Thursday, May 23, 2013


Dear Uncle B,
I just returned from the Jinjang Vigil for Adam Adli incensed at the arrest of 18 vigilers. As an ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO) advocate, me and my friends over teh tarik just now, object to the Police Inspector General, KHALID ABU BAKAR having as his middle name ABU. It is not appropriate and not fair that he should carry this middle name as he is admittedly an UMNO underling. “PC” should be his middle name…..PC as in Police Constable CHIEF. Or better still and more appropriate and original - POOP CHUTE. Can or not, Uncle Z?
Concerned ABU citizens.
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Dear Concerned ABU citizens,
Without hesitation, here it is.


A Bad Boy said...


Aahhh!! A pic of the Police Inspector General, Khalid Abu Bakar, making a press statement :)

Anonymous said...

Haris arrested.Taken to Jinjang

Anonymous said...

Don't play play.
This police chief will bring back police state.
Already Tamrin, Tian Chua and Haris have been arrested.

Sad day for Democracy in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...




wandererAUS said...

What an appropriate term for this motherfcuker ass licking sub human! Young man, I congratulate your "logical" imagination to a sewerage rat! Khalid, just because you have a peeled dick, Malaysia bapa ku!

Anonymous said...

If an arse licker can be made a IGP of the land, Oh Lord, please save us…but, nothing will save this bloody deranged low being! To add to our frustration and despair, we have one of the most corrupted SOBs as an AG!…is this for real? Ah Gib Gor, you have shown your true color, you are just an unintelligent asshole…and a bloody cheat!…how low will you stoop just clinch on to power?

Anonymous said...

What is seditious about speaking up against BN ?
Is Bn so sacred, so holy, so untouchable ,so chaste so pure so inscrutable, above and beyond immorality ?
there is nothing to question or ask BN to explain ?
that no one should doubt or speak against it ??
Well....the answer is obvious to all others except a few in the BN
Thosusands who flock bravely to opposition rallies do not think so
They all boldly come there because there is plenty wrong with Bn
and plenty to be said about it
What sedition?

Anonymous said...

In a democratic nation, if the Chinese want to vote for Anwar Ibrahim, it is their right. If they choose to reject Umno Baru, it is also their right. No one can or should even question their loyalty to the Agong and the country. This is a democratic right of every Malaysian citizen. So, with Najib calling it a Chinese tsunami, what more credibility does he have to speak about 1Malaysia, compared to his deputy who suffers from a much narrower race mindset?

Anonymous said...

Mahathirism (style of draconian-tranny will ‘NOT See Daylight’ again), to use it now, is indeed a sign of weakness, stupidity and (dark) fears…

The Rakyat has awaken (this would render any governing body into such state of panic and chaos), therefore how effective can they (keep) pretending to rule this Nation, to higher glory, when all of us know they can only run it ‘aground’ – ‘a stalemate’ or ‘Custer's Last Stand’…?)

Bearing witness to this, and such and other (fruitless/futile threats and attempts) can only meant one thing, we’ve the privilege of watching the old regime under BN-UMNO (self-destructs) and is currently seen as ‘drowning and desperately grappling’ onto straws…

Anonymous said...

Malaysians do not want the most “political” IGP to defend the existing regime but the most “professional” IGP to protect the most human and fundamental right of Malaysians – to be free from crime and the fear of crime.