Friday, December 28, 2012


It is kick ass time for Pakatan if ever they aspire to take PutraJaya. Come 1Januay 2013, BN will unleash a MEDIA BLITZ aimed directly at the current feuding between the two stronger members of the Pakatan coalition – DAP and PAS. The government is said to have employed OGLIVY to damage this partnership. No! It has nothing to do with the use of the word ALLAH because DAP and PAS are not quibbling over this issue. IT IS ABOUT HUDUD! And Oglivy will set to make capital of this issue. Word that Anwar is calling the coalition together to settle the Allah debate may be misplaced. He has to get PAS and DAP to meet eyeball to eyeball and make a final statement on HUDUD!  DAP and PAS must be seen to be doing something about this prickly prattle.

Oglivy is reported to have met the BN media machine and all editors have been briefed on the strategy. It is pointless for Pakatan to employ any agency to contest this onslaught. They must hunker down into their bunkers and make harsh decisions. They cannot pussyfoot around this hudud issue. They cannot temporarily sweep it under the carpet. They must come upfront and tell us the pro-opposition rakyat what they will do to address this irritant “tissue”.

In the interim, we pro-pakatan bloggers and commentators in the Pakatan-friendly alternative media must desist from airing our self-gratifying tirades on perceived apparent miss-steps of the coalition. Nobody is perfect and infallible. It is no point enduring the long march to the gates of Putrajaya and lose the KEY on the way! The Pakatan triumvirate must cleanse their system of partisanship and self-interest and work towards, no matter how difficult, a common “masterkey” to unlock THAT gate!


remie said...

In the meantime, do something positive in the Sabah front, too.

Politics is making the impossible, possible. So, IF they are REAL politicians, get the job done.

Otherwise, THEY will remain on the Opposition benches (Fed & State & Nation States), while WE, the people continue to carry the yoke of BN for the next 5 years.

Kari Kambing, Kari Daging, Kari Ayam dan Kari Ikan said...

senang je,
mana2 negeri yg PAS perintah dan banyak calon PAS, biarkan negara tu di perintah oleh PAS secara Islam.

Kena betulkan konsep yg PAS bukan extremis.

Kalau menang pun PU13 konpem orang-orang Islam yg kena ikut undang2 Islam. Orang2 bukan Islam boleh tengok macam mana nanti.

Old Fart said...

The problem is no one has, for the sake of political correctness, said it straight to the face of PAS why Hudud and Sharia is not for anyone. Why do they presume to speak for Islam? Just because they think and they claim to know more and therefore they speak for Islam?

My taxi driver too claims to speak for Islam and my Indonesian maid too claims to speak for Islam. Never mind that I have thought her more about Islam than she ever knew before this.

Do they really want to see an unfortunate confrontation about Islam where non-Muslims are wont to read the Koran in its entirety and take from it what is there and dish it out to them?

Obviously PAS guys rely a lot on their Hadith which do not have the same leverage as the Koran itself. And if they want to rely on the post-Medina verses to support their contentions, then tell them not to profess any of the pre-Medina invocations that make them all look nice and cushy. After all the post Medina invocations are supposed to abrogate the Pre-Medina verses. Might as well they put on the cloak of Osama Bin Laden and show themselves for what they really hope to be.

wandererAUS said...

How could Pakatan be potential occupants of Putrajaya, when they pissed on each other faces openly. ...giant warriors they maybe, asshole meatheads most certainly!!
Dang!...are they allowing the word "Allah" to determine their political future and our future as well?...we are the electorate, don't expect us to please you the luxury of our patience unconditionally. If you, in the Pakatan Alliance could not solve minor issue like this one, how could we expect you to tackle more important issues in the future! Think dickheads......

ME136 said...

Timely posting, Zorro.

About time Pakatan tell us what exactly have the component parties agreed to as far as hudud is concerned. They need to sort this out once and for all. Why leave room for speculation and miscommunication.

They tried to break Pakatan with Sodomy II but that did not work. So now it's the hudud issue.

