Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Umno veteran lashes out at professionals for kowtowing to their political masters
KUALA LUMPUR: Professionalism is at its lowest point in history, said Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, citing “prostitution” in the law, police force and education, among others.“There can be prostitutes in each and every professional practise… people who are motivated by power, lust and greed for which they are willing to sacrifice the sacred trust that society has placed in them,” said Razaleigh.

In a strongly-worded speech at a dinner recently, Razaleigh, popularly refered to as Ku Li, said that unprofessional conduct was “most blatantly evident” in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).“Although established in the midst of much fanfare as part of the government’s reform programme, sad to say, the hopes of the people were dashed soon after it was formed,” declared the Gua Musang MP.“The people were disappointed when the agency appeared to show interest in petty matters while failing to address more urgent and important cases of corruption.”The death of two witnesses in the anti-graft agency’s headquarters, he said, had further stirred speculation about the professionalism and integrity of the officials there.“We are not unjustified in wondering if the agency is really serious about fighting graft, or merely finishing off political ‘enemies’,” said Razaleigh.He also levelled criticism at civil servants in general for “constantly pandering to political masters”.He cited their “deafening silence” in cases such as the alleged destruction of the Selangor state government’s records five years ago, after BN lost the state to the opposition coalition.“Not a whimper was heard from the custodians of public records in this country, despite the fact that they are believed to have their own code of professional ethics,” said Razaleigh.
Judiciary a tool of the executive
He said the trend continues to this day, referring to a case in which a former Directive of the Archives in Sabah made a political statement over the 20-Point point document signed prior to the formation of Malaysia.“The constant pandering to political masters on their own free will calls into question the extent of their professionalism,” said Razaleigh.He also slammed the judiciary, maintaining that it had declined in professionalism in“epidemic proportions” since the removal of Tun Salleh Abbas as Lord President in 1988.Salleh’s dismissal had been sparked by a fallout between Razaleigh and Mahathir Mohamed following a narrow Umno presidential election which the two contested in.Mahathir grew unhappy with the judiciary when Razaleigh’s supporters filed a suit in the High Court to obtain a court order for new elections, after Mahathir defeated Razaleigh with 761 votes to Razaleigh’s 718.This eventually lead to a tribunal against Salleh, which found him guilty of, among others, “undermining public confidence in the government’s administration”.“Since then, the impartiality, independence and basic honesty of the judiciary has been called into question time and time again,” said Razaleigh.“Since then, the Attorney-General’s Chambers has become the object of public odium, being perceived as a willing tool of the executive.”
Brain drain and racial polarisation
Even the education system was not spared; Razaleigh claimed that it was in “tatters” and placed the blame squarely on the BN-led government’s shoulders for creating the “rot”.“The drastic drop in educational standards is such that many parents shudder to think of putting their children through the Malaysian school system…“We may not like to hear it, but the sad truth is that the rot in our education system started with the executive interferences linked to the New Economy Policy,” he said.The New Economic Policy was launched in 1971 by former prime minister Tun Abdul Razak, and the portion dedicated to education in particular has received criticism for allegedly contributing to brain drain and racial polarisation.Meanwhile, Razaleigh lashed out at the police force for their “total lack of professionalism”, dating back to the time a former Inspector General of Police (IGP) used violence on Anwar Ibrahim when he was in police custody.“Sad to say, the image of the police force is at the lowest ebb today. There are many unexplained cases of deaths under police custody, creating unrest and agitation among the people of a certain community,” said Razaleigh.“The total lack of professionalism within the ranks of the police force was again clearly evident during the Bersih rally when violence and brutality was inflicted on innocent journalists and protestors in what could have been a peaceful protest.”He described the “post-rally propaganda” against Bersih, and especially its chairperson S Ambiga as “most shameful and unprofessional”.
Stand up to manipulation
In his speech, he also listed out the absence of professionalism in the military, the construction industry, and among accountants and doctors.“My concern is this: we do not want a profession to be prostituted – for if that happens the profession is condemned to suffer aids from which it might never recover,” said Razaleigh. Razaleigh urged professionals to resist such political interference, saying: “Sometimes the professionals are only too eager to please their political masters.“Everyone knows that wisdom among Malaysian politicians is rare, but perhaps few realise that the courage to tell the truth to people in power is just as rare, if not rarer among the professionals.”He said that for professionalism to take root in society, the public must avoid manipulation by “the powers that be”.“We can never aspire to be professional so long as we continue to be imprisoned by the feudal mentality that conditions our mind to blindly follow our leaders or those in positions of power and authority.”Razaleigh said Malaysians must remove the “kampong” mentality and work towards creating a new culture which reflects universally acceptable standards of professional conduct.


