Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I posted on the possibility of Professor(?) Ridhuan Tee being nominated for the coveted Poop Chute Award. The first award was shared by two – the local Home Minister and his sidekick the Police Inspector General. There were suggestions that the second award be given to this other pair – Ridhuan and this MCA pup called SHEN YEE AUN.

 Good sense prevailed and the award must go to them separately. Riduan is a Chinese who claims Malay ethnicity by virtue of being a Muslim convert whilst Shen is undoubtedly an unadulterated Chinese, despite the cosmetic headgear. The award is thus bestowed on red peanut Shen Yee Aun.

Velly solly yah Ridhuan, talk some more BS and it is yours!

Enjoy the Award and may the sting stink of this Award follow your ascension to the top of the dilapidated MCA shack and linger on as body odor of a decayed organization.
Justifications HERE


Watch THIS briefly lest you get sick and the MCA ah sum and ah soh get jealous


najib manaukau said...

You always have some traitors in your race and there are no shortage of them in Chinese. Just remember in every race not only in Malaysia but all over the world.
Especially so when it comes to the money and positions that go with them. In the case of Ridhuan Tee, he just wants to be at the top of his profession when he knows very well his own limitation and what he can achieve with it. Therefore the only way he can achieve whatever he is hoping for is to sell his ancestry and when this fails. He will sell his own sisters, or even his own mother that is if there is a taker.
And for all those lackeys in MCA the same applies to all of them !

bumi-non-malay said...

I think that award should also go to the Syriah and judicial courts for legalising the marriage of the 13 of girl raped by the man in Sabah.

This is a peadofile and he must be locked up in Jail.

I hope he dies soon!

Where is the dignity for that 13 year old girl. Mind you raped at 12y 6 mths...... This sickness of UMNO-BN ruling Malaysia & rules laws must END TODAY.

That is neither Khalwat nor a sex with underage...What the Hell then is that?? So angry that I wish the defender of Islam also dies soon....stop insulting Islam with this type of justice!!

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Maybe Ridhuan came out from that shithole.No wonder he is always talking shitstuffs.Stupid idiot this crazy dude wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Boycott the companies owned by BN cronies would be a more effective method of fighting corruption in Malaysia than depending on action by the police or MACC.

Therefore all Malaysians should boycott all Petron petrol stations to show our dismay over cronyism in Malaysia.

FYI, Petron Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which has links with Mahathir’s son Mirzan, has taken over Esso Malaysia Bhd and all Esso stations are being rebranded to Petron.

Anonymous said...

My doctor friend told me that Shen Yee Aun took drugs before his speech as evident in his dreamy eyes and charged-up attitude.

See for yourself.

Anonymous said...

To bumi-non-malay May 27, 2013 at 9:09 AM, the man must be penalised under Hudud Law which is stoning to death. That is justice. If the victim dies due to rape, then the man's head should be chopped off under Qisas Law.

Jess said...

Shen Yee Aun is an 'auntie killer' among Wanita MCA:

A Bad Boy said...


I must protest in the strongest of terms against Ridhuan Tee being denied a Poop Chute Award immediately.

Ridhuan's previous efforts to make himself look a worthy PCA recipient have far far exceeded the efforts of Shen Yee Aun.

Pls do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that Shen has not worked hard for his Award.

Where Shen has attempted to use politics to justify his moronic blabberings, Ridhuan has used total and absolute gibberish to support his contentions.

It takes a very special type of idiot to deny one's own genetic makeup and in this, Ridhuan Tee has excelled well beyond what is necessary.

Ridhuan Tee's stupendous and monumental efforts to be The Complete Idiot (inclusive of mandatory missing parts) must surely make him ever so worthy of being an automatic and immediate recipient of the Poop Chute Award.

It would be terrible to have to wait for Ridhuan Tee to make further nonsensical statements to support his entitlement to a PCA.

Unlikely though it may be, can you afford the risks of Ridhuan Tee coming to his senses and thereby being ineligible for a prestgious award?

I mean, Ridhuan would probably remain in blissful ignorance of his rights to the PCA but there are those of us who feel that the fullest glory of the Poop Chute Award must descend upon his very personage.

I implore you, sir, on bended knee with hands clasped and head bowed, to immediately confer Ridhuan Tee with his very own Poop Chute Award.

I remain,

Ever your humblest servant

A Bad Boy

zorro said...

THANKS Jess....just updated the post with your Utube.

Anonymous said...

I agree with A Bad Boy. Please re-consider and give the award to Ridhuan Tee. He is an extremely tortured and tormented soul in a body that he does not want to own. They should make a movie about him, how he lived his many years in this extreme condition. I cried every time I read about what he said or do ... for his parents, for they must have wished they gave birth to a puppy instead.

As for this Shen kid, leave him alone with his tantrum and toys. He has been an angry child since his mom refuse to buy him an ice-cream when he was 3 years old. He has a lot of growing up to do. By writing about him, you are helping him to be famous.

Anonymous said...

Watched the video of Shen. He has big bushy eye brows. Very thick and apart from his nondescript face, it must be his eye brow. I have seldom seen such eye brow. Does it tell you something. That he can hide behind it. It is a face that I cannot read. A bit of an idiot face if I am not charitable. Poor soul.

And those MCA wanita crowding around Shen, oh they look so unwashed. Surely they must be better specimen in MCA.

As for Tee, he is strange without hair and a face of deception.

Anonymous said...

Many government projects lack transparency and yet when they fail, it is the taxpayer who picks up the tab. The Penang administration claims that it practises transparency in awarding projects and that the majority of the awards are won by bumiputera contractors. If the Penang state government can achieve this, there is no reason why it cannot be accomplished at the federal level.

Kena Tipu? said...

Harga kereta tidak akan diturunkan dalam masa terdekat, cakap BN.

Turun 20-30%-Tunggu lama-lama~

Sebelum PRU 13,apa-apa pun boleh,
Selepas PRU 13,Semua tak boleh,

Janji Sudah Dicapatikan?

Anonymous said...

The EC chairperson and deputy chairperson have failed and are extremely biased and unreliable. Malaysians cannot afford to have such non-credible officers to stay on and lead the electoral delineation exercise.

We want them to be replaced by Bersih's S Ambiga who will be trusted to select her team to lead the EC. The majority of Malaysians trust that Ambiga will do a good and fair job.

Anonymous said...

Belaga boat accident should be regarded as a national disaster as it is tragic proof of failure of 50 years of equitable development in Sarawak with still no road access to rural districts.

wahid said...


Interesting video to watch: