Thursday, July 5, 2012


"When you know that in order to produce,

you need to obtain permission

from men who produce nothing,

when you see that money is flowing to those

who deal not in goods

but in favours,

when you see that men get rich more easily by graft rather

than by work,

and your laws no longer protect you against them

but protect them against you,

you know that your society is doomed."

~ Ayn Rand





Anonymous said...

Indeed a good one. Rightly said and thanks for posting them.


Anonymous said...

Imagine NO bn ....i'm NO dreamer !!

Vera said...

We all can smell the foul fart of Gan Tian Loo blowing from MCA Melaka!

Anonymous said...

eh, old english teacher cant even write a proper article ah? Must take quotes from other people , post picture and link to youtube ah?
1/2 past 6 teachers like you , no wonder malaysia has a failing education system

zorro said...

Anon319pm....thank you very much for your advice....go now and collect your money now that I published your comment. I can imagine you wagging your little tail and your tongue hanging out for the handout. Be happy!

Anonymous said...

How many times do Malaysians have to put up with the bull and crap of Barisan?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in GE13.


Jeyan said...

I don't hate BN- after all they r being what they are - crooks , racists and morons. What I can't understand is there are still people ( not benefitting directly or indirectly from BN in terms of financial rewards ) who still keep supporting them with the excuse that anwar cannot be trusted . 54 years of repression makes people unable to c the bigger picture. There is virtually nothing intelligence that comes out of BN. All the so called scandals they can expose is either alleged sexual encounters or made up financial scandals by opposition . The opposition has exposed far more important financial scandals on the part of BN and their cronies which BN have never been able to deny. Latest being Najib and ampang gate !

mauriyaII said...

Anon 3:19PM
If zorro is an old 1/2 past six teacher whose English is not good enough for the Malaysian Education System, then almost all his generation who were in the teaching service must be (according to your exalted opinion) 1/2 past six too.

As zorro said if it is your menial job to be a cyber-trooper who must post something even if it is downright moronic to get your cyber allowance, so be it. Do post all the drivel you want but do not disparage and belittle a teacher who has done his duty in exemplary fashion not only in the classroom but also on the field beyond his call.

Go and collect your pocket money so that you can sit back and enjoy your fix before you think of another of your nincompoop comment.

wandererAUS said...

"Don't worry be happy"...the most, at the end the day, just crow, "Singing the Blues" This is UMNO bastards acquired way of life, Easy come, Easy go.....all Malaysians owe these blooming Ketuanan UMNO Melayu human parasites a living!

SAS Old Boys said...

Hey Anon 310pm, ZORRO (Bernard Khoo) was once a teacher in Sultan Abdul Samad Secondary school & if you do some research about it, you will bound to see how bad of a image was that school during his ZORRO's time as a teacher there.

Some of my friends was taught by him & the remarks about this so-called ZORRO-ing (Oooppss sorry, I mean ZERO-ing) teacher is more or less within the text of "Takda otak punya cikgu".

According to current sources, this retired ZERO teacher is still wasting his time getting drunk every night, while smoking his pipe thinking it was ganja which he was once hooked on during his younger days.

BTW, I predict he wouldn't dare to publish this comment of mine cos' doing so will only allow his DARK HISTORY to be exposed in the public.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is in deep shit.

It "must" be saved from the deadly BN & it "must" refrain itself being ruled by the cunning & sly PR. Both parties cannot be trusted.

If you read Raja Petra's blog, you will soon discover PR is NOT the ideal party forward for Malaysia.

SAS Old Boys said...

"WOW" surprisingly this lanciau punya cikgu really did post my comment. YES!!!

He'll be destined for self destruction from now on.

Anonymous said...

Commentator "mauriyall" posted this...

"do not disparage and belittle a teacher who has done his duty in exemplary fashion"

Hahahahahaha....if mauriyall's mother would have read this, I bet mauriyall's mother will strip of her bra immediately & give mauriyall 2 tight slap with it.

Look at our education today!!! Don't blame the govt.!!! Blame the teachers instead!!!

Jeyan said...

Unc zorro, looks like your blog this time has been infested by viruses and parasites - not the computer type but the UMNO cyber trooper types. The types who will write anything as long as they get they pocket money. Their writings in this post give a sense of dirt and filthiness to your blog. Hopefully , this viruses will leave your blog and go haunt other blogs so that we can continue with more intelligent and important issues affecting the nation

zorro said...

Jeyan, this is to be expected. I have no qualms about publishing their untruths. People who know me will bear witness that I am not what they say I am. Sewer rats know no better. Appreciate your concerns. ABU!

Anonymous said...

Anon4:12PM How disgusting you are. It looks like your mother has been removing (strip to use your word)her bra to slap you with it, so much so you just can't forget your humiliation and the sexual kick that you got seeing her boobs. You must be a MCA cyber trooper because you in the MCA are so obsessed with sex like your porno leader, CSL.

You better fuck off to your filthy gutter and don't pollute this blog with your shit.

You sever rats are nauseating!!

wandererAUS said...

Hahaha, Zor you have UMNO maggots crawling into your blog...those that live on shit... only capable of offering shit!
At least you had a noble professionas a teacher, can these asslickers claim likewise?