Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What follows is the latest posting from my friend Din Merican's blog:




TUESDAY 29 JULY 2008, 11AM

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press.

  1. We meet here today because we, being members of 7 branches of MCA PJ Utara representing more than 1000 members of MCA, wish to do our civic duty to the Rakyat.
  1. We note that MCA cannot remain silent anymore, lest we be accused (if not already accused) of being accomplices to diabolical conspiracies.
  1. In particular, we refer to the medical report widely publicized on the internet by Malaysia Today, malaysiakini and countless other blogs. We had also taken the liberty to check on the comments contained in the medical report dated 28 June 2008 conducted on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the Medical Officer at Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd. Three doctors we have checked with have stated that the comments meant that the results for the alleged sodomy is ‘negative’. They also confirmed that a Doctor can never change a medical report.
  1. Assuming that the said medical report is true – and we call on Hospital Pusrawi to confirm or deny this – then:

    1. We call on the Police, the Attorney-General, the MCA top leadership and the UMNO top leadership to immediately reveal in full all the evidence against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and stop withholding vital evidence and decide to charge, or not to charge, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar should also refrain from making statements that the internet reports on the said medical report were aimed at confusing the people when, in the same breath, he declines to comment on the medical report. Such statements by the Deputy IGP only serve to further the perception that the police is pulling out all stops to withhold evidence crucial to the innocence of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a fellow citizen of our country, while at the same time fabricates, or attempts to fabricate, evidence against a fellow citizen of our country.

    1. This “bogus charge” fiasco is also causing untold damage and hurt to our economy, our integrity as a nation. Daily, we are being compared to countries like Zimbabwe and other countries where despotic rulers reign. We cannot in all conscience be a party to the machinations by executive arms of the government to withhold/fabricate evidence against a citizen of our country.
  1. Therefore, we urge the Police, the Attorney-General and the government to treat all our citizens fairly, with transparency, without withholding of crucial evidence and with the proper application of the rule of law.

MCA PJ Utara Branches:

  1. MCA SS2 Town Centre
  2. MCA SS2
  3. MCA SS4
  4. MCA Taman People’s Park
  5. MCA Gardenia Centre
  6. MCA Taman Mayang
  7. MCA Damansara Baru

Contact Persons:

  • Mr LEE CHONG BENG [Chairman, MCA SS2 Town Centre] at 012-3987851
  • Mr PETER CHEN [Legal Advisor] at 012-6824902


This, my friends, is BIG STAKES three kaki mahjong played along the corridors of power. Its Pakatan Rakyat, MCA PJ Utara, and UMNO.

Earlier today Perak Umno offered the state PAS to team up with it but Perak Mentri Besar snubbed the offer saying, “PAS in Perak will be in Pakatan Rakyat forever and ever.”

Making the offer at a press conference here yesterday, Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali (this dead-wood is thick, I tell you) said the party was even prepared to allow PAS to keep the mentri besar’s post.

It is common knowledge that a similar offer was made by the defeated Toyo days after 8 March....an alliance Pakatan Rakyat said was hatched in hell. It figures so glaringly that UMNO cannot take defeat and they are trying everything in their bag of deceit to clutch at any proverbial straw.


This was posted by Mr Smith in Susan Loone's comment box:

This was posted by Anonymous at Susan Loon’s blog:

Anonymous (14:21:4smilies/cool.gif :


I would like to write the following statements in the name of GOD whom I believe.

I am a goverment doctor in the rank of consultant working in hospital Kuala Lumpur. I know personally the doctors who examined Saiful on that day -28 June 2008.

The so called medical report mentioned in the NST is a fabrication or imagination by the UMNO paper. There is no such medical report submitted to the polis yet.

When examine Saiful, the specialist could not find any signs of Saiful being sodomised. Saiful was very cheerful, unlike real sodomised patient who will usaually very sad and disturbed.

Saiful was subsequently admitted to the ward and observed for a day.
He was completely well in the ward and not emotionally disturbed.

Please let RPK know of this.



If you missed DSAI's Press Conference this morning, it is here.


donplaypuks® said...