Until and unless Pakatan tells us exactly how Muslims (and maybe, non Muslims) will be affected, this issue is going to be misused / miscommunicated from Jan 1 onwards.

By Pakatan being silent, the issue will not disappear. Playing ostrich will be a great disservice to the rakyat.
In fact, it can translate into loss of pertinent votes in Chinese-majority areas. A loss of as little as 1% of votes can be disastrous.

So, about time DAP, PAS and PKR sit down and list down the dos and don'ts in hudud and tell us what they are. If all, now is the time to sort this out.

TOKZ said...


For once, I'm impressed with you & for once, you had finally managed to open up ya eyes to see the truth about PAKATAN RAKYAT. I applaud you for this achievement.

The way politics work is similar to a business. It's all about using the correct topic, correct agenda, correct advertising approach & correct media platforms to touch & capture its' target audience heart. "The I help you, you help me" motto no longer applies solely to BN becos PR itself is also starting to do it (example: abolishment of car excise duty, direct taxi permit, etc).

Both sides are splashing out wonders & perks to 'the rakyat' as their bait to capture votes but none of these 2 party had been see coming up with constructive approach on how to 'start' governing a state nor a country efficiently. Both BN & PR are only capable in splashing presents at a faster rate compared to Santa Claus. It's all about "If you want this & that, vote for me".

The way things are going...I simply cannot foresee myself voting for BN & neither can I foresee myself voting for PR. These 2 parties simply doesn't have any substance to form a good government. They are all full of crapping. Some crap with statistics, while, some crap without brains.

The objective of voting for PR is only to kick out BN but at the end of the day we will still face the same old story of having another useless govt. & that's PR. If we vote for BN will only mean we choose to continue having a screwed up govt. Either way...Oh boy! Oh boy! Malaysia is DOOMED.

ZORRO, I'm sure you remember me & I bet you will finally agree with me for once...ya???

Anonymous said...

Good article Mr Zorro ! Just wondering why top PR leaders' mouth seems to open unecessary eg LGE comment abt the usage of "Allah" Kapral about Datukship. pls pls la as though they are damn stupid, we had come that far to Putarjaya,why make it more diffcult...pls pls la la

Geronimo said...

My area falls under one of the state constituencies which are predominantly Malays, and although there have been a significant number of non-Malays moving into the area over the last 3-4 years, the fight is still strictly between PAS and UMNO. As secretary to our residence association, there are talks for us to go for block vote for PAS but with the recent hoo-ha in KB and now the Allah issue,the non-Malay voters are now in a quandry. Should they vote as planned or should they abstain? A strong statement from the Pakatan leaders to stand for the common good of the people will be of little use as the msm will not carry such news except for the bad ones. In fact, Pakatan can no longer afford any mis-step no matter how tiny it is. UMNO and MCA are ready to pounce and they will do it mercilessly.

Muhammad Azman said...

Dear Zorro,

Malaysians now have a choice. BN or PR.

For those who have been BN advocates before and now leaning more towards PR, your above article does have profound implications.

When such minor issues as advocated above become major obstacles in tying common platform among PR leadership, question arise. How are this monkeys going to manage this country.

You must give credit to BN as far as managing is concern.

Why former BN supporters are backing PR today is basically due to Cabinet level corruption and electoral list manipulation.

Apart from the above two issues, the rakyat has no qualm with BN.

Failure on PR to capitalise on the above would only lead the rakyat back to BN.

Statements like "over my death body", summons on unisex saloons, Christians right to use the name Allah and so forth are indications PR has not arrived yet to rule our country.

Till today, PR is not a registerd body.

Apart from knowing Anwar might be the PM, the rakyat is still blurr on Cabinet composition.

Objectives, vision and mission of individual PR's so called parties are known, but what about PR's own objectives, vision and mission?

Maybe, it is about time this self declared leaders of our better tomorrow sit down and review the above and establish a common platform.

Anonymous said...

13GE .....

