Saturday, May 1, 2010


Labourers shout slogans during a protest in front of the Malaysian embassy in Jakarta, against abuses on Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia. The Indonesian government urged Malaysia to swiftly prosecute abusive employers after an Indonesian maid died and another fled.

Indonesian domestic workers who say they have fled from abusive employers spend their afternoon at a shelter inside the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpu.

Maid abuse has become the latest irritant in a diplomatic spat between Malaysia and Indonesia, as labour groups press for better protection for vulnerable migrant workers. Malaysia is home to some 1.2 million documented Indonesian workers and a further 800,000 who come illegally to escape poverty. About 1,000 maids experience violence and mistreatment in Malaysia annually, Indonesian officials say.





Kamal B said...

As mentioned previously by Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia, the majority of abusive employers comprised to chinese malaysians. We hope that the chinese will stop giving malaysia a bad name to our nusantara neighbours and end their abuse towards our domestic helpers.

If you think i am talking cock, then watch this video from Malaysiakini

Statistics speaks for itself. Chinese are the culprits here!
zorro will most probably deny this posting being a chauvinist himself, but we all heard the ambassador speak his mind on this.

Chinese employers are not only abusive but also make muslim maids cook and prepare pork, deny them of their day off and even make them wash their dogs..
remember nirmala bonat?

It is funny, the chinese housewives do not want maids from china because they fear their husbands will be seduced (saya alot about chinamen loyalty doesnt it?) , and they would prefer indonesian maids, but when they get the maids of their choice, they end up abusing them!
I think the government should stop chinese people from employing indonesian maids, and make it a law that muslim maids are only for muslim households.

Who cares if the chinese husbands cannot keep their little foreskin filled boys in their pants? its not our problem.. they can have their chinese maids and let them cook your bah kut teh for you.
We have to stop abuse of muslims in the hands of this chauvinists who are probably out to seek revenge for all those years of built up anger with their delusion of being 2nd class citizens and the closest they will get to abusing malays 9which is what they would love to do) is to abuse indonesian muslims

And we wonder why chinese were slaughtered en mass during the jakarta 98 riots.

shar101 said...

Watch this as well -

flyer168 said...


Can I share this with you....

Singapore News
11,500 people visit the Istana to celebrate Labour Day
By Claire Huang | Posted: 01 May 2010 1946 hrs

Photos 1 of 1

SINGAPORE: Some 11,500 people visited the Istana on Saturday to celebrate Labour Day.

The grounds was opened from 8.30am till 6pm.

Visitors were treated to performances by bands from Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Pasir Ris Secondary School and Pioneer Junior College.

There was also a performance put up by the PA Talents Hip Hop Group.

President S R Nathan and his wife also mingled with the visitors.

Mr Nathan also hosted a short tea reception for participants of the inaugural Masters in Public Administration and Management programme at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. - CNA/vm

What happened in Bolehland?


zorro said...

Kamal B (Bashir...or something that sounds like this, yah?)
I totally, as a Chinese, agree that most of the abuses were perpetrated by the Chinese. No doubt about this. Yes, capital idea. Indonesians maids for Muslim employers only.Why not Kamal you champion this? Make this your mission. But a kindly advice if you want to take this up: Mission without ACTION is just a hot-air DREAM.Walk your talk ruddy buddy.By the way Kamal, i could not afford Indonesian maids in the 80s, so I had Filipino maids. Faham?

zorro said...

By the way Kamal, Shar101 and flyer168 are muslim friends of mine.

maj (rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

a response for Kamal B, shar101 & flyer168...

I cannot help but feel so disgusted n rotten to the core by the U tube clips u recommended viewing re how mankind (malaysian employers inclusive)deal with others under their employ in their quest for theirs/individual's convenience, comfort security, safety & at the same time their expresions of anger, guilt, luggage etc etc etc.

I may not have an answer to everthing in life but i do know one thing for sure...RESPECT n COMPASSION for mankind n most importantly FEAR OF THE ALMIGHTY (whatever label anyone out there wish to use for his/her Maker ) is certainly ZERO repeat ZERO ZERO ZERO.

Trying to stir shit using religion n race is certainly a NO NO .

I think i m still naive even after passing 60...Kamal B, shar101 & flyer168


Anonymous said...

"Trying to stir shit using religion n race is certainly a NO NO"

Hello, don't bombard this poor Kamal B, the Ridhuan Tee who wants to talk like Malay, appear like Malay but not quite a Malay is the real Master of using religion to divide and incite hatred. He is the ultimate racist, he made UMNO looks so benign.

maj (rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

hi anon may2,2010 4.47

can't disagree with u at all on that one
REPEAT..can't disagree with u on that one.

thx 4 your response

BTW if u r sincerely m honest with what u want said... my humble & naive not hide behind an ID ..anon