You forgot to include in the resolution the immediate sacking of the following and their being charge with Conspiracy To Frame DSIA & Pervert The Course of Justice:-

1. Rosmajib
2. Sighful
3. Minister Magoo
4. Auntie 'Pet'
5. I Raja Polis
6. Deputy I Raja Polis
7. All The IO's
8. All I Polis Raja involved in P.Bala's 2nd SD

This should be followed with the resignation of the entire BN Govt and a call for fresh elections on 16th September which will be poetic justice for all!!
refer to 'anwar inrahim - j'accuse at http://donplaypuks.blogspot.com

nstman said...

What a joke. We know for a fact that everything from the allegations to the MCA thingy can all be linked through a money trail. Right up to those who write it and those who publish it. This is shit. Let's eat it and die.

donplaypuks® said...

If the 2nd MR is non-existent then the CONSPIRACY THEORY is 200% proven involving Rosmajib, I Raja Polis & I Polis Raja. This is dynamite enough for LKS to immediately table a vote of no confidence against Rip Van Winkle and BN Govt.

For the moment I give the benefit of the doubt to Ganesh Patel, AG.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...something good did come out of Umno-Pas unity talk after all. It lends bravery and it is now open mutiny season. Good...Excellent. Challenging view is a step towards intelligence. Running dog no more. w9

Anonymous said...

zorro, one of them is the 'chicken doc' lah !

zorro said...

Chicken Doc is Bukit Bintang Division Chief by one vote.

Old Fart said...

"We are doing our best and we need the cooperation of all quarters concerned,"

That was what the Deputy IGP is quoted to have said.

Now, how do I even think of giving any co-operation when they already had the first Medical Report and they knew what it said. After all they did admit that they had -ok la- interviewed the Burmese Muslim Doctor. And yet, ignoring it, and without telling the public the doubt that this medical report had cast, they went ahead with buloclava wrapped cops way laid and roughly pushed and shoved Anwar into their car to be arrested like a common criminal and had him stripped to be measured!!

The Malaysian cops have shown their true hands for the world audience to mock at and laugh at. Our police are a bunch of idiots and morons who are worse than the cops featured in tamil movies. But then even that is not so bad. It is not a crime to be an idiot or a moron. But what is it when you deliberately choose to ignore the truth and proceed to persecute?

The shame of this nation is not only the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia...but they are not... they are Polis UMNO Yang Raja Malaysia..but also all the UMNO MPs who are commenting at this time and the BN Ministers who are just trying so hard to make something stick.

Actually for a while there, maybe about two months ago or so when it was a little quieter, there might have even been some element of sympathy for the BN. But now...ah...no way man.

Maverick SM said...

Bro Bernard,

I was extremely surprised by the statement from that medical consultant. This should be another SD.

Anyway, great posting; I was trying to get the press statement from the MCA PJ Utara and I found it here. Thanks.

People said...

Ask MCA PJ Utara to tell this to Liow Tiong Lai!

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

" therefore we 'URGE'(=beg) the polis,ag & the gmen to treat ...bla..bla...!"

these mca chickens should use " we WANT the polis......" lah ! balless lot !

delCapo said...

If u r a neutral by-stander.. what will u think?
1) Damaging evidence to the accuser's case surfaced
2) The accused is closed to a by-election, which he will win
3) Cops & gomen threaten people not to interfere...while
4) Home minister tells cops to hurry up
5) Health ministry makes public statement about the case, obviously siding the accused...
6) Accused is promptly charged...

HELLO!!... a bit obvious, ain't it????
If u r gonna conspire.... at least write a better script lah!!!

jasgill said...

Talking of Polis UMNO Yang Raja Malaysia just read this from NST 29 July and decide if the police are literally getting away with murder......... And will the AG now charge the cops involved?
Woman sues Government over son's death wins


The High Court here today awarded damages to a woman who sued the police and the government for negligence over the death of her 19-year-old son while in police custody in 2003.

Justice Datuk Abdul Wahab Patail ruled that the defendants had failed to comply with the case management direction from the court.

Justice Wahab made the decision after the defendants failed to produce the affidavits and submissions as ordered by the court.

(Yeah when it does not suit them they will likely do that, Mr Justice sir!)

