Sunday, July 22, 2012






special branch

to tell us about




Prime minister

Invited them lah!

And you Special Branch, I will have you know that they will be our guest for ten years…..enough time to collect enough information for China unless you can cut them up or put them thru CTScans to ensure that they are not embedded with the necessary intelligence tools available! But do it professionally or your lancheows will end up as bottled pickled pricks!


Roti Sunshine said...

every time they point a finger at others, three of their own fingers point back at them.

so hopeless is bn's credibility that nobody believe anything they hurl at others.

next they will say they found martians under your bed.

go and get lost, bn!

SD said...

uncle zorro, what about the conman son in law from Kazakhstan ? I understand that he is a certified communist. Has SB cleared him yet?

Anonymous said...


Patrick said...

Hahaha!Pickled lancheows! Kosher no doubt! These chicken-shit bullies have no idea,a result of being kept in the shade for too long and they really believe the world revolves around them!

bruno said...

The only Commies are the bogeymen's breeding at Umno's backyards.Hehehe.These mouthpieces of Umno are real fools.

Anonymous said...

bunch of shitheads

wandererAUS said...

This UMNO PM has a peeled prick of a Muslim asshole and a diseased mouth of a prostitute! Can you trust this UMNO dickhead?

Anonymous said...

Lanchieow u prick racist Ungka Zorro. May your prick be pickled like kedondong.Can sell it at Chowrasta market.

Anonymous said...

We feel your intolerable pain as you force yourself to mention that Najib name, again & again

Perhaps that's in the never say die spirit of Zorro. Nonetheless, we pray hard that in the not too distant future, you never need to again.

We too feel quite helpless now


Anonymous said...

There is turmoil in the Islamic world of late, Syria Gomen next to fall, maybe before Msian GE 13 is called. UMNO will fall once GE 13 is over.

Your blog will be boring after this!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:49AM
Hey dickhead, feeling the heat already? Must be another shithead cyber trooper engaged by DOMBNO to spin. Even spinning is an art. Go and learn first from the likes of WCW before you try to engage zorro. You can't come to this blog to learn.

Anonymous said...

Folks, lets not get too carried away with the profanities and cursing. We are all part of the animal world where survival is of paramount importance.
Bumno is doing what bums do naturally, which for those who have not been initiated, is to rely on hand-outs. Take that away. or more precisely, try to take that away from them?? the result will be akin to a rabid dog having its bone taken away from it.
All this drama, for those who have not been enlightened, is just a means to their cause. Ignore them and keep to your course.

Uncle Zorro, pls keep the flame burning. U've been and remain an inspiration to many, ur students and moi, a stranger included.


Anonymous said...

What about the "Fart Lady"...the fat bitch. Everyone forgot her Pickled Buns!" To those Najib's arse wiper, eat your blooming heart out.....

Jong said...

It's a highly irresponsible and dangerous game this Najib regime is playing with their damning claims of 'Islamist & Communist infiltration' to smear and mess federal opposition's reputation.
This will definitely backfire, scares away foreign investment and ultimately the country suffers.

If nothing is done to correct or stop its tracks, expect worse as GE-13 draws near.

Letting out their rabid pitsbull the IbHassanAliZulNordin specie next?

Anonymous said...


GTP 2.0 said...

Umno, China Communists to swap youth leaders !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bernama News, August 05, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — Umno and the Communist Party of China (CPC) yesterday agreed to have youth leadership exchanges so that the youth leaders of both countries can have a better understanding of the economic and social development taking place in Malaysia and China.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on behalf of Umno on co-operation between Umno and the CPC in Beijing yesterday, said this was all the more timely as China was now a major economic power.

Wang Jiarui, Head of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee, represented the CPC.

“On their part, they are amazed with our achievements and racial harmony and would like to learn from us how we were able to attain this harmony without any bloodshed,” Tengku Adnan said in a statement to Bernama.

He said as a follow-up to the MOU, both countries agreed to set up a permanent mechanism to enable the exchanges to take place beginning this year. — Bernama

Anonymous said...

A few days ago, i witnessed an expatrite lady crossing the road from Duta Tropika to Solaris Dutamas, just 50 metres away. She was waylaid and had her handbag snatched. What a farce!

kapcai said...

What are we talking about? Where got communists now only capitalists lah!!!