Sunday, May 9, 2010


My Blogger friend, Cobbold John of Dayak Nation lamented in his blog:

Banting oh Banting, a little town in Sri Aman, home of 2nd Chief Minister of Sarawak, like Kapit still no road access, after 46 years. why the Ibans still support BN, what a waste? Anybody knows where is Banting?

Briefly the village of Banting is an old settlement of the Iban of the lower Batang Lupar, its most striking landmark is a tall cliff high above Sungai Klauh, now crowned by St. Paul`s church founded by the Rev. W. Chambers in 1853.

The village has twelve longhouses with a population of about 2,000 and has 610 registered voters. It is within Sri Aman parliamentary and Bukit Begunan state constituencies. The surrounding area of exceptionally fertile land supported a large, energetic population of Iban padi farmers. The village is about 30 minutes journey by longboats from Lingga.

The village has great significance by producing Datuk Tawie Sli the second Chief Minister of Sarawak, Residents, District Officers, Senior Police Officers, Doctors, Engineers, graduates teachers and many other senior serving officers in the civil service.

The village has treated water and 24-hour electricity supply, but does not link with a trunk road, otherwise the villagers have no issue to complain against BN government.


Sarawak Bloggers should be able to tell us how many hamlets like Banting have no access road. This would be a favor to the Chief Minister's cement factory. It is accepted that concrete roads are more durable than tarred macadam roads. I am told that the idea behind building more dams is to keep the cement factory running. Building concrete roads would be another business venture/OPPORTUNITY to enrich THE family.

Tomorrow, Fauzi and I will be on a special mission. You will hear from us in the evening.


flyer168 said...


With the Powers that be wanting to "Control & Remain in Power Perpetually", they use the 3M Strategy...MONEY, MACHINERY & MEDIA...

Keep them "PriBumis" in the Dark/ Jungle under "Control"!

Besides if the village people are so used to the Jungle Trails/Paths & rivers...just leave them be, so there would be more $$$ in the Pockets of the "Enlightened Ones".

Thus having Highways for Transportation, Communication, trade, etc would be like "Opening the Pandora's Box" to the "Real World"...

The "One or Two Eyed will always be "King" in the Kingdom of the Blind"

We have to now "Show with VISUALISATION & Inform" the villagers using Videos/Posters, etc on the "Beautiful Towns, Sceneries, Shopping Centres, Family Entertainment outlets, Food Courts, Children's & teen's Sports Playground/Centres, Proper Schools, Proper Healthcare Centres & Hospitals, Skills Training Centres, etc to encourage both the younger & older villagers the "Need" to travel to the other towns & cities.

Also the need for Highway/Roads for the transportation of village goods/fruits/vegetables/etc from their villages to be marketed, etc.

Remember Repeated "High Level Political Rhetorics do not put "Bread on their Table" nor "Excite/Liberate" them into the "Outside World".

Only then will they understand the need for Highways, Roads, etc and will "Demand the NEED" accordingly.

This is one of the ways to "Counter" BN's "short termed" $$$ & Gutter Politics to keep them "Blinded".


Anonymous said...

There's this clown who calls himself Justice4OTK who is going around writing a lot of crap of anyone who opposes BN or that idiot Ong Tee Keat. Well after OTK got screwed by his own beloved MCA, this idiot Justice4OTK had now changed focus and started taking cheap shots at Pakatan Rakyat. He claims that MCA must not leave BN because if MCA leaves, it's place will be taken up by PAS and BN will become extremist. This fucker is just like the rest of the MCA fuckers. Always giving excuses to the fact that MCA is and always will be Umno's lapdog.

What this this bastard does is to take news reports or blog postings of other people and then add his two cents worth of crap to get his myopic point across. When asked why he did not blast his fellow MCA buddy Omar Goh Wei Liang who hero worships the Mamak Tandas Mahataik, he says he does not like to comment on other people's opinion.

When I gave my number and recorded my comment in his Blog for him to meet me face to face, this Pondan and Motherfucker Bo Lampa Tenglan not only did not publish my comment but also had no balls to call me up.

This Pondan Bo Lampa Justice4OTK dare not reveal his identity in his Blog but can call other people crude names.

I'm waiting for you Justice4OTK. If you are man enough call me and we can meet face to face. If you can't muster enough guts you can also call that faggot Omar Goh to come along.

KS Lim

Anonymous said...

One thing you are right about keeping the cement factory going. In Sarawak, projects are mooted based on "need" of the Taib family business. Ap[art from the sole cement manufacturer, they also own steel factory, pre-cast concrete factory, road construction and other major material and services supplies. So you out of the total cost of a project, probably as much as 80% of the cost is channelled into the family kitty. That's why "negotiated tender" will be practised in Sarawak as long as Taib is in power.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't need the road? Maybe they prefer the jungle?

FMZam said...


Why the Ibans support BN? Remember Vietnam War? It's the same persecution and intimidation game of both Vietcong and US army over the population. No different from the Ibans, they may not like the BN but they have to bow to BN because BN do what the Vietcong did to the remote population when US army moved out of the area.

Anonymous said...

Keep the peasants stupid lest they revolt.

Similarly, propaganda can influence them. Blast them 24/7 with ruling party propaganda & sooner or later, it'll get through. Esp. when there isnt any to dispute the propaganda.

Also, strong arm tactics are employed to subdue the non believers / opposition.

Occasionally, ply them with cheap goodies (like tuak) & the ruling party will seem like the caring lord & master.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to education.When people are less educated,they tend to support a corrupted and incompetent government as they are given cash whenever there is an election.

Malaysia is in delimma,to have educated citizen or illiterate citizen ? Current government need lot of illiterate in order to cling on power.When a voter become educated,he or she will reject BN and that is BN' delimma.

Anonymous said...

The Iban want to preserve their way of live without the modern utilities / infrastructure. So please vote the BN for preserving their way of live and vote the rocket if want to depart from their current way of live.

Anonymous said...

Development for you:-
Revenue = RM
Tax paid by you 1.00
From oil revenue 0.20
Total reveunue ....... 1.20

Expenditure =
Our big salary (hee hee) 0.15
Salary for our workers
who will vote for us 0.25
Development + markup for
us (0.90 + 0.20) 1.10
Total expenditure .... 1.50

Deficit = 0.30 to be financed by
G...S...T ...... coming soon.

Still want development ?