Mr Bojangles said...

He is insulting the prostitutes.
At least they give satisfaction for what you pay.

William Arul said...

Most prostitutes enter the field to support their mother's and families. These professionals Ku Li refers to will sell their mothers to advance themselves. How dare Ku Li denegrate thw good name of prostitutes? What did they do to you man?

Anonymous said...

I second Mr Bojangles point. Even prostitutes have more dignity.

Roti Sunshine said...

When custodians of public trust abandon their own codes of ethic, their souls will abandon them. With it, the nation's soul and spirit will also lose its way.

We used to scream Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa? Where's now is the jiwa?

The sad thing in Malsysia today is the race to accumulte money. There's hardly time to talk of anything else.

Malaysia is now held in odiom by the international business community because of its affliction by the love of money, a euphemism for corruption.

A country that promised so much now deliver so little. Sad but true!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, blah, blah blah.... Kuli can talk ... till the cows come home! He addresses the well healed, educated classes with his rhetoric. They already KNOW. What is Kuli doing about it? It was not more than 2 weeks ago that he was singing a different tune. He continues to fete and support the regime that he berates here. Why?? What is the point of all this hot air when in the final analysis - he can't do anything to change things?!

patrick said...

...just a frustrated,confused and well past the sell-by date politician trying to stay relevant by paying more lip-service.It will remain a wonder if he would have made a difference to this country had he been successful in dumping the devil doc years ago.Just maybe...

Taikohtai said...

Ku Li, it takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How come only those Umno drop-out talked like that? Anwar, Kuli and others, but during their time in Umno, in-power, they are part of the corrupted system.

Kuli's talk is inspiring! but could be cheap. Ask his heart.., given him the PM, comparing 'what he said' to Umno's gravy train, what would his heart choose?

If we don't defend the legitimate governance processes, make thing transparent, make leader accountable. End the end, we never short of Mahathir nor Kuli. Talks are always cheap.

Like those voters in third-world countries, they are puzzled, why whoever goes up eventually corrupt? But in first-world countries, even a cat were elected president, eventually perform, why?

When people prostitute, most are out of no-choice. The system are corrupt and prostitute ridden, too scary!, the courage is too small, moral is traded for easy life.

Prostitution is trademark business in many third-world-counties, they don't have functioning voters.

This big 'Oo-Kui-Tau', being part of organisation promoting prostitution, does he has the 'moral ground' to talk about prostitution? what is he trying to trade for these talks? respect? then own back some courageous, leave the organisation. We have functioning readers here....

Jong said...

Yeah talk is cheap!
Why is Tengku Razaleigh himself still sticking around with the 'mother of all prostitutes'?

Walk the talk man, too much to lose? Don't let Umno become a priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs. Think they care if you drop dead tomorrow?

Cross the political aisle and help save this nation which is being badly screwed up by this corrupt regime, by the day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's election time. He has to come out to say something so that he stands a chance of getting elected, collect his monthly MP allowance and continue to go about in his English gentlemanly way of life.

Perhaps we should all send him to his retirement as a lawmaker. He's useless.

vpb said...

