Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Ellese A said...

Huh? Tindan? Some heavy sat on some one ke? Or some people being overlapped ke? Man. It must be another stupid NGO fighting for people being overlapped or sat on. May be some people are mad when their cars are overlapped kot? Tindan?

Anonymous said...

Chua Tee Yong is only interested in Talam. Though Selangor gov has tabled White Paper on Talam, For CTY nothing is wrong except Talam.

Sick of him harping on the small change on Talam but quiet on $12 bil PKFZ.

He can't see beyond Talam, can he?
What about the land grab in Selangor by Umno?

Galvin said...

As the general elections loom, what can throw Najib off track and result in him delaying or possibly bringing forward the elections?

Firstly, another rally for clean and fair elections would definitely be major setback. Although the EC has announced proposed reforms, it is still unclear how far they would go. And even if they are sincere, how well they would perform especially in cleaning the electoral roll? For example, even in the in the use of indelible ink, the EC has failed to satisfy Bersih’s stringent standards.

There would likely be progress updates on EC’s actions in the next two months. But would the electoral roll be able to withstand Bersih’s scrutiny? If it does not, Bersih 4.0 would be ideal in creating intense public pressure on the EC and Najib as a huge turnout can be expected. Najib will have no choice but to act as he cannot wait it out as he did in the previous two Bersih rallies.

Secondly, a scandal like the NFC might also result in a possible delay to wait out its impact or possibly elections brought forward in order to stymie the scandal from developing. Aided by the mainstream media, this tactic will continued to be employed. That said, would Najib risk waiting out his tenure and allow the EC to take over his prerogative to call the elections? Yes he would.

After all, with numerous allegations against EC’s independence, with one even showing that both the EC’s number one and two were former Umno members, it is possible that the EC’s prerogative will be Najib’s prerogative.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


大选近了,红番薯 Red Tomato 露出真面目帮国阵拉票!出卖良心出卖华社!出卖自己的华人的尊严!