Friday, July 13, 2012


YOUR Prime Minister is a true-blue Blue Ocean Strategist: kill the competition - (some were blatant enough to suggest FLOM) and appointed himself the first Male Minister of Women Affairs.

YOUR Prime Minister commands such allegiance that an Election Returning officer could even assure Nurul that if he was appointed RO of Lembah Pantai, she would lose the election. Such fealty, must be admired, no?

YOUR Prime Minister is so fearless - he approved TAR College diplomas and certificates, even when Mahathir reprimanded that again the Malays will lose out with a flood of Chinese into the civil service. That’s courage I tell you!

YOUR Prime Minister exhibited honesty so depleted in the UMNO leadership. He admitted that the ISA did not benefit BN one bit. That was why he repealed the ISA!

YOUR Prime Minister admittedly possessed this rare leadership quality: influencing skills, which he put to good use when he was able to convince the Ruler that giving back Perak to BN, even through chicanery, was the right thing to do.

YOUR Prime Minister is real son of Malaysia with his 1Malaysia despite it being morphed into a much kicked about platitude by his own Deputy who prefers race before nationality.

YOUR Prime Minister is undoubtedly a loyal leader who kept his friends close to him but his “enemies within his fold” closer to him. He never sacked any minister and still kept his Deputy in office unlike his tormentor who swept aside some three deputies.

Isn’t YOURR Prime Minister a most forgiving Prime Minister who lives by the adage that all of us do make mistakes despite all the GATED missteps – NFC, Ampang LRT, Scorpene?

YOUR Prime Minister who scored many FIRSTS: He never paid any US lobbyists to get an audience with a US President; he convened an international conference to foster moderation; he allowed Perkasa free rein; your PM is the first but probably the last UMNO PM to brush aside seeking the nations mandate to rule…..

YOUR Prime Minister is anointed with supreme confidence like when he told his buddy: Be cool. I am seeing the Inspector General of Police today.

YOUR Prime Minister is blessed with steely determination as he plods on despite being surrounded by the sycophants every Wednesday.

YOUR Prime Minister is a true spouse espousing to the limit that behind every successful man is a woman and proud that for the first time a wife of a prime minister has collected more honorary degrees, “rare” awards and other accessories than her predecessors.

YOUR Prime Minister is imbued with extraordinary courage. He appoints a confessed felon to the chairmanship of the prized Felda.

YOUR Prime Minister, above all, has no cronies…..only buddies and cabbies!

YOUR Prime Minister has divine foresight….he lets sleeping dogs lie in East Malaysia

But above all…..

YOUR Prime Minster’s simplistic realism is awesome: You help me, I help you!

That is YOUR Prime Minister!

He can be MINE too,

if he has the scrotal gumption

to debate his opponent

waiting in the wings.


Anonymous said...

You have made Mr Najib the Clown Prince of South East Asia even Mubarak will be proud of

bumi-non-malay said...

Why no FREE Uncle Seeker support by Bloggers.....stop the Harassment or we Bersih 4.0 ...this time Agong / Sultan will also Kena..... We cannot let this stupid Sedition SHAM law be used as tools to silence the Internet age...ABU and PDRM .... You lot will be sacked and sent to Jail for Crime against Humanity Malaysian!!

timor said...

And...your Prime Minister is......
definitely not my Prime Minister.

I never voted him !!!

Anonymous said...

The PM cannot give a sensible legitimate reason for not debating his opponent before the GE. The fact he has been leader for some years does not make him exempt.

President Obama will have to campaign and debate Mitt Romney several times before the US Elections. Saying its not the Malaysian way insults the intelligence of the electorate.

wandererAUS said...

Ini lah, Ketuanan Melayu Son of a Bitch...only UMNO bastards are willing to kiss his two balls!!
Malaysia boleh.

Jong said...

Yeah, Canada's opening Embassy in Myanmar reports Vancouver Sun today but Canadian Govt shut down their Visa Office in KL in May 2012. This shows how much value Malaysia has in international community. Thanks to Mr Prime Minister Najib for leading Malaysia to where we are today!

Oh boy, looks like we do have alot to learn from Myanmar, don't we?

patrick said...

...scrotal gumption?That prick lost'em a long time ago when they got bagged by that ol'Birkin Bag!

motherchell said...

Here we have a Prime Minister who tells us that the Official Secrets Act is not to protect National Secrets but to protect himself and his cronies.
If this Prime Minister is assumed to have studied in the West , then we have to presume that he did a" Saif Gaddafi' in his paper chase. ----and if his Profs are dead and long gone --- they should be turning in their graves ---and if they are still toothless and kicking-- they must be stringing a rope around their ceiling fans for an intimate son with no '"scrotal gumption"".
A treat my dear Zorro with lacy rushing words of "tinker" about a jaundiced NAZI-- who is about to be purged big-time!
Regards and good wishes dear.

Ramakrishnan said...

What a beautiful poetry with so much truth... if only more then 50% of the Voting Malaysian realises this, things could be better. Cheers

Antares said...

Inspired tirade! Most amusing, Uncle Zorro! :-)

mauriyaII said...

zorro, as usual you have hit the lying bastard hard with a six inch nail on his ball-less scrotum.

Most perceptive and politically savvy Malaysians know it but unfortunately such message does not reach the rural and illiterate folks who are easily bought with RM500 or a hamper worth RM50 supplied by the MCA towkays inspired by their porn king.

Thanks for a good morning read to start the day well.

Anonymous said...

Ur PM says malaysian perceive crime on the rise! Let us give him the perception BN will WIN & form the mext Govt!

Anonymous said...

Who cares. He is our beloved PM. Your PM is LKS. Or better still go south to your PM of chinaman country Hsien Loong.

Malay boy

Anonymous said...

We blame ourselves to allow "Babi Hutan" to rule the country for the last 3 decades that completely destroyed all the Institutions of the land. Fuck the Black Melayu Baru from Kerala shameless pariah bastard.

Jong said...

Najib the should never have been the PM of Malaysia; he's not even qualified to be MB Pahang if not for his father's name!

About time we demand our Prime Ministers be elected where citizens Malaysia from Perlis to Johor, to Sabah and Sarawak exercise their rights to choose a PM!

Fifty-Four years on and after Tunku Abdul Rahman, we have been stuck with a bunch of clowns with self-interests, buying their way into Umno, stay as long as they like, and we allow Umno to appoint a PM!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

When he made himself the male minister of wormen's affairs, he probably had many different ideas in mind. Well, I would, if I have go home everyday to look at a "bag".

Jong said...

What lah, isn't that Fat LOM the defector Women's Minister?

mata kucing said...

Mahathir came into power at a time when Muslim dictatorial leaders in Middle East had a iron hand grips over power and their citizens. He built his influences based on the “strengths” of his fellow Muslim counterparts in Middle East and exploited Malaysians by doctoring policies to favor him and UMNO warlords.The dictatorial and highly corrupted regimes in the Middle East had since been dismantled.

zorro said...
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Anonymous said...


Did you get the 1Malaysia helmet?

I think Najib should also think of another form of protection i.e. 1Malaysia Condom?