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Jeyasakthi Jeyasingham
Hi Uncle Zorro!
Firstly i want to let you know how wonderful it is to have you back!!! Your blog is always open on my PC and I just refresh every morning...it is my companion with my morning coffee (or nightly read when all is quiet!). Read you story about you going to vote...was so moved...but also so happy that you made it to the polling stations!!! YAY!
Was just thinking back to Mother's day 2011 when I first met you at Teluk Chempedak at the anti-lynas gathering. We have come far....but looks like it is a long journey ahead still.
With the crusade still on-going...I was not sure if this awesome lady has come to your attention. Auntie Mei has been one of the earliest...and one of the most steadfast anti-lynas warriors.
I remember way back in 2011..she formed a one woman barricade, standing in front of a policeman who tried to go up the DAP office stairs in Kuantan during one of the earlier gatherings (they took in 4 people for questioning that day). She was at the walk to the australian hi-comm...and whilst many of us stood chatting in the rain...she fished out a garbage bag and started picking up litter on the road, pavement etc.
She is at all the gatherings...and marches and sit ins. She has turned up in court. She's been around the country.
Well...Auntie has taken her fight a step further...and had started a hunger fast! AS of yesterday I heard that she was still on the fast...drinking only water. Various people have been visiting...and I heard a dr has also been going to monitor her.
The story below was shared by Vincent Jiam (the kindergarten teacher! who initiated the anti-lynas campaign) who visited Auntie Mei on Thursday.
I don't know what to do. Other than a few shares on facebook..this does not seem to be gathering much attention (maybe in the Chinese papers?). Understandably people are preoccupied with other important issues such as magic and blackouts!
Uncle Zorro...could you feature Auntie Mei in your blog? Let people know about this brave lady? Again... my info is as of last night. I will find out more...
Thank you!
And once again... WELCOME BACK!

Jeya, I am sorry this took a while to address. I am coping with life with dialysis and the past two days have been trying. I woke up pretty fresh this morning at 315am, brewed that must-have cuppa and decided that its now or never.

YES, I met Ah Mei Chair (sister) in SIBU during the Sibu by-election.  We all stayed at a RM30 a day walk-up (52 steps only) “hotel” opposite the mighty Sg Rajan in Sibu town. She hailed from Kuantan and Anthony Loke’s aide Josephine Mary introduced us. That Sunday morning was also nomination day and Mothers Day too. Mei Chair and I shared a cab every morning to go to YB Wong Ho Weng’s operation centre. Because of my badly fractured Cantonese I did not have much to contribute but was aware that her campaign starts the moment we get into the cab. At the centre, she would clean up the huge table set up for us, get the flyers etc ready for the volunteers when they start climbing up to the centre. I do not see her until we get into the cab the next morning. Then I met her again during the Sarawak state elections that followed. Our paths crossed again during the Hulu Selangor by elections. The last I saw her was during the mammoth Kuantan anti-lynas camapaign when she handed me a vegetarian dumpling at the padang. Then I remembered her on YouTube being arrested when she confronted the deputy IGP.
I know little about her except that when not campaigning for the DAP around the country, she operates a vegetarian stall. And now you tell me that she is on a hunger strike to stop LYNAS in Gebeng and the diamond mine in Raub. Dang! She is a petite lady, just one year my junior but she has got PRESENCE and wherever she is SHE is making a STATEMENT with her piercing glare when she was not pleased!
I hope the people in Kuantan can show their support and I wish my good friend Datuk Sak, the new MP for Raub will dissuade her from continuing her hunger strike. We need her for the final trust that is a-coming. On my part I cannot do much except maybe tolerate the discomfort of dialysis and offer that in solidarity with Ah Mei Chair.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately May 13 in 2013 was incident free despite Utusan's vain attempt to instigate the malays to 'tumpah darah'.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
I am glad you are back in cyberspace albeit occasionally. I hope your dialysis is only temporary until you recover fully from your op.

I am a Kuantanite and I believe most of us are saddened pakatan couldn't wrest putrajaya and stopped lynas. However, I found someone cynically put up a sign 'lynas didahulukan' at the former JPJ junction. I thought that was funny.

Let's pray hard the people will be successful in voting in pakatan next round.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

After GE13, Umno led by Najib has continued non-stop in their attempts to pin the blame on Chinese for their dismal victory.

It seems that everything is not right for Najib and I am sure he is extremely worry that he will fall from grace just like his predecessor.

It is not the Chinese who create racial instability but Umno's own unstable state that leads to such a situation. This is evidenced from historical fact that leaders divert attention from their internal power struggle by attacking minority races.

Halim said...

Was money politics in Umno tolerated because it did not contradict Malay or Islamic dominance of the system?

Was it seen as a necessary evil for the functioning of Umno, as long as the money did not threaten Umno or Ketuanan Melayu?

Jakim, what say you?

Mariam said...

The greatest fear of the Singapore government is a Malaysia that is better governed and less corrupt. The extraordinary events in Malaysia over the past few years, plus the courageous stand of her citizens in the last few days, has been closely monitored from across the causeway.

Anonymous said...

Nurul Izzah Versus Raja Nong Chik is equal to MB Selangor?

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yess , i agree with mariam said that The greatest fear of the Singapore government is a Malaysia that is better governed and less corrupt.

pliang said...

Why you guys made me sried?

Zai said...

In this Youtube video clip,


we can see ballot boxes in by a car driving into the polling station. At the polling stations itself, there were momentary "magic" blackouts with these mysterious ballot boxes appearing after the electrical outage. Needless to say, the votes in the yellow boxes were in favor of BN in the GE13. The fervent crowd is chanting and shouting "Bersih".

Anonymous said...

The online news portal Meld Magazine has indicated that Najib has the largest proportion of ‘fake’ Twitter followers.

A Bad Boy said...


Dialysis is probably not fun so I hope you are grinning and bearing it for the time being.

Looking forward to you being back in harness soon,

Anonymous said...


Please stay healthy!