Friday, October 5, 2007


Remember this incident at the IOI Mall in Puchong. You have not seen it in the mainstream papers don't mean that it did not happen. According to my Hantu, (somewhat distantly related to Raja Petra's deep throat and Jeff Ooi's little bird, but all genetically engineered to deliver the truth and nothing but the truth) the editors were told not to even attempt to put these after page 4. Is this blind obedience or servile subservience? Paraphrase means: no balls....goblocks, assinine acquiescence, butt licking, ass kissing .....sheesh I am tired, man watching our top circus performers up in the trapeze......just swinging.....cowardly not leaving their trapeze.

You definitely dont need to be a space tourist to know what these Malaysians want!

Who started the French Revolution.....definitely not Robbespiere. No? The Burmese junta built a haven for their elite. The became cash-strapped. Solution? Raise fuel prices. Let the poor suffer. They are quite used to it...but the Saffron Brigade came out, The writing could be on the wall, unless you chose not to read or like some cuckold who could not understand English in an airport.

You dont bring your children to a protest unless their lives depended on the positive outcome of the demonstration.

Who says Malaysians are tidak apa people? Have we any choice but to vote BN out?

They came public in person for a cause and some of us will not put our IC number to our name to the petition to urge the Agung to initiate a Royal Commission to give the judiciary back to the people. If these people are brave enough fighting for your cause too, surely you can sign the petition at

This doesn't look like a week-end shopping spree at the Mall. Does it?

One race, one message.
His message is clear. No spin required.

Government bad breath mouth-piece recently urged lawyers not to behave like the opposition. Come and talk to me, he advised. Talk to which dumbo? There is a zoo of you! You cannot understand the message these Malaysians are conveying. Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh!
The Government machinery was out in full force but not their news media. Wasn't Kenji Nagai, the Japanese journalist killed by Burmese soldiers recently. We understand the absence of the MSM. Of course there is the possibility of collateral damage or friendly fire. Take your pick.

Attempt to selesai or intimidation?

Wow, so many against one hand-cuffed Malaysian.....repeat performance of what happened to the Indonesian karate coach. Hand-cuff first and then...........(borrowing Patrick Teoh's) Niamah here....but being Hokkien I will volunteer Lun-cheow. Sounds appropriate too. Got more scrotal sting, I think.

If this ain't bullying what is? And he would not give up his right to his "water".
Nobody is invincible.....the mighty can fall too! Or did this one faint?
They linked arms for protection.

These brave Malaysians linked arms for preservation of their lives. Have you signed the petition yet. Please do it now for these brave anak Bangsa Malaysia at

"The difference between golf and government is that in golf you can't
improve your lie."
George Deukmejian


Anonymous said...

What the heck is happening to our country???? Since when do we have to do things like this to get heard.....unbelievable. F*cking Bodohwi adminsitration...even the kedai runcit ah pek can better managed their business than he does.

penang-kia said...

I've already signed the petition.But we need more than just a petition to save our sick nation.
Malaysians must realized that we are all in the same boat regardless of the colours of our skin.
The situation we are in now i would say F.I.T(future in troubles)
And we deserved it,because of our stupid mentality of race superiority.
Its time to scrap the racial political system.Period!
People...nation is our priority not race.
F#@k the race.

zorro said...

Guys, we are all angry. It is a natural emotion. But is this all we are going to do.....get ANGRY to vent our emotions. There is more. We need to ACT....and act intelligently. Our action(s) cannot be consgtrued as a one-time must be continuous and our gains will thus be incremental. That's why PELITAR was formed thru People's Parliament. We will be in Penang on 27Oct. Penang-kia, if you are in Penang, join us with your friends.
The other action would inevitably thru the Ballot Box. Cheers gentlemen.

zorro said...

Oooppppsssss....construed...4th line from top.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

strip them naked, uncle B!

them leeches completely blacked out on this one, a job well done i must say from the mainstreamers. such ball-less act.