Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is what the BN is up to in Perak. More later today.


Bill Chua said...

Malott drops a bombshell: A secret pact between Najib and Anwar by John Malott, Malaysia Chronicle

Today I read Anwar Ibrahim’s statement from the docket.
Anwar said that it all is a political conspiracy against him.
And I agree.
After all, I was the American Ambassador to Malaysia when all of these things happened the first time around.
As people know, the American Embassy has many sources of information.
Just ask Wikileaks.

Malaysians love to talk. As so many of my friends in Malaysia know, I have been very outspoken in support of Anwar’s freedom for over one decade. And that is because I know the truth. I was there when it happened the first time.
In 1998 – the first time around for Anwar – my Embassy heard and reported lots of things. We knew the truth. Because Malaysians – at the highest levels -- told us.
When I was in KL, Najib’s personal think tank was called the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, or MSRC. MSRC basically was two people, Rohanna Mahmood and Razak Baginda.
Neither Rohanna nor Razak are government officials, so I am not violating any US laws by revealing what they told me and my Embassy in those days.

A secret pact

In 1998 Rohanna joined me for a private one-on-one luncheon at the Ambassador ‘s residence. It was during the time when Anwar was starting to challenge Mahathir, subtly but still obviously.
Rohanna told me that Najib and Anwar had reached a secret agreement. When Mahathir was gone, Anwar would be PM and Najib would be Deputy PM. That was the deal.
That never happened, of course. When the going got tough, Najib stood by, and let Anwar go to jail.
What about Razak Baginda?
He told a senior Embassy officer, “The decision has been made. They are going to “nuke” Anwar politically for all time to come. “Until he can never stand up again politically.”

100 years

Meaning, it was all a political decision – to destroy Anwar.
That is what Razak – now in self-imposed exile in London -- said.
After that, a senior officer in the Special Branch told an Embassy officer, “We are going to keep filing charge after charge after Anwar so he will be in jail for the next hundred years.”
Can there be any doubt about what was going on then – and what is going on now?
- Malaysia Chronicle
- John Malott was the US ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998 and is now the president of the Japan-America Society of Washington DC

Anonymous said...

another Agasta Christie thriller? can't wait for main course!

Anonymous said...

It is shame to realize the type of leaders Malaysia is experiencing since Mahathir started taking over the realm as PM. With the gigantic amount of money looted by him, Najib, Taib, Musa, Muhyiddin and their cronies with their their dictatorship and autocratic rule, they have succeeded in every conceivable crime including corruption, murder, racism, cronyism and bribery. These two ogres, a puppet and his mentor, are both fully responsible for the predicaments faced by most Malaysians today. These crooks will have too much to lose if BN could not win GE13. One may be inclined to believe that BN will not concede defeat in a democratic manner as witnessed in the West. In my opinion, there is a strong possibility that the pirate octogenarian will advise his pupil to veto the Parliament and declares a state of emergency, with the power vested in him and backed by the military. If this is the scenario, then, tragically, lots of blood will flow.

Wahid said...

Son of Mamakutty uses duit haram from San Miguel to buy Petron and the father forced MAS to accept contract for fuel from Petron for 6 months. Rugi petronas!

zorro said... that scenario probably blood shed will finally cleanse the country for our children and their children. Worth shedding blood then. No cleansing can be done if we sit on the fence. WE CANT JUST STAND BY....WE MUST STAND UP!

Adil Yunus said...

I have gave up on blogger nkkhoo page, because he called anti Lynas people stupid.

Amir said...

The spate of accusations against BN politicians of freely, in unbridled fashion, spending the hard earned money of the people include the bad example of the Prime Minister himself and his wife in gala holiday and shopping trips abroad, his murkier-by-the-day RM7.3bil Scorpene submarines corruption scandal, the RM250mil National Feedlot Corporation fiasco, the RM12.5bil Port Klang Free Trade Zone debacle and a list that seems to be growing longer the more that Najib tries to buy time to appease the angry electorate.

Hairudin said...

Rakyat Malaysia mempersoalkan bagaimana Mirzan a/l mahathir melalui San Miguel berjaya menguasai syarikat minyak Esso Malaysia. Esso kemudiannya menukar nama kepada Petron dan Petron diberi kontrak untuk membekalkan minyak kepada MAS.