Friday, July 20, 2012


many notched tun m

as a dictator.

Commander thaya

Generously volunteers

He is an autocrat.

How about

Agent Provocateur?

Shit Stirrer?

Master Appropriator?



Anonymous said...


wandererAUS said...

How about "Skin Color" dermatologist specialist, converting black skin to chocolate color...a bangsat called, Kerala Melayu Baru!
This new specimen is a curse to Malaysia....

Anonymous said...

M=mamak bukan melayu

fatcat said...

Puppet Grandmaster

najib manaukau said...

The grand son of the pariah from Kerala, is a shenanigan for sure. According to the dictionary a shenanigan is one full of deceits and trickeries and can you think of what he has done that do not fit into the above.
Call him anything you choose but one thing for sure he will win hands down as the most hated man in the country. Soon he will join Marcos, Gaddafi, Mubarak and all the likes !

Anonymous said...

Both PAS and DAP should lodge a police report against Mohd Soffian and then take him to court and force him to reveal names and sources in court. Hpw sadly has our PDRM been undermined by their political bosses UMNO.

Anonymous said...

The UMNO-led government has actually failed to combat criminal activities and also activities that indirectly attribute to crime such as corruption and abuse of power. The spike in crime is due to the bad economy of the lower income group of Malaysians.

The high costs of living and unemployment have further aggravated the situation. The Malaysian economy is not supporting this deprived group and they are finding it tough to survive. The spike in crime rate is also mainly due to millions of foreigners entering Malaysia illegally. All these are attributed to bad government policies.

UMNO-led government is not unravelling the right social equation. Crimes are committed because of unresolved social ills, family breakdowns and of course law enforcement measures that have not been tautened and trailed uncompromisingly.

The people are not criticising the police to demoralise them but the police of course could do more to combat crime if they are not tied down with UMNO’s political agenda.

For all these whys and wherefores, the country needs a better government that could watch over the direct and indirect causes of crime rates to ensure that they decelerate. Escalating crime rates in the country will certainly affect the country’s political equation. The people’s choice next in our two-party system will be a government that can ensure a crime-less society.

Anonymous said...

Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty is the Mother of All Racist, the implementer of Apartheid in Malaysia and Corrupter Supreme of All the Institutions of Governance.

This evil mamak gave up his roots to become a Melayu celup. He is a Muslim for the fair skinned only. This evil man cannot see the sufferings of the Ethiopians, Somalis or those poor sods from Sudan. He was only interested in rooting for the Bosnians. He thought Malay/Bosnia integration would produce great thinkers, scientists and economists.

What this half past six doctor in the house did not realize was it takes good genes to produce world beaters.

At best he was a looter and a pirate with his privatization projects where even the essential services were given in a platter to his hand picked cronies and proxies.

When the time comes, may he ROT IN HELL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

Here's my contribution:

Father of Malaysian Semi-Apartheid

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

I think he is a BMW:
Black Metallic Wanker

Anonymous said...

A repeat action from a political lying family...from father to son called, Tong Rosak dynasty deception.
This family has not a grain of human decency in them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard,

out of topic but still relevent.

malik imtiaz said RPk has become irrelevant. Surprised and dissapointed to hear that from someone that i thought inteligent.

i think it's the case of when RPK exposed my enemy he's the HERO, but when exposed my freinds or my gang he is irrelevant.

Malik Imtiaz with 10 minutes on podcast had "outcast" himelf from being relevent.

I'm sure people like harris and you will be labeled same as RPK when u exposed the bad stuff or their freinds as well.



Jong said...

Can we respect the man for his right to an opinion? Come on, who are you to judge who is right and who is wrong?

Suasana Politik Malaysia said...

As salam Tuan Blog,

selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan selamat berpuasa.

拜拜神 said...


Anonymous said...

Umno/Finas is releasing May 13 movie 'Tanda Putera', again to stir up the malays before election by depicting chinese as troublemakers.

Shame on you, Suhaimi Baba!

Anonymous said...

Voter registration in JB:

MBJB office @ Jalan Dato Onn is now providing registration service until 1 August 2012.

Billal said...

Ambiga: We want our rights; Not “Nambikkai”, Not Alms!