Isn't this what pakatan rakyat been saying...

Anonymous said...

Great talks but we wont be surprised if he were to end up as DUMNO candidate or supporting DUMNO's candidate.

Who dont know the law is dead long long time ago , shooting the Good and worship the Bad.

It's now or never, no more talks and show your voice this coming GE.

Your vote speaks louder than words.

Donplaypuks® said...

Razaleigh cannit be trusted. He is still a BUMNO man who supports the murdeeres, theives and looters in Govt!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

omar said...

He is the longest serving MP in Malaysian Parliment. Have you ever heard him speak in the last 20 years?

He was the Chairman of Bank Bumi and Petronas while also being the UMNO Treassurer. How many hats was he wearing ? Chinese girls go up to his pent-house office in Menara Bank Bumi in a special lift. Who were they ? Finance professionals or GROs ?

passion1 said...

Anon 1.41pm, I have to agree with you.
However, Gua Musang is the only seat in Kelantan under BN.
BN may lose the whole of Kelantan if they remove him.
Unfortunately Ku Li is hibernating for too long.
Being ex-finance minister,he should stand as PR friendly Independant candidate, and help advise Kelantan to faster catch up with the other states.
The time is NOW. Give your last 10 years or so for a better Malaysia. At least you live to see it HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, aiyoo Zorro! Please la - stop being so trusting and gung ho about every UMNO politician who pretends to be bashing UMNO. Please go read this - then you will know who KULI really is - Mahathir's last bet to retain Putrajaya loh!

Please la Zorro - Not another RPK that you all so blindly made us think is a good guy!!

backStreetGluttons said...

Well said Guys !

What has this holier than thou done for Malaysia? Other than talk cock ?

He is another one of those rich NEP ba%#ards someone like, sad to say that turncoat Zaid

True, none of them can be trusted.

Zorro, time to forget the past & move on

Jong said...

What about 'the sacred trust' that his constituents, society and citizens Malaysia placed in him to help make this country a better place to live in free of corruption and what has he done?

How many times has this 'umno veteran' spoken up on issues for the people? Yes, may have spoken in style but his actions and/or lack of it revealed otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Deepak the carpet man will spill the beans on the C4 murder.

We wait in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

If you cut it to the core, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a mafia don who believes in quick fixes.

He literally built his own power and legacy from a humble beginning as the son of a headmaster into the one of the most powerful warlords in the country.

From that we know, Mahathir is not one who lacks in confidence. But he lacks in being able to think three to four levels deep.

He convinces himself that what happens next after his intervention in a situation was planned right from the beginning, when in fact it is an emerging threat that could blow his plans apart.

Mahathir has one additional weakness which he cannot fix.

He is touching 90, he was born in a different era and he really does not understand how much the majority of voters dislike him right now.

Mahathir failed in his personal quest to become a delegate from his own Kubang Pasu division and then his son failed to win the Ketua Pemuda post.

Mahathir does not know of the whisperings of discontent in the government circles and how even some of the plans being hatched are DOA (Dead On Arrival) because we have already intercepted them.

Why then is Mahathir being seen as relevant right now?

Why is he watching over Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak like Roman Abramovich watching over one of the Chelsea managers?

Because TSMY (Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin – Deputy Prime Minister) is using Mahathir to do his dirty work in return for accommodating Mukhriz Mahathir.

Mahathir is now planning the post-Najib coup d’├ętat. This heaps, of course, more pressure on Najib than he really needs right now, but such is his role as the ultimate hatchet man – the political grim-reaper, so to speak.

But that is on the assumption that Umno actually manages to sneak in a victory.

maie1958 said...

ku li just like NATO....?????

wandererAUS said...

Ku LI chakap tak kuna lah, what are you doing about these abuses all these years? Sitting in the comfort of your armchair, every now and then, reappear to make some criticisms? Loyalty to your political party is no excuse no acting like a true Malaysian. Sadly, you are just a flash in the pan....
Put up or shut up!!!

wandererAUS said...

