Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sarawak Election Watch (SEW) effort to bring SUPP to the debating table stalled because, as claimed, SUPP is busy. I can understand the helter-skelter dilemma of “how much to give, who to give, when to give.”

Debate if you have intellectual courage; you do not debate if you are an intellectual coward.

Debate if you have intellectual empathy; you do not debate if you worship self-centredness.

Debate if you have intellectual integrity; you do not debate if you cling to hypocrisy.

Debate if you believe in intellectual autonomy; you avoid debate when you subscribe to intellectual conformity.

Debate if you have intellectual sense of justice; you will not debate if you are strapped down with party irresponsibility.

Forget about debates. They can only talk MONEY. They bought Hulu Selangor and they are determined to buy Sibu….if the people Sibu lose their pride and allow themselves to be bought.

According to my fellow Blogger, Broken Shield from past experiences, Chinese are not easily attracted to such “goodies”. Such being the case, it is obvious, however, that SUPP cannot depend on Chinese votes alone. That will be disastrous, especially after they revolted against the party in the 2006 State election. So the most important thing is for the party to go all out not only to purchase the votes coming from the Iban, Malay and Melanau communities. As such, they have no time for debates. To them MONEY talks and they are determined that money will talk.

Money is so powerful that it brings proud people down to their knees to sell their birthright, their ancestral land and above all their pride. Will Sarawakians in Sibu continue to succumb to the evil bondage that they are afraid to break away from or will they in the spirit of 2006 muster enough pride and courage to bite off for good the umbilical cord that IS strangling instead of nourishing.

Well, Fauzi and I will be there to bear witness if Sarawakians in Sibu will go down on their knees to sell their birthright and their Sarawakian pride.


Anonymous said...

The Dayaks will be the king maker and the BN knows this. That's why they are going to stuff the tua kampungs' pocket with a lot of cash. And Dayaks in the longhouse always do as they are told by their tua kampung. It's a tough call for DAP.


chewey said...

Uncle Zorro,
Welcome 2 Sibu !!! We need your support more than ever. Bring along your fella Bloggers to ramp up the heat come May 8 - 16. C ya ! Agi Idup , Agi Ngelaban !!

Anonymous said...

But you're forgetting, voting Pakatan is even worst. They are looking over the South china sea, the states under pakatan going backwards and full of fiasco.

What proof pakatan has to show they are the better option ???

Sayang bangsa said...

To cut to the chase, BN will retain Sibu.
Tell Anwar to concentrate on his court case.
Sarawak can never be Pakatan country.

Xavier Lawrence said...

Jus read this...
Saturday, May 1, 2010
To Dato Seri Najib..Our UMNO Boss!
Please explain to us UMNO members why did you allow Ezham Noor to become a senator?
Has he really done so much for UMNO that he deserved that much credit?
By campaigning for BN in the HS elections, he deserves such a reward?
Ariff Sabri your ex Adun pun turun berkempen to find the points and blog for BN in his usual 'bukan bodek' and calling 'a spade a spade' style.
Ramai yang berduyun2 tolong jugak without being paid a single cent petrol money.
Ezham ni dulu bukan ker yang threaten nak expose berkotak2 rahsia kerajaan when he was clinging to Anwar Ibrahim?
Macam2 dia caci kerajaan waktu menyebelahi PKR.
Suddenly, baru saja masuk UMNO, just because he managed to persuade some PKR guys to leave and join UMNO, hes to be rewarded so highly?
Yeah..betul he claims to know of Anwar Ibrahim's secrets and all..but takkanlah give him such a lucrative, important post?
I baru baca somebody's blog...mungkin ker Ezham jadi Timbalan Menteri after this?
You mean to say those who criticise the Government like mad and comment about UMNO's weaknesses from the enemy camp have a better life than those who criticise from within in their sincerest manner?
Politically, you are making most of us UMNO members quietly disillusioned and very disappointed..
Whose idea is this to give Ezham so much credit for HS by elections' victory??
p.s. Looks like all the 'kataks' have a field day nowadays!
No need to be loyal to the party anymore..jump sana, then jump back in, then you jump into a really BIG pot of gold!
And we UMNO loyalists still 'struggle' on...huyung hayang!
And we have to continue being patient?
Tok, you better stop dishing out ridiculous rewards/recognitions to so many 'once a upon a time traitors'!
Its so unfair!
Senang2nya they get so much appreciation.
Don't you realise UMNO has now taken so much 'poison' from the outside??
Thanks Tok Seri..from ahli biasa UMNO Pulau Rusa, Pekan, Pahang.

Oh! Happy Labour Day!
Posted by mamasita at 7:49 AM

Anonymous said...

Xavier Lawrence ,
this is Najib's brilliant politics. He is putting ezam head on with Anwar making Anwar work overtime.
You can't figure this out?? Then you better stop talking politics!!!

Anonymous said...

We malaysians are not interested in whether it is appropriate for Ezam Md Nor to be made a senator by BN government.Infact we are not even interested to know who will be the next PM so long as UMNO/Bn is to continue to be the federal government.We know UMNO/BN is corrupted,incompetent and arrogant.Other than these 3 "traits",we malaysians cannot remember anything about UMNO/BN !

Voters of Sibu has to decide whether they prefer a government which is clean,competent and humble or a government that is full of shit !

Anonymous said...

What a nonsense from the same stint mouth again !


Malays are 'racists', and the rest? Khir's query
By FMT Staff
KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Mohd Khir Toyo is wondering why a Malay is swiftly condemned as a racist while the rest are spared when they champion the interests of their own race.

It's time to send the "gerombolan" away !
Otherwise we will not having a peaceful and progerss MALAYSIA anymore.

Anonymous said...

How would we envision Pakatan ruling any cities/towns in sarawak?

It is true that, the Chinese is the majority race in sibu. But they are made up of the foochows, who have been long ago supporting BN. They are appreciative of what the government has done for them, this is being mirrored by the success of BN since the 1980s.

it is a wishful thinking of the DAP if they think they can win this election. well, they will never can, and never do..

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Toyo,he is one of the corrupted,incompetent and arrogant UMNO mother fucckkers.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Sibu is gangster town! These thugs will do wonders when money is dangled in front of them, including selling their mothers! Anything can happen in Sibu!

Xavier Lawrence said...

Anon 8.51a.m.
I wonder if you know what I posted. Your understanding of the english language is questionable...FYI I dont talk politics..I happen to come across this posting by an UMNO member and thought Uncle's follows might be amused...but I was wrong...they(anon) dont even understand the post let alone be amused...So anon I dont talk politics..You can carry on doing that Sir/Madam Politikus..P.S Please use ur name not jus an anon...shucks...!

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
Why waste time on Sarawak Election Watch (SEW)???
Who's SEW???
SUPP might as well SEW with the Rakyat of Sibu!!!

zorro said...

Charlie, thanks for the concern. It is ok, it is my time I am wasting and nobody elses'. Why you wasting your time here?

zorro said...

Charlie, thanks for the concern. It is ok, it is my time I am wasting and nobody elses'. Why you wasting your time here?