Monday, October 15, 2007

PEOPLE OF IPOH TIMUR, YOU'RE BEING KARNED (ask your Hokkien friend what this means).

be wary of openings....dont be hood-winked

It is an accepted fact that Ipoh is a crisis-free town - no floods, no major crimes like murder, bank robberies, big-time kidnappings, no stealing of land from the poor, no major corruption capers except some minor palm-greasing of government agents who by nature are laggards as if it is a job-spec requirement. Like anywhere else in peaceful Semanjung Malaysia a thick envelope under the brown folder or a big loss at the golf links to a head of department can sort of kick-start the acceleration of the approval process. But definitely you can never requisition a C4, although C4 is a well -appointed VIP room for the R&R of visiting BN cohorts, so Hantu sheepishly informs me. Being so close to my hometown Taiping, all in all, Ipoh is where you may want to retire to. However, we hear that Ipoh folks are easily foxed, duped, bluffed, cajoled and hoodwinked. People of Ipoh, especially Ipoh Timor just be aware that not all openings are good openings.....the lion's mouth is definitely one such openings you need to avoid, despite that the Election Commission

arm-twist you kindly see-no-evil folks into believing. Let me share with you IPOH TIMOR folks a report filed by Malaysiakini and the Peoples' Parliament:

People of Ipoh Timor, did you know that between April 1st and 30th June this year, voters in your constituency increased by 8,463?

According to the report, the 8,463 voters are made up by the following :

1. 2,231 voters in the Pengkalan Pegoh polling station in the Sungai Rapat state constituency (Gopeng parliamentary constituency) were transferred to the neigbouring Pasir Pinji state constituency (Ipoh Timur parliamentary constituency)

2. 3,024 new registered voters or those transferred to Ipoh Timur from other areas

3. 3,208 new postal voters for the Ipoh Timur area.

lies, lies,lies, correct, correct, correct.

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, the Election Commission chairman, explained that the transfer of 2,231 voters was to rectify an earlier oversight and that the EC is legally empowered to do so.

People of Ipoh Timur, do you buy this? Or is this a big-time lie?

The seat presently held by Yang Berkhidmat Lim Kit Siang is in jeopardy. He won it last with a majority of 9,774.

If the 8,463 ‘new voters’ are in fact phantom voters,* YB Lim’s majority will have been severely reduced. It will not take very much more to see him out of Parliament next time round.

*Alpha Blogger Ahiruddin Atan, who never voted before found out that he has been a registered voter since 1996. Phantom voter?

Is this DAP’s problem only?

What about you, people of Ipoh Timur?

Sit back and do nothing as your electoral process gets rigged?

people of Ipoh Timur will allow the noose to tighten....without a whimper? Tiew!

people of Ipoh Timur carry on despite and allow your rights to be stabbed? Or if Ipoh-born Patrick Teoh hears about this he will say NIAMAH!

Lim Guan Eng has asked how there could be such an increase in postal voters given that there are no new army camps or new police stations in the Ipoh Timur area.

This is a most reasonable question and merits the fullest explanation by the EC.

Not to DAP only, but first to the people of Ipoh Timur.

DAP is of course concerned.

will you allow the EC to cheat you of your rights? Choy!!!!

So people of Ipoh Timur, what will you do?

Sit back and do nothing and get cheated blind?

Or do you want to take responsibility for what happens in your constituency?

Are you prepared to question the EC on this increase? Challenge it?

If you’re not, you deserve the government you presently suffer under.

Good people of Ipoh Timur, rise and defend your electoral process.

Be the first in the country to show the corrupt leadership that we will not allow any further manipulation of our constitutionally guaranteed right and power to determine who represents us in Parliament.

If you’re a registered voter in Ipoh Timur and are not prepared to take all this lying down, send an e-mail to

Together, let’s take our country back.



Anonymous said...

hei ipoh mali, this time u ppl really...

"chiau le chon tiued toh kau lek"
or in hokkien
"ai hol bn karned liau"

Anonymous said...

was back to ipoh during raya. over kopi-o, asked my friend ( who stay in pasir pinji which is under Ipoh timur) whether he knows about this sudden increase in voters, he shook his head. but come whatever he will vote for LKS and he is confident that LKS will win. But, if a smaller fry will to contest under the rocket banner, he told me 50-50.
am not surprise about EC move. shit, MCA needs all the help after the keris waving, pig culling in Melaka, Port Klang scandal, massive discrimination under NEP, and of course sleight of hand from EC will come in handy.