PR to lose Kedah
Perak stays with BN
PR retains Pg but with a reduced majority
Selangor 50/50
PAS retains Kelantan
Negri Sembilan 50/50
The rest all to BN

Anonymous said...

...Lembah Pantai will go back to BN 4k votes

bumi-non-malay said...

Please Drum it into UMNO racist and their tools like 3 line, perkasa, rela, PDRM, Army, MSM, Banks....that there will Be CONSEQUENCES for whatever actions they take...

We are learning daily from those who Oppose Gadaffi, Mubarak, Assad....and even new Egypt PM Morsi.

We Will make sure that the Consequence is like that of family Gadaffi IF you try the same TRICK when you got rid of Singapore.

Ruling elite, Royalty...just make sure you are on the RIGHT side of the Libya and Syria....Citizen Rakyat knows in the eyes of ALLAH, you are also Orang Biasa!!


najib manaukau said...

This mad dog LKS of DAP will compromise to anything lusty Anwar will come up with at the end of all these quibbling. So long as the mad dog's son will become the C.M. of Penang the mad dog will agree to any proposal.

Muhammad Azman said...

The minorities in USA (mainly The Hispanics) ensured Obama got re-elected to the White House (read, Malaysian Indians).

Incumbents always have an edge over the new arrivals.

Electoral fraud is an on-going work in progress in Malaysia.

Vote buying (thank you for introducing this culture Tun Dr. MM)delivers crucial vote on when and where needed basis.

New citizen's vote guaranteed for ruling party.

Government's machinery at disposable (arms reach).

In previous election, most PR seats were won on few hundred votes only.

Component parties in in non-existing PR party still at loggerheads with one another over "budak kechik punya" issues.

Despite many assumptions over problems in UMNO, and other BN parties, they are known to come around and work as a team, when it matters most.

55 years of experience versus 5 years.

Judiciary, in BN control.

Law enforcement agencies, at BN's reach.

Sultanates, sorry no comment. You judge for yourself.

Againts this back drop, march to Putrajaya? ABU? Anwar/Hadi PM ?

Pi KI Dah.

But all is not lost yet, if only PR leadership know how to..... For this you need a Sales Persons brain. Have they got it? I wonder.

Johnny Yeo said...

I used to support Pakatan.

But the fact that PAS and DAP cannot work together has convince me to voe for BN one more time.

Sorry Pakatan!

Lynn said...

I have sent an FB message to Anwar Ibrahim to basically convene an urgent meet amongst themselves and come to a conclusive decision on this hudud issue. Thereafter to issue a CLEAR AND SUCCINCT press statement which ABU supporters can all share and spread to counter BN propanganda.

Let us see if that press statement materialise.

backStreetGluttons said...

I notice many readers jump to a conclusion on each & every apparent blunder or misteps of Pakatan. Yes today, no tomorrow etc. Like fickle minded women in a shoe shop.

For God's sake, any party is better than BN, so kick them out first!

Muhammad Azman said...

Wow. OMG. Lynn, what a noble act! You sound as if DSAI & Co are your homemade stooges, who will come running to worship your FB ultimatum. Are you a product of Threadstone Project (remember Jason Bourne)?

Anwar don't listen Hadi who in turn do not listen to Karpal, who in turn do not listen to anyone.

These stooges are coming around after your FB demand.

Come on, give Zorro and his blog surfers a break.

Anonymous said...

Since when Ogilvy is pollitical experts? Isn't them an ad and public relations outfit

zorro said...

Anon340pm....of course they are. Just like APCO. They can convince the easily influenced that pigs can sprout wings and fly with their "products".

Muhammad Azman said...

Dear Johny Yeo, please come back. Every single vote matters. Are you married? Any kids at home? Think about tomorrow. Is the Malaysia as it is today you wan't your kids to inheritate?

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. not scared many years of BN misrule, I rather give PR a chance. What is 5 years more(if PR cannot rule properly) of misery compared to decades of BN what not policies!