Friday, December 21, 2012


Wouldn’t your contribution be a worthy Christmas Gift
to an URGENT Cause


Anonymous said...

will do, zorro.
100 a mth commitment

zorro said...

Anon147pm....thanks a load and season's greetings.

Anonymous said...

马华蔡细历,不止大炮,原来还会马后炮, AES交通执法系统暂且搁置,马华蔡细历马上开口表示,希望有关当局尽快退还之前已缴付AES罚款的民众。

可笑的是,在AES 交通执法系统实行时,没有一个马华的党员站出来公开反对这项措施,在民联政府与民众大力反对施压下和大选日期接近种种原因下,国阵政府唯有暂且搁置这项执法系统。

这时候! 蔡细历跳出来了!表面上好像是非常关心已缴付AES 交通罚款的民众不能拿回已缴付的款项,而好心帮忙呼吁有关当局尽快归还这些款项。


KTWong87 said...

There is an updated appeal report with more information on haris' blog.

The ABU War and Fund : An update and appeal

wandererAUS said...

Already told bro Haris I will be doing my part soon. I also urge, fellow Malaysians to generously contribute to a good cause...wiping UMNO, the evil regime from the face of the earth!

Anonymous said...

Today's UMNO is not the same as UMNO of Merdeka days. UMNO today does not care about nation building like before, and it's not inclusive at all. This is why you see lop-sided policies that favours their kind.

Does this adminstration under UMNO really care about getting everyone involved and included in nation building? I think you all know UMNO's polices and direction. Do we have an alternative today?

nkkhoo said...

Why should I donate to ABU cause since they have not given me anything?

BN gave me BR1M and I am happy to vote for BN!

shanghaistephen said...

nkkhoo, you are a parasite and an asshole who'd sell your mother and country for RM500. I suspect you're not a Malaysian of Chinese descent. But if you are here's my reply to you...PTUIIIIII ! Plus I'm also showing you with my finger "half" a peace sign. Shame on you moron.Go take a long look at yourself in the mirror and then go kill yourself.

zorro said...

NKKHOO, it is your birthright to vote for whoever is the highest bidder. I remember a Judas Iscariot who sold his mentor for 30 pieces of silver. Closer to home we had some Chinese, Malay and Indian informers who sold out to the Japanese during the Occupation years. If I am not wrong, internationally these are known as TRAITORS. Anyway enjoy that 500 pieces of illgotten goods and sleep well. Your children will one day know how you voted and why!Or maybe I should accelerate this revelation by dedicating a blogpost to you.I promise you that I will quote your above comment VERBATIM!

Anonymous said...

Najib Tun Razak said “The Opposition only thinks about chaos. A vote for them is a vote for riots, disturbances and demonstrations”. This statement, carried in an English daily dated Dec 16, 2012, was made during his opening speech at the 1Malaysia Veteran Recognition Programme a day earlier.

Has he run out of ideas on how to gain the people’s support? Why is the leader of a nation who aspires to be a great statesman making such an artless statement? It is obvious that he is in a panic mode before the 13th general election. This is unacceptable and totally debunks the concept of moderation that he talks so much about.

Anonymous said...

nkkhoo talked a lot of shit in his blog.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for a clean, transparent and effective/efficient government.

I am voting for a government that does not make education a political football.

I am voting against nepotism and cronyism and sweetheart privatisation deals.

I am voting for a safe and secured environment and do not have to worry when my kids are out of their house.

I am voting for a government that protects the environment.

I am voting for a lower cost living but higher and better standards of living.

I am voting for better control of prices especially houses; there is too much profiteering in this commodity.

I am voting for cheaper cars. What has the National Car Policy begets us; shoddy cars at high prices.

I am voting for a government that will promote harmony among the Rakyat of Malaysia. We are all Malaysians.

I am voting for a Government Of The People, By The People and For The People.

Bangun Rakyat Malaysia!

zorro said...

aNON234PM....SPOT ON, thus me too will vote likewise.

Anonymous said...

Najib can't claim to be a PM for all Malaysians unless he looks into the plight of Pos Bihai Orang Asli.