Monday, May 3, 2010


FMT reported this today:

A coalition of 10 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are demanding that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak explain allegations that his administration was undermining the professional judgement of media practitioners in the choice of topics, angles and news sources.

Alluding to several incidents including the latest involving ntv7 editor Joshua Wong and TV2’s Mandarin edition editor Chou Z Lam, the NGOs in a memorandum to Najib demanded his assurance that there will be no more meddling in media matters.

Present at the press conference today were representatives from Writers Alliance for Media Independence, Centre for Independent Journalism, Civil Rights Committee of KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Bersih, Suaram, cartoonist Zunar & “Gedung Kartun” Group, Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Centre for Policy Initiatives, Research for Social Advancement and New Era College Progressive Front.

I do not belong to any NGOs but I remember being a founder member of "ALLBLOGS" the National Alliance of Bloggers since its unregistered formation in early 2007. If memory holds good Datuk Ahiruddin Atan is the protem Chairman. Since his recent return back to the Mainstream Media I surmised that AllBlogs is no more, but I read that YLChong of Desiderata referring to AllBlogs as co-organiser of BUM2010. Somebody please clear the mist. Dang, forget it. I am not interested. But if AllBlogs still exist, then you guys need to say sorry to Rocky if you did not invite him to this gathering.

But as a private citizen, I am appending my signature to this PETITION.

Why don't you PRESS FOR FREEDOM and do likewise.

The full scenario HERE.


Anonymous said...

oops, inviting a turncoat?

darn, i wouldnt even touch him with a ten-foot pole.

donplaypuks® said...


My understanding is that CPIA is leading organizing BUM 2010 with YLC's significant & active participation.

I know for a fact that Rocky was consulted, has been invited, kept fully informed of BUM 2010 and is supportive in getting some speakers for the event.

It's my understanding that Rocky is still protem Chairman of ALLBLOGS which is pretty dormant.

Trust that clears some things up!! Cheers!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

nstman said...

Inviting the No 1 cheer leader of the Najib regime is like asking Adolf Hitler to attend Israel's parliament. This guy has lost whatever credibility he has left.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Leave that si gemuk Atan to rot.

I visited his blogs several times and all that's there are his spinning tales of lies. I have stopped visiting.

He is a real idiot ...I do not know him, but, purely by reading what he's got, one can conclude that he is an UMNO ball-licker!!!

He is a walking excrement and a ball of lard!!!

Idris - anti UMNO/APNO Yahudi Israel

Sayang bangsa said...

Who's Rocky? Who's Ahiruddin?
Haha, obviously you all do not know him.
Zorro thought he's a kindred spirit. His kind of man.
No siree. Rocky is a pal of mine- a true-blue Umno supporter.

baDboyzs said...

We have met Rocky once in NPC, when he was on the right side of politics(so we thought)together with shanghai fish, nuraida, RPK etc with esteemed you. How things change so fast so furious. Imagine how many more are becoming dark, even as we write -
the power of Ringgits

We know for a fact that your (so-called) closest comrade in arms today might just become the darth vaders of tomorrow - horrifying thought, just like in the movies...

so Mr Zorro you must do well to watch your back (even when you are sleeping )... Or better still get some real non-political friends ( whatever they are )

politics, race & religion is a damn dirty Game , hope you are fully aware of that

Anonymous said...

Well, the call for change has arrived. The masses are changing aren't they?

Is this not democracy? Let them decide. Just because one fella decides to walk left and the other walks right, it doesn't mean they cannot meet in the middle.

Perhaps it is time to look into the future rather than sulking about the past. Tomorrow can be planned but yesterday is dead and gone!


Anonymous said...

Rocky is not fit to be invited, just because he can be bought over with a simple price !

As a proverb said
"You're not owed respect, Respect is earned"

In another word, respect is not for FREE !

Ben Kenobi said...

there has never been press freedom since this god-forsaken country gained its independence. the then alliance and now barisan nasional has taken control of all press entities, including tv stations to ensure their mind-washing of the rakyat continues.
that is why no one else except bn and its cronies are allowed to set up newspapers and tv stations and even radio stations.
at stake also are thousands of billions in advertising revenues which are used to oil the thousands of machais employed by bn and their cronies. it is one big massive corrupted machine and it brooks no interference in its aims to have a submissive rakyat while bn and their cronies plunder the country of what it is worth...
so what press freedom? there had been none since independence, none now and there will be none in the future.... unless the BN federal govt is overthrown in the next general election.
welcome to the reality of the situation... sure go ahead and protest... it won't make a difference... better still save all your energies and devote it to the next GE to ensure BN loses the federal govt... every vote counts, every sen donated to the pakatan counts too... let's do something concrete rather than protest something that cannot be changed and thus wasting our time and energy.

Sayang bangsa said...

Why do you need press freedom?
Why do you care? You don't read MSM.
Uncle Zorro is ruling the cyber world with half-truths and lies.
He's got the ultimate carte-blance to write what he please.
So there.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You are such a kind and principled man, full of faith and trust for fellow mankind. But I think you have erred by putting your faith in DATUK rocky.

He is now a DATUK and he now has a full time job to spin lies and more lies to promote and support the corrupt and racist regime that rewarded him with his DATUKSHIP. So why do you think he still has time for the National Alliance of Bloggers who are deemed to be the opposition by DATUK rocky's masters?

Sorry Uncle Zorro but facts are facts. Inviting a turncoat is like inviting a thief to guard your valuables.

Anonymous said...

National Alliance of Bloggers are only for opposition / anwarista bloggers?
thats a new one.. i thought it was open to all bloggers..but i guess i was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Speech by Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, during the launch of the Speakers’ Corner today

The Speakers’ Corner fulfills the aspirations of empowering the people by encouraging citizens to exercise their constitutional rights under Article 10 (1)(a) of the Federal Constitution of freedom of speech and .............

Well done ! LGE,
I hope Penang governmnt can start with a fixed place or park (Freedom of Speech's park) which is used by RAKYAT to express his / her opinion(s), or even allowed to debate the government of the day's policies in this park.

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."
George Washington (1732-1799) First President of the USA

Anonymous said...

I USED to read Rocky's blog. I thought he was a man of guts and principled. Someone who cares about Malaysia.

I was wronged about him.

As he is a newspaper man now, I am not expecting him to be pro-Pakatan Rakyat or anti-BN. I am expecting him to report facts and be fair and objective. Let me as a reader decide what to believe and what not to believe.

Sadly, his articles nowadays is so laced with fairy tales that it is insulting to his readers' intelligence.

I can only say, "there goes a man who sold his principles."