Zorr, hope you are in fine health and high in spirit (not the bottle).

Anonymous said...

you refering to the bunch of editors and columnists in Star paper. they sure know how to whore. after whoring from mons to sats, they stand behind the pulpit and preach God's goodness on suns. such a bunch of hypocritical

backStreetGluttons said...

Agree with most of the down to earth comments here.

Kuli is a product of the NEP, and presumably very wealthy & extra comfortable.

He talks well ( think Najib) but in reality is an expensive empty vessel aka Zaid.

Better to stand clear of such pretentious fellows Dear Zorro

Anonymous said...

He talks a lot but he prostitute himself to the very party that has brought all the ills he so eloquently criticize.

Namanya itu hipokrit

Anonymous said...

The Altantuya saga and its aftermath provide clear proof that Najib's various slogans and statements, like‘Janji Ditepati' and ‘You help me and I help you', are blatant lies meant to deceive the people.

We have learnt that Altantuya was allegedly promised a small fraction of the Scorpene loot, but when she claimed the money, Najib completely forgot the ‘help' she gave him and his ‘janji', and instead she was blown to bits with C4.

Now Deepak too is having a similar nasty experience. He helped Najib and Rosmah by arranging the meeting with Bala for the second SD in the hope that Najib will in turn ‘help' him by honouring his ‘janji', but instead he became vicious and nasty and started hounding him.

To ensure his own safety and prevent Najib from doing an ‘Altantuya' on him, Deepak has correctly publicised the matter. Because now, if anything happens to him, the logical suspect would be Najib. The big question now is, what will a desperate and angry Najib do?

marzuki said...

Cannot understand why Ibrahim Ali wanted to raise the issue of May 13. I am a Malay and a Malaysian Malay at that....and most of the Malays do not like the tone of your voice, making threat of another May 13 incident! Ever since that date we are all trying hard to get along with each other and we have succeeded to a great extent and we are all trying to put that fateful date behind and not to even mention about it. However you and the likes of you brought this matter up just to further your selfish interest , a cruel political strategy I should say. Honestly, I feel the Malays are not even threatened by the other races; they are more threatened by their own kind, the kind in the likes of you....the kind that plunder the rest of the Malays privileges and rights for the interest of a selected few; the cronies!

Anonymous said...

Talk alot but no ball . Pi makan pension hang tu .

Jong said...


This brainfart is now begging cheap for publicity ahead of GE-13. He can't go back to Umno, they sacked him, remember? The last GE, he unashamedly stood on a PAS ticket. PAS will give him the boot if he dares try again.

He may be trying for pity and Umno handouts like they gave to that ex-pkr chap in Penang recently. Much will depend on how much influence the old jackal has on their candidate list since this PM is still dragging his feet, gone pale each time GE-13 is mentioned! I suppose like PakLah used to say, "tunggu inspirasi"?

Jong said...


Ibrahim Ali now 'wants' 2-thirds majority for BN in GE-13

He can't even take care of himself, see how this Joker entertains himself!

Anonymous said...

I think it's foolish to think that Malays will get appointed to CEC on the basis that CEC needs to look like United Nations. It may mean DAP's goal of having a multi-racial leadership has yet to be met, but it does also mean preserving the meritocracy nature of DAP. This consistency of principle of delegates ought to be applauded. We wouldn't want a DAP that subverts merits on the basis of colourful representation, unlike the discriminatory policies of BN government. In any event, this by no means indicate dearth of support by Malays. Malays will continue to be drawn to DAP because it's got the right policies for all Malaysians. In time, if they've got talent and conviction, they will be voted into the CEC just like any of the party bigwigs would.

Anonymous said...

Kuli is best remembered for dumping his comrades and seek self gratification in umno when his comrades needed him most. Can trust such a man?