Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am, what's that word, flabbergasted?....nonplussed? Simply put, I am devoid of words to describe this travesty. I am utterly speechless; numbed into dumbness to put it plainly. How in the name of heaven and whatever is holy can an assembly man whose annual remuneration is not even close to a million ringgit pay this colossal Rm8 million for this ostentatious abode to house his 11 children and in-laws. The Anandas, the Kwoks, and the Genting Lims are green with jealousy. They wracked their brains and brawn to build their empires and here is one railway gatekeeper slithering, in full throttle, into their league. Me jealous? No, just perplexed and utterly bewildered at his seeming ingenuity and good fortune. It has to be this, because two people who should be waking up and sitting up to notice this stellar ascendancy is, like me, numbed into dumbness. I just can't help but surmise that this is best-in-class highway robbery or like my old sea-dog friend, the Ancient Mariner would volunteer readily - buggery on the high seas. I rest my case and let the pictures spin their tales.
An ideal setting for a weekend tryst for bored and sex-starved business associates. And we are not privy to the underground bunkers to silence would-be whistle blowers or snoopy government agents into orgasmic compliance.

This reminds me of a bordello I had the good fortune to visit and sample its wares,along the Boston Common, courtesy of a free-spending, free-wheeling brother-in-law of an associate. But I must confess that the accoutrements were more modest than the above.
No wonder, this unabashed display of vanity has evoked shivers from the old devil!

However, it was reported that he shed tears recounting the negative stories reported about his amassed wealth. We used to call this crocodile tears.

You don't have to be an Oscar winner to force out some tears. Sometimes tears are shed out of pure joy at an "achievement" or a good hood-wink. No? A hankie, close at hand, gives good effect for sure. But I don't buy this cockamamee bucket of swine swill! Would you?
But the big, strong and (friendly) ACA bought it hook, line and sinker. And they ain't about to do anything about it. Either they are waiting for instructions or were just told to mind their own business and go catch the small fry. Leave the big case to the AG or the self-appointed de facto minister of law.

The Agency may be portrayed as powerful but when you have no teeth, and therefore has no bite, best is to keep quiet or do

what most of our government agencies do.....go into relax mode and let the rest of the world go by.....comforted by the well rehearsed "I did not know" or "Nobody told me" or the piss-de-resistance: The NST and the STAR did not report it can't be true!
But let this be known that the ACA is one body with dual functions.....depending on what the master prompts. Kidnap wife and children of snitches. Return their families only when they revise their snitching report.
So when the lying minister below assures whistle-blowers that they will be protected by a non-existing Act, just remember the picture above.

Some of us are born loud-mouths, but others acquire this odious talent, but lying is definitely abominable.....such that the more you lie, the longer the tale.

But lying is not as bad as a forked tongue or a twisted tongue?
So, be cautious, many who walk the corridors of power have split can know them by now because goats bleat and wolves don't.

We are often assailed by the expression - a double-headed snake. This specie we can handle. Just grab the tail and simulate a whip lash and that breaks the snakes spine, thus rendering its two heads impotent.

But beware of the specie above....they have heads on both ends, thus their versatility and deadliness.

And when you get conned by this witness protection farce (even if it is enacted). This is what will happen to you, big time.

You may be powerful, you will still get screwed, long time,

irrespective of whether you are the king amongst your peers. And that's not the end...
The end is that they will swallow you WHOLE!


lucia said...

very good pictures post, zorro. i like the pictures very much (no i don't mean the mansion pics). you are very creative to link the pics to the write-up.

about the crocodile tears, yes, i remember blogging about it last year. it really amazed me (yes lost for words too) how 1) that zakaria guy can afford such a pricy luxurious mansion and 2) how our gomen close an eye to his illegal mansion (did not have it torn down)

well... malaysia boleh!

zorro said...

Lucia, need your help.Haris' People Parliament will be going up to Penang probably 3 Nov to launch PELITAR to honor and continue Tengku's one race, one people vision. We need you to help with logistics etc since you are on ground zero. Can?

Anonymous said...

Zorro - kudos. Your work is impeccable. This is a masterpiece!!! Well done.

GobloKing said...

ZAK is so "in your face so waddaya wanta do 'boutit?" that he is just impossible to ignore

and know why?

He is protected by the ppl HE is protecting in the govt!!

He is the PERSONAL underground "gofer/fixer" of many many UMNO fellas..when they want to do something unofficially "not seen by the lights of day", they get HIM to do it!

To them he is their court jester
sooo...biarkan dia main lah....

ZAK does not know how to talk, he only knows how to make you go away and make you frighthened of yr own shadow..that is what he does best.

So don't poke yr nose into his affairs and that is why he can FLAUNT IT like hiphop stars with their bling bling

Anonymous said...

The positive thing about this whole episode is that the success of NEP is proven beyond doubt. Miracles DO happen to some people with NEP. It works so well that we do not want to see the end of it. COngrats UMNO for creating miracles. We look forward to seeing more Disney castles sprouting up in each and every UMNO constituentcy. It will be many good days coming up for orphans.

As for the rest of you....'up yours'

Maverick SM said...


I really love this pictured thesis. It described the whole episode of our sorrowful system. It should conclude with the NEP being the essence of all the wealth "distribution" of a selected and connected few. It will take time for the masses to understand that the kleptocratic system do not ensure that the poor gets the handouts; it ensured those in power gets everything in the name of a race and a religion.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

I'm speechless!

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Dear Zorro,

Members of the legislature, both Federal and State, who are non- office holders of the Executive branch of Goverment are allowed legally to do business and hold positions in the private sector.There is almost an unwritten understanding, an expectation even,within the administrative fraternity that MP's and ADUN have legal sources of income that are far greater than their goverment remuneration.In fact, if I'm not mistaken their income is not even catheterized formally as gaji but allowance .

