Monday, October 29, 2007


I take you back to September 30 when I put up a posting entitled: KHAIRY WILL KICK HIS BUTT...JUST YOU WAIT. More than butt-kicking is in motion. Khairy has subtly engineered, per courtesy of Kali's NST to give our subject enough rope to execute (pun vehemently intended) the obvious. Now it is the question of looking for the tallest tree in FRIM, to justify the length of the rope Khairy has planned. However, I cant let this go by so easily. I will now indulge in FISKING, a bloggers' slang which means taking apart sentence by sentence, disecting, and asking questions that should have been asked. Kind of like leaving no stones unturned.....or vacuuming what's under the carpet like. Miss Aniza certainly did a good job and she was able to make him say all the drivel a la Nazri. Of course our subject is thrilled to bits being afforded 2 pull pages and another 4 columns. He is crooning while the noose dangles. OK lets go Fisking, not sentence by sentence but on some relevant items. I leave it to our legal fraternity to combat him on the legal issues.

However, before I go Fisking, let me commend Khairy. This guy is smart. He is a Blue Ocean Strategist. W Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne "Blue Ocean Strategist" says: Cut-throat competition results in nothing but a bloody red ocean of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool. DONT WASTE TIME BEATING THE COMPETITION. MAKE THE COMPETITION IRRELEVANT. Now do you see what I see?

There isn't a crisis (judicial). It is an allegation.
5,000 citizens who bravely volunteer their IC want to a petition to save the judiciary
is a false allegation. The Council of Rulers mulling over the extension of the JC is not
a critical situation? Judges being changed at the last moment is an allegation? Promotion of more pliable candidates not a crisis? Murderers go scott-free because of poor prosecution is no crisis? Judges not writing judgements whilst those in death-row languish at the pleasure of the judge....this is just allegation? He as the unconfirmed minister of law, should be on top of this. This is just allegation? The CJ told him that
he is not on the other end of the phone .This is an allegation? Cannot be. He announced that himself. The kopi-tiam talk of the sure-walk-away-free trio in the trial of
the C4ed mongolian lassie, is not an allegation, but surely is a crisis. No?

We inherited the system from the British and for 50 years it has served us well. Something which has not brought us any problem, why should we change it?

Ask your grovelling-for-extension CJ. He wants to abandon the Common Law. The legal fraternity disagrees. You? I know you wait for instructions.

(When asked: Coffee-shop chit-chat not important?) NO. The people are important.

Who chit-chats? Monkeys? Not the people?

(refering to blogs): Its just chit-chat?

Why put Nathaniel Tan away for 4 days.....why question Raja Petra....why question his
wife. ....for chit-chatting. Hello bodoh, this is not Animal Farm lah? Jeff Ooi and Rocky
ARE ALL AFRAID OF COFFEE SHOP CHIT-CHAT. What is there to be afraid of if you guys in BN have no skeletons to hide in your closets. 3 padlocks - ISA, OSA,Printing Press Act, to lock your closets? Refrigerators are for dis-membered bodies, closets for unofficial secrets. It figures.

(when asked if he reads blogs) No. I don't waste my time. The few pieces that people print for me are rubbish.

The kiary episode is a figment of someone's rubbished imagination, for sure.
The taxi-tryst is rubbish of course.
Eloping with the Sultan's daughter is rubbish?
Claiming you cannot read English whilst smuggling in a suitcase of cash is rubbish?
Port Klang Free Zone fiasco is rubbish?
The Mansion he stole is rubbish?
Not paying assessment for 12 years is rubbish?
Accusation of Plagiarism is rubbish?
ACA abducting Nordin Ahmad's family to force him to change his statement is rubbish? The ECM-Avenue quickie marriage is rubbish? (More slack given but the noose tightens.) Azalina appointed to head cyber-troopers to do battle with bloggers rubbish?
The close-one-eye Jack rubbish?
The vomit from Sabah who leaked on women's monthly's rubbish?
The Jerai termite who condemned the disabled as cursed by God, also rubbish?
The People Protection Bill (not passed yet) will protect whistle blowers you said. Now that is pure BS read RUBBISH
EVERYTHING SAID BY OTHERS IS RUBBISH. You are the self-anointed intelligent one.

When the standard of our blogs is upgraded, then probably I will look at what is written.

What is your measurement of standard? From yours? Judging from whatever we have heard from you, you dont expect us to do a jack-knife dive down to your lowly standard.....allow me to add my piece-de-resistance: Some people's fart has more substance than what they say. The reverse is a good starting point to benchmark on standards.

I can get a lot of things out of you if I talk to you nicely. but if I start shouting at you, do you think you will accommodate me? No way!

Who was it that shouted Bodoh. Who were the ones shouting, Bocok, Goblok, Monkey, Liars, Rubbish? How to engage or accommodate you? No way!

What's there to be afraid of? We wont beat up our own people?

The Black Eye just appear whenever you are in a lock-up? Either this guy is the kampung joker or seeking graduation to be the village idiot. Choose. And who won a few million ringgit for being beaten in Kamunting?

(On what will happen if by Nov 7 nobody turns up about the Lingam tape). It's ( the video-clip). not genuine. That's all.

The almighty spoke. Such audacity. So pompous. Such finality. witnesses came forward, the police have not apprehended anyone after 42
days, so the little girls death is not genuine!? Excuse me, I am very angry over trash-talk.

What crisis?When I go back to my constituency, nobody talks about it.

Silence is so cheap today. Rm200 can kow tim. Your colleagues say no crisis. They are all the 3 monkeys (hear no evil, see no evil but do talk evil) or Birds of a feather flock together mah.



Anonymous said...

walau, great fisking. no wonder this loud mouth doesnt dare engage bloggers. shit, i wont be surprise that he will be exposed naked with his dickhead hanging for all and sundry to see.
great work, zorro and god bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm... so this is the best political brain umno could possibly produce?

its no wonder the singaporean and the rest of the world could easily kow tim this bunch from umno in every negotiations...

artchan said...

really? Is Khairy trying to hang Nazi? Wow..junior trying to upstage veteran. I wait for the ending..

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Nazri? Biasa la!

Pls visit Malaysiakita for latest socio political blogs update.

GobloKing said...


Nazri is our "defacto" authority on law - or didn't u read the hon(r)orific Star gave him??

Nazri - IF I ever have a dog, I want 1 just like YOU...Damn well trained man!