Sunday, July 8, 2012


“Many of the people in the news these days - and, by and large, that, of course, means BN politicians - really must have been smoking some pretty bad weed, as it were,” volunteered ROM NAIN.

……or infirmed porridge politics?


Soiled Gan said...

There is enough proof that MCA is "in line" with their bosses at Umno - that is to use smear tactics touching on sex against the opposition leaders.

Anonymous said...

Najib had time to meet Sodomy II complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan to discuss his scholarship, but no time to debate national policy with Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians are very, very angry because:

1) We are angry that we have been denied our constitutional and democratic rights to a peaceful gathering. We are angry at the police brutality on a frail, tender 65-year-old auntie who was sprayed with chemically laced water and tear gassed for exercising her democratic rights when she was walking alone to demonstrate peacefully what she believes in.

2) We are angry at the lies, the biased reporting and the cover-ups by mainstream media (The Star included) to serve their political masters. We are angry at the way the mainstream media demonise Bersih 2.0.

3) We are very angry at the double standards of the police in arresting activists and opposition politicians. While some self-proclaimed nationalists and race champions openly spew seditious statements to incite religious and racial hatred and no action was taken against them, others were arrested for merely wearing yellow T-shirts.

4) We are angry with the Home Minister and the IGP for their handling of the recent series of events occurring in the country. We are angry with the lies and denials they make in light of clear evidence from photos and videos.

5) We are angry at the continual police harassment and intimidation of civil society groups and activists who are perceived as a threat to the political hegemony of the current BN government. The arrest of a bus-load of Parti Sosialist Malaysia (PSM) members on trumped-up charges of trying to revive communism and rebelling against the Ruler is blatant police harassment and intimidation.

6) We are angry at the Home Ministry and the police for using the outdated and draconian Emergency Ordinance (EO) to detain the PSM 6 without trial. We are angry that they were detained on flippant charges of trying to revive communism, waging war against the Ruler and inciting people to join Bersih 2.0.

7) We are angry at Prime Minister Najib for his hypocrisy in saying one thing and flip-flopping the very next moment. We are angry at him for having an audience with the Pope to improve bilateral ties and immediately on returning back to Malaysia, he publicly questioned the Malaysian Christians by saying “We wish to tell our friends, the Malaysian Christians… if they respect us, we will also respect them.”

8. We are angry that Royal Commissions after Royal Commissions have been set up and recommendations have been made to improve our institutions but no significant changes have been made. We have not forgotten the Royal Commissions to investigate the Lingam video, police brutality on Anwar Ibrahim while in police custody and Teoh Beng Hock’s death while in MACC custody.

9) We are very angry that there are too many deaths in custody of several authorities and nobody is held accountable and responsible for the deaths. We are angry that 1535 detainees have died in police custody between 2003-2007, 1300 illegal foreigners have died in immigration detention camps between 2002-2008 and two deaths in MACC custody most recently. We are angry that one death is one too many and wonder how many hundreds more went unreported and unnoticed.

10) We are angry that the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) and the EO continue to be used and abused by the authorities. We are angry that there are still 25 persons detained without trial under the ISA and 819 persons detained under the EO.

T yong said...

Chua , a scumbag as usual, can give excuses for Najib who is socared to debate with Anwar!!! The people of Malaysia know that Najib is nothing , but a coward. He has no materials to show us. He is running away from reality. Chua Soi Lek, only MCA members are fools to support you.

mauriyaII said...

Anon 12:48PM
Thank you very much for reminding us of the inefficient and couldn't careless attitude of the Home Ministry and the hopeless PDRM.

Apart from having a gutless wimp of a PM who is a born liar and snake oil merchant who says one thing today and flip-flop the next day, we have some rabid lunatics in the BN like the porn king and his idiotic supporters helping to run the Barang Naik government.

I hope others too remind us regularly the blatant shortcomings and mega scandals of the UMNO/BN government lest we get swayed by the money for votes thrown at us all the time by Najib. The latest bribery is the set of tyres to the taxi men.

Thanks for your concern at what is happening to our beloved country.

Alphard 15 said...

The fact that a politician like Ng Yen Yen applied for PR in another country so that her son can get free university education is proof enough that she had been disillusioned with our education system which is biased and racist.

So what has MCA done for us who cannot get an Australian PR? Is TAR College the answer? We must have access to free tertiary education for all Malaysian, regardless of races.

Jong said...

Today's Star front-page "Amok in Putrajaya" - Never has a sitting Malaysian PM been threatened right up to his office doorstep! The question is why?

This corrupt Najib Regime and bunch of ninnies have lost all credibility and integrity in their 4 yrs of deceit, power, arrogance and obtrusive rule.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off topic but I could not help wonder why Lim Guan Eng is wasting his precious time having a debate with a useless MCA leader who is an adulterer given to debauchery and wanton neglect of his wife of her marital needs.

The Star newspaper which is owned by the MCA and which is also the mouth piece of UMNO/BN exploits the debate in such a mendacious way to portray the debate as a colossal success to the porn king and his irrelevant party.

In future I hope Malaysians will be spared the agony of seeing the shameless, fork-tongued porn king from attacking DAP and PR to score brownie points with Najib for their continued existence.

zorro said...

Anon924pm....Guan Eng heard your thoughts. He has realised that a 3rd debate with CSL is a total waste of time and effort.STAR as usual had to do an ass-wipe job for their boss.

Anonymous said...

It's CSL who do not want any more debate with GE. That GE is treating the debate as a free ceramah. Real opportunist.

First time voter

Daud said...

Any opposition leaders should jump at the opportunity to 'debate' with BN on TV. Since there is no judge to declare winners, opposition should seize the day to do cermah on the debast live on TV to reach out to the rural people who are subjected to daily doses of BN lies on TV3 and RTM.

HB said...

Mahathirism is against the two main Christian teachings which regulate the relationship between God and Man and between Man and his fellow human beings — (1) love God with all your heart, your mind and soul and (2) love thy neighbour just as thou love thyself — and like in other religions as well, great and small.

Just consider the following salient points on Mahathirism from Mahathir’s “Little Red Book”:

Vision (Mahathir’s Heaven on Earth for the ruling elite): worship of money and materialism to fill the void created in a empty soul by the discarding of all sense of civics, ethics and moral values and the death of the conscience;

Mission (how Mahathir wants the ruling elite to get there i.e. Heaven on Earth): total corruption — anything touched must be in the bad — a la the end justifies the means as per programmes of activities driven by philosophy; principle; policy; concept;

Objectives set by Mahathir for the ruling elite:

> Only one Malay political party to exist i.e. Umno and if there’s to be a two-party system — both must be like the right and left hand (one not knowing what the other is doing to protect the Hidden Agenda)

> The strings of both must be pulled by one grand puppetmaster i.e Mahathir (Daim Zainuddin and Mahathir are reportedly trying to make inroads into Umno-breakaway Parti Keadilan Rakyat) in a perverse reincarnation of Deng Xio Ping, Mao Zedong’s fallen protege, who continued to rule China until his death despite having no official position after he stepped down as the Chairman of the powerful Military Commission.

Deng, unlike Mahathir who roots for the minority ruling elite, was discreet for the collective good and was never seen in public, heard or heard of after he “retired”.

Goals set by Mahathir for the ruling elite: neutralise, isolate, marginalise and scatter the non-Malay political opposition through brute force, if not eliminate and exterminate them; eliminate, if not destroy, the Islamists & other Malay political opposition through brute force.