This is one of the reasons why MP's and ADUN's are allowed to do business-for what they are expected to do formally and informally, by both the rakyat and their fellow party members & superiors, the allowance they are getting makes it almost impossible for them to make ends meet. Unless this has changed recently, the fact that Zakaria can afford a house that doesnt tally with his ADUN income is not new nor strange of MP's, ADUN's and Umno Ketua Bahagian's.

And, of particular relevance to this posting, neither is it necessarily illegal.

If he has a business enterprise or holds directorships or shares in companies or was given a lucrative contract that generate enuf income for him to afford such a lifestyle, and he has the papers to prove it, then, legally he has commited nothing wrong.

And neither is he the first MP,ADUN or Senator to become rich.

Infact,if i remembered correctly, Jamaluddin Jarjis became a multi millionaire when he was an MP not due to his allowance but by becoming an Indepandent Power Producer.He was the founder and a major share holder of EPE Power Corp, a public listed company.

And Effendi Nawawi continued making a fortune when he was the effective owner of NTV7.The fact that he was a Sarawak ADUN at the time did not make it illegal for him to participate formally(not by proxy)in such a comercial enterprise.

If i'm not mistaken, Tan Sri KS Nijar,treasure of the MIC and a current MP is also a millionaire because he has a successful buisseness.

And of course Zahiid Hamidi is another example. Not sure Zaid ibrahin though.

Thus,unless the laws have been changed recently,and makes it illegal for them to formally participate in the private sector,and as long as their sources of income are legal, any MP,ADUN or Senator can become as rich as possible and live a lifestyle far beyond what can be afforded by their annual remuneration.

Of course, simply because they are allowed legally to have other sources of income, does not necessarily mean that they do not have illegal sources of income.But just highlighting the fact that his lifestyle and his annuel ADUN remuneration do not correspond, doesnt prove it either way.

BTW Selamat Hari Raya

PS- Only members of the legislature who are also members of the Executive(ex:PM,DPM,ministers, deputy ministers etc-etc) are not allowed to participate in business.Not sure though about Speakers, deputy speakers etc-etc

Anonymous said...

railway gate keeper? no different from toll collectors. moral of the story is join UMNO, climb up the ladder, sell your soul to the highest bidder and enjoy the fruits of your "labour".
of course make sure your son-in-law is in the right place. dynasties in the making in Klang.
yo might ask where's the ACA. they will do the interview for the charade. all you have to do is to plead innocence and everything is alrite. oops, forgot to say that this is conditional you are in the right camp in UMNO.

zorro said...

Mat Rempit H C: I thank you for taking time to post this comment. I am fully aware that aduns can conduct business.If it is fairly executed I congratulate them on their resourceful business acumen. However if you are successful, why do you fail to pay assessment for a dozen years....why do you set up an illegal business outlet without licence? It is when you use your position as an adun to amass wealth and in the process infringe stated laws that bind everyone....this I find unpalatable and questionable.I laud him for his magnanimous gesture of hosting orphans...and he promised to make it an annual affair AT THE MANSION...that has to be seen. No MR I dont not believe that he is clean. He is untouchable yes. His dossier on the mighty would be a priceless piece!

Mat Rempit, let me put this on record. Comments like yours bring quality to my blog. Visit often, will ya? We should meet.Selamat Hari Raya to you and yours.

Ben said...

Much has been said about this truly self-made millionaire, Malaysian Malay style. His is an influence beyond compare especially in PKNS and Selangor UMNO.

He is the Fixer. If you are against him he will fix you. If you need his help he will fix things for you, at a fee of course. Ask all his anak buah, they owe him one way or another, and surely one day he calls to collect. Quite similar to the "Equalizer" character. Nothing is too difficult for him.

He asks for apam balik in a 5 star hotel, Hilton PJ which does not serve his favorite snack. Yet it is done to please him. He ask for a celebrity for company and they bring him the hottest newscaster. He asks for the most expensive Havanna cigar but don't know how to light it. His lackeys are always around to light it for him.

He likes to help people; wrong or right he does not discriminate. People like to please him.

So the only reason he cried was because he knew he could fix it. But that is another story. So before we continue to throw rocks at him, remember he has served the people well until he learnt how to reap the forbidden fruits himself. Might as well. Why blame him?

If the S'gor MB can tear down other homes poor rakyat made of cannibalised building materials, but allow Z Mansion to stay. Who should we blame?

Trashed said...

Love your story with pictures.

Stan "The Man" Lee would have taken notice.

The comments by Mat Rempit are noted and we should not deny the ADUNs their rice bowl but shouldn't there be a higher level of transparency regarding the business dealings of our elected representatives to ensure that all is above board ?

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Uncle Zorro,

My above reply was made in response to your following sentence"How in the name of heaven and whatever is holy can an assembly man whose annual remuneration is not even close to a million ringgit pay this colossal Rm8 million for this ostentatious abode to house his 11 children and in-laws"

Though it was merely a single sentence i thought it encapsulated the main thrust of this particular posting,which to my mind was as follow "since there is no way his ADUN income can afford him such an abode, hence, this is another succinct example of Zakaria's accumalating wealth thru corrupt means"

Regardless of the nature and number of his previous transgressions, nonetheless, this to me was an unfair inference simply because the potential income of an ADUN is hardly limited to his annual remuneration.

That's why i wrote what i did.

But based on your reply i obviously read it out of context.

Instead of reading this posting about Zakaria within the framework of previous related postings, I made the error of reading it as a specific stand alone article.

I apologize for making such an error.