadi Berhubung Dakwat Tidak Kekal. Anda Bila Lagi?... Tempoh Anda Buat Laporan Polis Berakhir Hari Ini... Simpan Salinan Report Polis Dan Hantar Ke Pejabat Parti Cawangan Masing-Masing Untuk Dikumpulkan Oleh Pihak Pakatan Rakyat Untuk Dibawa Ke Mahkamah Bagi Mencabar SPR..

Via Demi Rakyat, Berikut Contoh Report :-

Saya , No Kad Pengenalan < BARU/LAMA> telah mengundi di dalam PRU Ke-13 pada 5/5/2013 di Daerah Mengundi , Parlimen pada jam . Saya basuh jari yang dicalit dakwat kekal pada jam hari yang sama mendapati semua dakwat yang dicalitkan pada jari saya telah habis tertanggal.

Saya membuat laporan ini untuk menyatakan dakwat itu tidak kekal. Ini bertentangan dengan kenyataan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) Malaysia yang menyatakan dakwat itu kekal seperti peruntukan Undang-Undang Pilihanraya.

Sekian laporan saya.

Anonymous said...

Laporkan penipuan SPR ke

Kita tuntut SPR baru yang adil!