Thursday, October 4, 2007


Daphne Ling said...

Hey Uncle B,

About time, Burma...About time...We are with you, Burma...*Fingers crossed*

Maverick SM said...


If only we too have such monks.... you know what I mean!!!

Boh Tong said...

The cowardly and balless killings of the monks by the military in Myanmar is a shame to humainity. Someday,those responsible will have to pay with their lives and souls.

zorro said...

Activists defy generals in their fight to death for democracy

Buddhist Monks walk through smashed glass at the Mwe Kya Jan monastery in Yangon, Mayanmar
Kenneth Denby in Rangoon

Burmese pro-democracy activists vowed to fight “to the death” to overthrow the military junta yesterday, even as the generals continued their crackdown against the protesters.

Two activists who spoke to The Times from their hideout in Burma’s southern Mon state called on the international community to apply greater pressure to the military Government of General Than Shwe to release their leaders, who were snatched from their homes during the demonstrations.

They denounced the United Nations, and its special envoy, Ibrahim Gambari, for cosying up to the junta. “We hoped for so much and what we feel is that he achieved nothing,” said a female activist, who identified herself by the name Khaind.

“He should have visited the places of the demonstrations — like Pakkoku [where Burmese monks first demonstrated] and the Shwedagon Pagoda. He should have visited Insein Prison [in Rangoon], then he would have seen the truth.
“He should have demanded that our leaders, the political prisoners, were released. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices and many people have been killed and it’s not right for him to come and see just what the junta wants him to see.”

Ms Khaind slipped past police checkpoints to escape from Rangoon last Saturday, accompanied by Myint Htoo Aung and another male colleague, all veterans of the so-called 1988 Generation, which first rallied against the junta 20 years ago.

Yesterday, Mr Gambari told the Security Council that he had received “continuing and disturbing reports of abuses . . . including raids on private homes, beatings, arbitrary arrests and disappearances” since he returned from his four-day trip to Burma.

zorro said...

Activists held in Myanmar
5:00AM Monday October 15, 2007

YANGON - Myanmar's junta has arrested four prominent political activists, including one who went into hiding after leading some of the first major marches against the Government several weeks ago, human rights group Amnesty International says.

The United Nations has called on the military Government to halt its crackdown on the protesters.

Among those held was Htay Kywe, who led some of the first marches several weeks ago before going into hiding to escape a Government manhunt, Amnesty said.

Amnesty spokesman Daniel Alberman said the activists were "at grave risk of torture and mistreatment. The eyes of the world are on Myanmar and the authorities will be judged by how all those who have been detained in recent weeks are treated."

Allegations have emerged of beatings of detained protesters and deaths under interrogation.