Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Subject: Stamford Research Assoiates (SRA) – Consulting company HQed in California.
Around period 1993/1994, the SRA office in Singapore was appointed by Dr Mahathir to undertake a complete restricting of his companies.
The project was executed on an extremely confidential basis. Their offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur were repartitioned with security features and access limited to only certain individuals and key personnel.
During the restructuring the Mahathir group of companies was valued at around USD5 billion.
The person heading this operation for SRA from the Singapore office was supposedly a Mr Ian Buchanan. He, however, left SRA for Boston Consulting Group in Australia and held responsibility for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In this role he was still providing consulting services to Dr M and his children’s companies.
He signed off with: Worth a prob! I checked your DOA (SPR check) on your sidebar and found out that I am still registered to vote. I Shall Return to vote and will find time to help in the campaign. Keep well, Brother Arnold Sir.
That has put me in some kind of bind. I do not have the resources and have to rely on you guys out there who have connections with the Big 4 Consulting organizations or some credible think-tanks who have the resources and where withal. Probably YBs in Pakatan with the necessary pull could put some icing to this pudding.
Just Who Is Justus? HERE


Wannabe said...

Maybe it is just my low intelligence. But who exactly is this Justus - Father Justus, he also Justus, younger brother also Justus. I give up.

patrick said...

Wow!It'll be great if someone/some people can shed light on this!So far it's been a 'catch me if you can',arrogant stance from the wily old fox!

zorro said...

Wannabe....if you just read the link provided at the end of the post, nobody can accuse you of low intlligence. Just click on the link.

zorro said...

Wannabe....the eldest son can be called after the father and usually refered to as junior or Jr. His other brother is Justin!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I believe you are referring to SRI as in Stanford Research Institute, with regional hq based in Singapore.

Happenned to be on the ground zero during those years!

zorro said...

Anon956am....correct, Sanford and not Stamford. Carry on please, can?

Anonymous said...

I refer to the May 13 threat of Shahrizat at Umno Assembly.

Who will lose the most if and when PR wins in the GE-13? Those corrupt UMNO/BN leaders will have to declare openly where they got their ill-gotten wealth and if they are found guilty, they will have all their ill-gotten wealth returned back to the country and they will be send to jail.

Who will stand to gain the most should there be riots after PR wins in the GE-13? UMNO/BN government will immediately declare "Emergency Status" in Malaysia, arrest or get rid of all the PR leaders and will continue ruling the nation by force !!!! We can only hope the armed forces and PDRM will be ALLAH fearing / righteous and will support the rakyat's choice.

Anonymous said...

MCA "bought" a piece of land of the size of 6900 sf at Kajang Town, and they r building MCA building on it. No kindergartens or public community halls !!!

What say you, Chua Tee Yong?