Wednesday, October 3, 2007


At 2.00am last night 2nd Oct, at Taman Desa's Fisherman Wharf, I decided to blog about Haris petition campaign. At that material time the petition was at around 850. At WF for the first time, Tony 'McGiver' Yew and Haris Ibrahim and I met Augustine the publican, his wife Serena and their regulars Benny (an avid blog-reader) Mahes and Segaran. The fiery fervour and enthusiasm shown by them needled me no end and the amber juice, which flowed freely, couldn't calm nor numb my troubled conscience. Did I do enough for this campaign? I certainly did not! Definitely, not enough after hearing about the efforts put in by Benny and Augustine and Serena. TO THESE FEARLESS AND COURAGEOUS MALAYSIANS, (l-r: Serena, Augustine, Segaran, Haris, Mahes, Benny) I DEDICATE THIS POST.

Haris Ibrahim of Peoples Parliament on 26 September made this annoncement:

Return the judiciary to the rakyat : A petition to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agung
September 26th, 2007

"People, if His Majesty is to take a lead in sorting out the mess that the judiciary is in, he must know that we, the rakyat, are behind him.
The proposed petition communicates our concerns and our support for Royal action to set the judiciary back on track.
This is not my petition only, just like the judiciary is not mine.
It is yours, too, and the problems with the judiciary will affect you or your family some day.
It may be too late then.
I read so many of you complaining about the way things are in the country.
Here is a chance to try and do something other than just gripe and bitch.
Please lend your support for the petition and get your friends and family to do the same."

.......He later continued: " This petition is about putting right all that has gone wrong with the judiciary. There is a time when you must stand and be counted. Now is the time. There is no room for fears."

In fact this petition is only the beginning of of the many, many things we, the rakyat, need to undertake if we are going to get back our country.

If you allow fear to hold you back now, you will never get going. Watch, then, as this country gets flushed down the toilet bowl, as surely as it will, IF WE ALL DO NOTHING.
Please, no more fears. Let us join in solidarity to return the judiciary to the rakyat. We want a least 5000 signatures before we deliver it to His Majesty."

I figured that people were wary to append their IC to their name as is a requirement. Let me be very blunt: This is no time to be afraid. If we are not courageous now, we will never be, and our children and those who come after us will ask : WHY DIDN'T THEY DO IT? I for one, hope that no one will point a finger at me to ask: Why didn't you do least for us? I dread the day when my Malaysian grandchildren if they found out about my pusillanimity, ask: Kong, kong, why not? were afraid to give your IC number together with your name? You couldn't be brave for us? This thought already scares the shit out of me.

Guys, also remember this. This is a petition to our Agung, the Supreme Ruler. To prove to him that our petition is credible and believe in what we are about, we must append our IC number. His status deserves that much. So fellow Bangsa Malaysian, sign with pride and courage. To those who have signed the petition and to those who YOU will persuade to sign in the coming weeks, I dedicate the picture below.

Go to: to sign up. Malaysians need your support and commitment.


Mat Salo said...

Unker Bernard!

Hats off to you guys... true blue Malaysians ... will sign up straightaway, Sir!

shar101 said...

Signed and IDed oredi mah. Dunno about my friends lah.

Wahhh! Zollo, how come you, Halis and Mcgyver go WF-ing without me mah?

Not fair. No melayu quota meh?. Halis don't count ok.

See you for 'Prabu's' this Friday at the usual hideout.

Trashed said...

I have signed up many days ago.

C'mon fellow Malaysians. Do something for your country.

ahiruDin aTTan said...

Terer la these people.

After Ramadan, we arrange a trip to this place.

The wine must be damn fine there.

Anonymous said...

instead of going against those who compromised the integrity of the judiciary, now they are going after the messenger. The lapdogs from ACA is now threatening the messenger with jail and fine if they do not reveal the source. If the source is exposed naked, can the ACA guarantee his safety and he will not be C4?
damn it, nothing short of a ROYAL COMMISSION to expose the perpetrators will do.
and the lapdogs from ACA, dont you even trust them one bit. It no longer stand for Anti Corruption Agency, its now Anti Clean Agency. The corrupt ones will be protected and the clean ones persecuted if they dont toe the line drawn by these lapdogs in ACA. remember the police report lodged ( as presented in malaysia-today) by Nordin, a police inspector against the ACA for kidnapping his family members so as to force him to change his statement (implicating some triads). Not a squeak of denial from the ACA. Why?

Anonymous said...

the bar council should keep on walking... after putrajaya, walk on to these administrative aca, cj, ag, pdrm, law ministry, internal security minstry and... until justice prevail.

let no one stop us from having a sound judicial entity for this country... so that the innocent would walk free & crooks behind bar.

we will tell the ppl & the world...we want justice, we demand justice and we will have justice.

lets get behind the bar council & urged them on - for a free & independent judicial system.