Friday, May 14, 2010


The PM received a wake-up slap by the Chinese in Kuala Kubu Baru during the recent Hulu Selangor buy-election. He wasn’t taking chances in Sibu and brought along during his second visit millions to buy the Chinese voters in Sibu. This has somewhat incensed the Ibans. 53% of Sarawak's population is comprised of various ethnic groups of indigenous people with Dayak Ibans being the biggest ethnic group at 34% of Sarawak's population.

Pek Moh (Taib) recently gave away Rm$600 to each family of the 246 Dayak long houses in Tanjung Penasu, Btu Burak etc. This is on top of the MRP grant announced to 12 long houses in the same area worth Rm$147,600.'

“Kinda cheap”, said the Whisperer. Small amount to buy 500 votes, To buy 50.000 votes comes to a cool tune of RM14.7M only. That too is less than the RM18million recently given to some beaming School teachers who slavishly obeyed the Home Affairs Minister with the one finger pose.

Over coffe-break this morning I shared a table with a young Iban Lanyau. He had to come away from his longhouse home as household money was not sufficient to sustain an eight member family. He now works in a Bus company and rents sleeping space in boarding house in the inner city. There was anger in his voice despite a disguised calm demeanor. He picked up the Foo Chow dialect and can converse in Mandarin (which of course put me to shame). He has taken 8 days no-pay-leave to help out in the DAP election campaign. I just hope that this selfless sacrifice of his pays off. As we parted to do our bit for the campaign we shook hands.The grip was respectfully firm and it immediately brought to mind the famed Sarawak Rangers motto: Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban Iban words which mean “Fight until Death” literally translated as “As long as your are still alive you fight on”.


Anonymous said...

The Ibans used to rally under "Nyap Sayot" battle cry. This is the time now for them to stay firm on their feet and their ground. If they do not, many would not even have any house to stay because their lands would be converted to oil palm plantation, sooner rather than later. NOW OR NEVER.

Anonymous said...

Najib is very scard of the Sibu's Tua Pek Kong. He dare ot enter teh temple!

The guilt is catching up on him?

Anyway, the people of Sibu please take whatever najib is giving you. BUT just don't vote for BN. Simple!

SameSame said...

Yes he will'donate' millions and they will flock to vote for the corrupted party! Thats the sad part la uncle zorro. By chance DAP wins this time, all hell will break loose in BN camp! If the other way, they wil be roosting their "win"! Ish Ish Ish...BN politics damn dirty la..

A Single Vote said...

Met up with a FooChow friend from Sibu. She was in a real huff but she will be back in time to vote have no fear.

Having been to work on and off in Sibu, I was not surprized at my friend's anger. The people of Sibu has been known to be extremely hardworking and proud of it. And they are a deeply religious lot too. With all their hardwork and faith in their Lord, they have helped to look after each other, especially with contributions to their Chinese schools and we can witness this from the huge halls and school wings named after their contributors. Would you put it past those parasites not to want their names up there as well if they have contributed a ringgit, but no, most of them were FooChow names, one of which belongs to the father of this friend of ours.

The wealth of Sibu is all through the sweat and toil of this hardworking people, and rightfully you are expected to respect this and not come and shamelessly claim credit for it!!!

To have a parasite come with a few million bucks to pretend to assist during a by-election, and have him claim that the government has ALWAYS been assisting these schools all along, can anyone be surprised at a FooChow's disgust? One thing you don't do is borrow a FooChow's backside and stick it where your face should be, you parasite. They will gratefully show you come polling day for this disgraceful act.

You have shamed this proud people by telling everyone that you have been the one looking after the Chinese schools when we all know it has been the FooChows helping themselves, doing what you should be doing. And here you come with a few bucks and expecting gratitude for not doing what is a basic right of the people.

Is it not strange that they claim to look after the Chinese in the towns and totally neglect the shacks next door? And they are asking these poor shackdwellers to support them. Such sincerity. Do not allow them to treat us like fools.

People of Sibu, be proud of yourselves and help us get rid of parasites, so we can all enjoy what is rightfully ours.

Yoda said...

arise people of sibu.... screw umno and supp... reclaim your dignity and your right as malaysian citizens.
show the barisan nasional they are no longer wanted in sibu... sibuans must vote for change for the better!

sampalee said...

Do not trust politician.Why the silence on allah issue during the recent k.selangor by-election.Dap munafiq.In sibu it is a diferrent cerita lah.

semuanya OK kot said...

"household money was not sufficient to sustain an eight member family..."

Everyone must be made a slave of the capitalist economy. Forest dwellers, being almost totally independent materially and culturally, are the biggest threat. Just kick them out and give them a tin hut in town.

sampalee said...

Dap could easily reimburse him the eight days wage.Dap think the rakyat owe them and not the other way round.Are the ybs thankful for the rakyat who put them in office and also secure job with good pay.Who should be grateful to who?Now most pr ybs are arrogant[sama sama with that from bn]

Han said...

Hi Zorro,
Saw you yesterday at the English forum but did not get a chance to shake your hand. Good job you are doing here in Sibu.

For as long as I remembered, Robert Lau Sr has never won the Chinese votes. We have been fighting elections after elections but sadly, have always lose out on the Malay and Iban votes.

The crowd at Rejang Park ceramah tonight is about 2-3k and for Sibu, that is a really big deal.
Hopefully, it will be transferred into votes this Sunday.

zorro said...

Han, it would have been great to meet. I promised to accompany YB Dr Dzul as he was due to speak at Rejang Park. We are on the last lap...get your friends and family to force this change. Keep well Han.

zorro said...

Han, just decided to dedicate next posting to you and all those who will make change in Sibu possible.

flyer168 said...


Thank you for all the updates from Ground Zero.

You are doing great there & do keep up the "Good Fight" to Enlighten & Empower the Sibuans with their "Nyap Sayot" battle cry.

To reclaim their dignity and their right as Malaysian citizens.

Cheers & take care Bro.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Most Ibans will still continue to vote for BN for a few ringgit so they won't feel angry. Period!

najib manaukau said...

The west Malaysia should start looking at ways to become a nation of their own. The Umno cannot continue to steal from them ! The sons of the soil of Sabah & Sarawak can then enjoy 100% benefit of the black gold found in their sea and not just a few percent or crumbs ! Start to kick out the bullies and the corrupted !!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To what's right you must insist
To what's wrong you must resist
When help is needed you must assist
When goal is to be achieved you must persist

Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150510
Sat. 15th May 2010.

Anonymous said...

Wonder i am right to say that this is the test for Chinese (since they are the majority ), whether they are selfish, think of their own survival only or they have a change of mindset now, that is, they want a cleaner and a fairer government for all, for all the ethnic groups?

Take care Zorro and i hope God will bless Sibu !!!

Anonymous said...

If the ibans can unite they are really the kingmaker. If they are satisfied with what they have now is a different story. We will know the result pretty soon.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Do not vote in anger
But do so with wisdom
To avoid the real danger
Of missing God's kingdom

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170510
Mon. 17th May 2010.