“In the circumstances, the court enters judgment for the plaintiff, general and special damages to be assessed by the Deputy Registrar of the High Court,” he said Justice Abdul Wahab.

With the decision, besides the damages, Tamil Selwee, a housewife, also succeeded in her claim for four declarations, namely that the death of her son, M.Ulaganathan, while in police custody on July 21, 2003, was caused by the Royal Malaysia Police and that Ulaganathan’s death was caused by their breach of statutory duty, recklessness and gross and wanton negligence.

On July 17, 2006, Tamil Selwee, 50, filed a suit seeking the four declarations and damages, claiming that her son’s death while in custody at the Kajang district police headquarters was caused by police negligence.

She named the Inspector-General of Police, Selangor police chief, Kajang OCPD and the Malaysian government as defendants.

She said in her statement of claim that her son was well on May 12, 2003, but when she visited him at the police lockup on May 23 he was sick, could not walk properly, had swollen eyes and bruises and complained of having no appetite, She said she again visited her son a week later and found him still in a bad condition and he died on July 21 the same year.

The defendants, in their statement of defence, admitted that the police had detained Ulaganathan at the Kajang police station but denied that his injuries were caused by their negligence.

They said that throughout the time he was in their custody he was in good health and did not show any signs of sickness which required treatment by a doctor and that he also did not ask to be taken to see a doctor.

So, I suppose he must have died from self inflicted injuries. Guess the expert in that is TDM and I wonder why they could not get him to give expert testimony to exonerate the bloody cops. Don't hold your breath to see any cops being prosecuted. Probably one of them involved will one day be the PIG (Police Inspector General). Reading about this just makes me sick

Mr Bernard, long time not been to comment on your postings. May the many malts that you down continue to give you strength to face the vile and viscious enemies of Malaysia. Good day and best wishes to you today.

Anonymous said...

Hi donplaypuks,
Please do not sully the name 'Ganesh' with that of the useless AG pigtail. This useless Pigtail and the PIG are nothing but running dogs of the BN mafia.

GobloKing said...

How come one does not know or is aware if one has been buggered or not?

I mean..wouldn't you know?

Anyone who's ever had to shove a suppository (waxed medical "bullet") up one's arse feels it and KNOWS it - even for a few minutes!

Saiful doesn't KNOW because ..
- he was drugged?
- The pe(n)epetrating agent was smaller than a suppository?
- Miracle of miracles!! There was no tear in the anal tissue?

In Any case, I am glad SOME MCA members choose not to be running dogs anymore..so however they have put their demands, they have asked for transparency

And now for the big news:
Can medical reports be changed ??

I dunno 'bout you folks but this is Malaysian Boleh, kan? YOU go Figure!

From someone who was asked by a "kind" officer when I had to redo a lost ic. He offered FREE of charge if I would like 2years taken off my age. I declined because I asked for 5 years off to make it worth my crime. :)

alvin lee said...

i salute all the members of the MCA PJ Utara 7 branches for having the guts to speak out.

Unfortunately, many on the top are still running dogs.

TheWhisperer said...


All that and we have Botak calling to Act agaist those who leaked that medical report.

WTF!! Can't believe this is happening here. Barking up the wrong tree hoping to sway people's attention away from the real problem tree.

Are we that stupid? Maybe their kind is..

Anonymous said...

why do we have to believe this

Anonymous (14:21:4smilies/cool.gif :

It could be anwar himself writing this bogus confessions

anybody can write this, At least please include some technical medical analysis to make it sound real.

Even if its true, we have to discard because of lack of credibility.

Maybe Anwar wants to use this piece in court,

Anyway, whoever think the report, medical note to be exact, is the defining evidence to vindicate Anwar, it's totally premature.

Only a thorough forensic investigation can establish a case. Plus, the private medical practice has no authority to conduct cases which may fall under criminal investigation.

interestingly, this medical note contradicts Anwar's claim of a conspiracy. Why would visit an unbeknownst doctor which then refer him to HKL.

The conspirator must be so dumb to f@#k-up this crucial step.

The panicked "victim" that ran into hiding at turkish embassy must be even dumber.