Thursday, May 13, 2010


A Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and Aminulrasyid Amzah are all victimis of MACC and PDRM abuse. Anyone in Sibu can be next.

There have been 44 (2008) and 39 (2009) deaths as a result of police shootings in Malaysia. In contrast there was only ONE death by police shooting reported in the UK during this period.

From the year 2000 to February 2010, there were 147 REPORTED deaths under POLICE CUSTODY, which amounts to an average of ONE death per MONTH.

In Sibu, police have been ineffective in solving crimes ranging from car thefts and house burglaries to snatch theft.

In 2004, the Royal Commission proposed the setting up of an Independent Police Complaints and Miscondut Commission (IPCMC). This proposal was ignored and glaringly left out from Najib's reformation policies.

As expected, SUPP was silent.....and remains silent as usual the silent, obedient and impotent partner in a suspect relationship.


Niamah said...

How can you expect Najib to do the IPCMC thingy when IGP MUsa still got the photographs? Bodoh!

Anonymous said...

Recently they showed crime statistics of Malaysia compared to the uk and showed that the crime rate was lower than the uk but they did not say that in the uk even traffic accidents are included in crime statistics.If we are to include the traffic no's do he math.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, rakyat are slaves. In UK, rakyat are masters. UMCO are all hypocrites. I think we should drop the term "bumiputera" because it's been manipulated by BN/UMCO to make them more rich. I spoke to a Malay and a non-Malay. The non-Malay's grand-grand-grand father was born in Tanah Melayu (in 1800 plus), whilst the Malay proudly told that his grandfather migrated from Sumatera. The Malay (because he is bumiputera) earns scholarship to study oversea, but the non-Malay (because he is non-bumiputera) has to spend his own money to study in oversea. In this case, I think the non-Malay is more "bumiputera" than the "Malay". The Malay told the non-Malay that this year alone there will be 10~15 Malays graduate from his university. Then, he said among them 10~12 have bought a Mercedes Benz and will bring it back to Malaysia. I wonder why they're so rich... they forget that their living in UK is paid by the rakyat. People in Sibu should wake up. When UMCO/Malay wants the number to claim some benefits, they will be very generous to include you as bumiputera, but once the policies are approved, UMCO/Malay will abandon you. So far, my friend has never met any non-malay bumiputera (under government scholarship) in his university in UK.

Anonymous said...

Kugan - The criminal who wont hesitate to kill you or your kids for some cash. A bad and colourful history of crime. Now made a martyr and hero by PR.

Teoh Beng Hock - The guy who killed himself by jumping and going SPLAT after finding out his wife to be was pregnant with his boss' wife.

Aminulrashid - The boy whos death was manipulated by PR politicians and made it political. Alot of facts were blanked out from the case for political mileage, such as him banging another car and over running a motorcyclist, or even the possibility of running over the police.

Aminul's school going friend was also coached to tell a lie. A fake story of being beaten by 5 policemen however manage to over power them and escape. DO YOU THINK MALAYSIANS ARE FOOLS?

You calling 3 deaths as black malaysia yet you want to bring back chin peng who mudered hundreds of lives ..women and children. What the hell is this bull?

You call for unity yet you instigate and poke fire by manipulating the sensitive word "Allah". Raising the tempers of the Malays and muslims.

This is PR for you.

charleskiwi said...

We have the police supposed to protect us but is the police protecting us ?
They kill Malaysians more than the criminals and why then do we need them ?
The IGP has said they might as well pull out from the street and I think it is the best thing he has said in his career.
That way the need to look after them can be used elsewhere at the same time there will be less ambush by the police at quite junctions and then asked for 'private settlement' for 'easier life'.
Above all a lot less people will die in their custody.

Anonymous said...

well, our officers are sure good at reducing prison population, shooting kids and throwing ppl down from buildings......haha, welcome to a neo-anarchy society!!!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Asalamualaikum kepada pembaca,

tak kira ugama perjudian adalah kegiatan yang merugikan dan akan melemahkan akidah seseorang dan meruntuhkan rumahtangga dan menimbulkan masalah sosial..

saya cina dan sangat setuju dengan PAS supaya di haramkan perjudian , minum , merokok yang tidak mendatangkan faedah.

diharap PAS-PKR-DAP akan konsisten dan menangani kegiatan buruk ini untuk selama lamanya.

Anonymous said...

To ano @ May 13, 2010 5:43 PM.

Of course Malaysians are fools. If not, how to explain why UMNO is still bermaharajalela.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:43pm on 513

Whether Kugan was a crook or an innocent car repocessor (he supposedly went to repossess a cops car). He should have been brought to court and charges filed. Found guilty and jailed. Or if innocent, released. Not beaten to death.

If u r Moslem or Christian, remember what the admonishment for false witness. But interesting, so if u were to find ur wife is pregnant with someone's else child, u will commit suicide. Even though u were to tie the knot that morning.

Aminul knocked or grazed a man's car. His friends who were on motobikes gave chase.
Aminul stopped at a traffic lite, and got hit by one of the motobikes. He panicked and continued speeding. He overtook the cops, perhaps at speed, and the cops gave chase and started shooting. There was no place to reverse and attempt to run the cops off the road.

I hate communists and communism. But Bloody Mahathir agreed to the PEACE agreement and had his henchmen Norian Mai sign the agreement. A contract signed by the government of Malaysia. Now u want to walk away from it. Who will ever trust a Malaysian agreement or contract?

Malaysia is the unique country among Moslem countries in the world where the pre-Islamic word "Allah" is prohibited among non-moslems.
But my Sultan has opined that Selangorians should not use the word, so respecting him, I will refrain from using the word.

Anonymous said...

We must take over the government and clean up the police force. You cannot expect leaders that cover up Altantuya cases where the real mastermind which is Najib cousin Razak still free. Corruption everywhere buying submarine here and there while the rakyat rots.