Wednesday, July 25, 2012


DANG! If you don’t scare too easily but if it scares somebody, then it is BIG enough. And it looks like both in Sabah and Sarawak, some people are scared……and that scare has come in with the tide from across the South China Sea onto the Peninsula shores….. So scared that they are trying the old scare tactic of fear mongering, and morbidly reminding us of the scepter of May 13 1969! Chew May Fun, MCA Wanita chief tried that scare and it cost her the elections, her supporters told her in her face after she lamented her loss.

I remember that Sunday 16 May 2010 very distinctly. It was 11.00am. Lim Kit Siang left his room, came over to me and said despondently, “Let’s have an early lunch.” Walking down the stairs he said he feared that his Sibu Miracle will not materialize. I asked, “Why not?” “In urban areas the turnout is only 30%!”

This was my first time in Sibu and he would have a better feel about things. But I remember that around 8am Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad had accompanied MP of Seputeh, Theresa Kok to Church to meet the people. They were told that most Christians attended the 10am service. The pair left for the other polling stations but was back in the Church by 10am.

I told YB Kit, “The service will take an hour and I learnt that after service families normally go out for lunch. Maybe, they will go out to vote after that.” I doubt that moved him as the lunch proceeded with an unappetizing flow of conversation with many unnerving silent gaps.

At 4pm he tweeted: From incoming results, hopes of a Sibu Miracle more than alive despite initial reservations. At 430pm he tapped me on the shoulder and we went for tea across the centre……and the rest is history. DAP’s Wong Ho Leng secured 18211 to SUPP 14267, a majority of 3944 despite Najibs pledge to the people in Rajan Park the night before – You help me, I help you!

The church, previously only concerned in the “hereafter” are now also concerned about the “herenow” and undeniably proved to be the THIRD FORCE.







bruno said...

Yes,Umno/BN is scared.Really scared.The slippery watery path left behind by them are as large as an elephant's.Hehehe.

wandererAUS said...

They (UMNO/BN bastards) have dug themselves a big bury the whole blooming lot in!
The rakyat resolution to bury BN is irreversible...the end of the road is near for these motherf**kers....

Jong said...

Yes, let's dream BIG!
This Barack Obama's speech today is my dream of what will eventually happen here also, a commitment I want from my Pakatan Rakyat leaders for Malaysia...

This was what Barack Obama said:

"We know what we’re fighting for. We can see the America we believe in—a country where everybody gets a fair shot."

“Every entrepreneur should have the chance to start a business—no matter who you are or what you look like.

"If this country is about anything, it’s about passing on greater opportunity to the next generation."

Let's dream. Can Pakatan Rakyat?

Anonymous said...

UMNO/BN is desperate. No doubts about it. Let the scare mongering and the bogeyman of 513 be raised wherever and whenever they are lost for topics.

These scumbags are so scared of losing that they have decided to scrape the barrel and take whatever they can lay their filthy hands on.

Just look at the water scandal that they have created in Selangor. Water rationing in certain parts of the country is a norm because of poor rain fall coupled with the extreme hot weather that is so common because of development without regards to the environment.

Najib, the cowhead Mooheedin and others in UMNO/BN have decided to go against the Selangor Government's decision not to accept the RM8.9 billion Langat 2 project.

The Selangor government feels that the water situation in the state can be improved just by upgrading and cleaning up the existing water treatment plants. Their projected cost LESS THAN RM300 MILLION!

UMNO/BN has a fetish about mega projects. UMNO/BN does not go for projects costing millions. They crave for multi-billion ringgit projects where their appointed crony company would be obliged to give them fat kickbacks. UMNO/BN has come to a point where they cannot survive without kickbacks and corruption.

In their fight for survival and corruption they would even back a non-performing company.

The MCA dickheads would go sucking up to UMNO just to be in the government. They are in with UMNO for the bits and pieces that their benevolent boss throws at them.

Come 13th GE, these parasites that have been sucking the rakyat dry should be kicked out.

UMNO/BN is out to loot and plunder the country before their time runs out.

It is time for CHANGE and it must be a CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance, overconfidence, aloftness, complacencies, lacking passion to connect with rakyat on the ground, etc amongst some opposition MPs in seemingly 'fixed deposit' areas in Wilayah P. may be a heavy cost to PKR.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Testing testing

bumi-non-malay said...

What is equally Scarry is again malaysian athelete contigen to Olympic is again FORCE to Wear Prejudice Protocol SONGKOK and Kebaya/Sarong SHAM or something that reflects born Malay = Muslim.....this is because Malaysian have no choice....and NO TASTE!!

So Sabah and Sarawakians....Don't allow the Scums of UMNO Racist with only a race and religion agenda to run rings around you... The day they took away English as medium of instruction, you lost your progress for 35 years now....Wake up while there is still some hope left to make another country for Malaysian sick of Racism to migrate to!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, these unscrupulous UMNO assholes not only dug a big hole for themselves, they punched a "Bigger Hole" in the nation. It will take years to repair this wrecked country.

Anonymous said...

Well, UMNO had wake up THE CHRISTIANS !

Jong said...

No, not Pairin! He has been neutered by Mamakutty; well fed to last another 50 winters or more!