Anonymous said...

unkle khoo,

most of the time we only read what are happenings in most blogs

in this case, u cou;d show us a thing or two to make the ec owns up?

if i could, i definitely would love to throw sh*t pies at the ec chairman each i see him

nstman said...

Lies, lies. This country has been fed a plethora of lies for so long that we have become numb. We have seen the judiciary being sodomised, the constitution being raped and dissidents being cowed into submission. Now the powers-that-be has blatantly and unshamedly carried out evil schmes to get rid of the opposition. There is so much we can take. And yet, more is in store. It's time for Malaysians to stand up and be counted. It's time to act. We will continue our struggle against racists, hatred, bigots, fascists, nazis, hypocrisy, religious extremism.
Footnote: Ipoh holangkan liau (Ipoh folks are fucked).

aawilliam said...

Marched to the EC office,demand the reasons behind all this.....that my 2 cent....

team bsg said...

kudos to yr fine text & pictorial illustrations of KNNCCB to the Ipoh timur people ( wake up ok !)

but alas they no speeeaake Hokkian so you must retranslate one more time and rerepeat ! maybe this can help TTMCCB !

they r getting desperate so watch out before that lion chiak lu oh !

Maverick SM said...

Great post, Zorro. I don't think it is just Ipoh Timur. Rigging has been a culture ingrained within the system as much as corruption.

Will there be a cure or solution?

I doubt!

Melvin Mah said...

uncle zorro,

the next election will be my first time that i get to vote and interestingly, i am one of the 8463 new voters there. this revelation is somewhat making me a bit nervous.

seems like i need to have chat with the state EC man and chairman of the EC via e-mail for solid proof.

perhaps it is sensible to have the next round of bangsa malaysia meet in ipoh as soon as the penang stage is over to address this problem.

Anonymous said...

So, looks like the DAP supporters already Lam Pah Pah Lan.
Must do something lah.
Ipoh people...I phia chia eih NyiaH!

suwey gua lahir cina said...

Boikot Olimpik China?
Kalau betui betui nak boikot, jgn pi sekolah cina, jgn makan bah kut teh, jgn baca akhbar cina...semua yg tersenarai ada influence China.

Lu sama macam Cina kat DAP la..cakap tak serupa bikin.

Cakap nak Bangsa Malaysia..tapi sentimental bila sentuh babak nak tutup sekolah Cina. Pi la!

Do what you do best..make money and ill treat your wife (if you're married that is la)

shanghaistephen said...

Hoi Ipoh malis,
don't sit on your arses and say you have not been warned ok ?
Now do something to correct this wrong that is cancerous in your midst....niamah ! write and state your displeasure to the morons who think you are a moron too ! tell them you mean business and you are going to make that change ok ? and if you have not got the balls to do it... forever shut the fcuk-up, ok !
And I KNOW you have what it takes to MAKE that change.....cos I'm from Perak too !!!Go for it !
Cheers to Perakians !

Anonymous said...

suwey gua lahir cina...

for your info, itu bak kut teh invented in port klang la.

btw, this ill-treating or wife-bashing, happen only in those 'bocor', 'bodoh', 'monyet', 'najis', racist households.

Zai said...

woah interesting.. popping by to say hello!! feel free to visit thank u

zorro said...

suwey gua lahir cina.
Are you ok? Looks like you are running a high temperature.Can result in brain-damage you know? I recommend 14 pints of castor oil for a good purge to bring down your fever.

Anonymous said...

boikot the olympic? and why not?

as an entity aspiring to replaced the usa as a world leader,

like most asian countries it got the worst and deplorable human right records...

persistently applying bullying/violence actions/manners on the tibetans, taiwanese...

sad to says it just don't have the maturity or mentality yet.

and whether we accept the fact or otherwise, for next 500 or 1000 years usa will still be the numero uno.

zorro said...

Raja Petra of MT posted this piece on his Around The Blogs segment: You can visit to read more comments on this tipic.

Melvin Mah said...

uncle zorro,

thanks for the reply that you left at my blog. in response, i might be able to pass the word around to folks there, but apologies for i would not be able to join you guys on the 2nd.