Saturday, October 20, 2007

ZORRO IS INCENSED (today) and so is HELEN ANG (tomorrow)!

The PM says of Hari Raya celebrations: ".....this gives the opportunity to strengthen our ties with one is an occasion when bonding takes place and I think we must find more occasions for bonding so that Malaysians will be truly strong and united."

Zorro ( feverishly controlling anger) says (and prize for guessing): Mr Prime Minister, sah, the people have no problem bonding. It is when we bond too well, your two annointed wave keris and talk about blood-bath (don't feign ignorance, will ya?) It is when we are seen to be too pally with each other, that your boys divide us with the race and religion card. And those two bullies have not apologised yet and GE is looming, menacingly. (I know you have a tough time with pretenders to the throne. Don't worry....the melekan "I-was-with-Najib-yesterday" kampong jester is trying his luck . Khairy will know how to knock him off the "reserved" pedestal. And Mister Prime Minister, I will have you know that my closest buddies are mostly MALAYS aka Bumiputras! And I will have you know that we are on the same wave-length because we do not let race and religion come between us. We RESPECT each other's ethnicity and religiosity! It is when people do not respect others race and religion that we have imams discouraging Open House and some fanatically inspired geeks advising not to wish infidels during their festivals. And you are looking for more occasions for us to bond? You lead by example, sir. Revive the Bridging Talks that you sheepishly begged off. Your pathetic excuse was unbecoming as a host and most un-Malaysian. You breached what we built over centuries of bonding - our hospitable etiquette. Every word you utter, the sycophant MSM put on print as though you speak ex cathedra - infallible! So make what you say about bonding, STICK and give the stick to those who jeopardise your efforts. Wake up and whack them.

No intention to belittle him with this small picture

NO, I AM NOT FINISHED YET......." a police plane spotted the body (of Yoong Kim, the last missing person in the Tioman ferry debacle) at 12.30pm. They informed us and we sent a boat to retrieve the body 10 nautical miles off Tioman."

Zorro (now frothing with continued anger)asks: And this, 7 days after the fact? When did the air surveillance begin? Police plane? Did not the Royal Navy take part in this rescue operation? Oh, I forgot, Lumut is on the other side of the country! And dont we have a Royal Air Force base in Kuantan. Yes? All personnel on leave? God forbid and that little red dot have acquired missiles directed our way. No? For a start, the above top dog should take permanent medical leave before the resurgent PKZ fiasco drains his life.

No, I am not about finished yet.....anyone heard about sea-planes....those planes that can land and move on water? That would be faster than sending a boat to retrieve a victim. Right? new jetty (to enrich another crony) isn't going to help because some guilty scoundrels (ferry-operators and marine department operatives) will continue business as usual. Luncheow!

this always happens when he opens his mouth - rectal verbiage

I doubt he will understand but others will. I recall George Orwell saying: In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. And.....Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reported that Malaysian Press Freedom dived from 92nd to 124th index position. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY-speak! So our savior, who is currently playing catch-up with law impressario Nszri, pontificates that we should disregard RSF because "their ratings are based on Western values of press freedom which are mainly driven by market and money." Hoi Zambie, ooopppss...Zombie...what is Malaysian market driven by? Coconut and Paper Lama (v. pic above)? And when the whole political front is bashing LKY, this gnome, in desperation, worships at Grandpa's wobbly feet. And.....check the toilet when you, put brain in gear before engaging mouth....we are quite tired of your hollering from the zamban....ooppppsss again....jamban, that is.

this may help when paper wont help



Anonymous said...

a bunch of morons in the cabinet led by the inadequate PM. guess feathers flock together. western freedon driven by market and money? what drives you, loud mouth Nazri? issuing taxi permits by the busloads to your cronies?

Anonymous said...


mr. negative is as guilty as hell.

unproven lawyer in unsavvy law matters his actions are indicative of something more than evil than just some superficial display of false concerns for the country.

did he or perhaps his immediate family kill someone - thats the question???


Anonymous said...

Bravo Zorro, you managed to include most of the turds in your post.
All of them are worthless, like a turd with the shit scraped of it, they are nothing!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Najib: Sea-planes? They have that? Ok, I'll wait for Baginda to get out and ask him to scout around. How much you said? RM25 million? Ok, we'll buy it for RM180 million. Thanx for the info.

Anonymous said...

bonding? how? by having some ketupat or is it some kuih kapek or is it some muruku and u think its going to do the trick?

only way is for u to stay awake and get rid of racists like najis, hisapmudin, the roasthem & etc

Anonymous said...

well some of us chinese - the stupid ones - still keep voting for these jokers.