Thursday, July 31, 2008


Whilst Blogger "Donplaypuks) dreamt about 'Dallas' I had my share of dreams too. I dreamt that Annuar was going to be charged in court, no matter what, and Zakee, UMNO blue-eyed boy was going to prosecute and also play judge. Of course Zaid Ibrahim banged table and kicked up a racket and threatened to resign. Thank God it was just a bad dream . According to Malaysia Insider's exclusive, the files fell onto the Solicitor General's lap, one Datuk Idrus Harun, currently unknown, an anonymous name in Malaysian legal circles. But Datuk Idrus Harun has one of the toughest jobs in the country — he is going through the investigation papers prepared by police officers and is slated to lead the prosecution team if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is charged with sodomy." A commentator Anak Java provided MI with a resume of the SG here.Click comment box.

I am taking this liberty to post some of the comments from MI for the benefit of my readers:

sodomy charge plain rubbish
written by observer, July 31, 2008

A sodomy charge is plain rubbish given the findings in the first medical rpt where Saiful told Dr Osman that he was assaulted by a person who inserted a 'plastic' into his anus. That is crystal clear as night follow day. If Anwar is the person who assaulted Saiful, then the most that he could charge Anwar is causing voluntary hurt under section 319 Penal Code which says, ' whoever causes bodily pain to any person is said to cause hurt'.

I think the Investigating officer who recommended sodomy charge is plain stupid and vindictive. They are not investigating but framing up charges.

I hope the good Solicitor General will not be cowed by the uMNO Politicians and decide based on law and evidence.

Good luck to the SG. You will be permanently an SG if you decide there is no case to proceed but will be destined for greater heights if you decide there is enough evidence to prosecute Anwar for a sodomy charge. A sodomy charge will obviously keep Anwar preoccupied with proving his innocence and divert his attention in taking over the Govt. Given the scenario, that is what Umno ministers want and wished. they don't really care if Anwar is found eventually not guilty. Just keep him occupied and divert his attention.

written by black crow, July 31, 2008
Imagine if the SG is brave enough and do not charge DSAI but instead proffered charges against those who fabricate evidence ... Malaysia will be so proud! Will you Solicitor General, sir, do it?

Prima Facie case or not?
written by huang siew hock, July 31, 2008
Is there a prima facie case against Anwar ? Several questions arise.

1. Why is it that GHKL report is the accepted version?
2. Why can't the first medical report be accepted as true?
3. Do you need a specialist who studies the anus to know whether there is any penetration?
4. Did anything happen between 2.00 p.m. ( when the first medical examination was done ) and 6.00 p.m. ( when the second medicaL exaimantion was done ) ?
5. Is it possible that something was done during the interval of 4 hours to look like penetration was done ?
6. WHY was Anwar's case taking preference over the Lingam case where six persons of stature were to be investigated ?
7. Were the cases handled during the two Chief Justices of GREATER importance than Anwar's, taking into consideration that SEVERAL people and Companies had SUFFERED mentally and financially?
8. Is it true that Anwar is a threat to the PM, DPM and BN and hence his case should take preference over other serious cases of INJUSTICE?
8. Are BN leaders getting jittery as 16 September draws nearer and nearer ?
9. Why was the Private investigator missing after his second SD?
10. Why was the Police so efficient as to track him down the very next day while so many KIDNAPPED children are still missing and untraceable?
11. Why did Bala tell his nephew that he could not "talk freely" ? Was he under threat ? Or did he fear that he might be blown up if he ever appear?
12. How as it possible for his three children to obtain PASSPORTS that same night ( assuming they did not possess them earlier ) ?
13. How could Bala and his family SUSTAIN the high cost of staying OVERSEAS ( assuming they are overseas ) ? Or were they paid off hamsomely?
14. How was the Mongolian's cousin's immigration record deleted ? Who deleted it ? Who gave the order ? WHY was this point not pursued by either the Prosecution or the Defence ?
15. HOW did the AG KNOW in advance that there were only THREE persons involved in the death of the Mongolian lady when the case was STILL under investigation ?
16. The blogger RPK made serious allegation on the internet. WHY didn't the Police do a PROFESSIONAL job as they claim by INVESTIGATING the allegations? WHY didn't the police send truck-loads of MASKED men and arrest those people implicated as they did to Anwar ?

A lot of questions need HONEST answers; and we need the Scotland Yard to look into them and give an IMPARTIAL report--- Check THOROUGHLY whether the allegations are TRUE or FALSE. If False, let the public know. If true, let the public also know.

We Malaysians want an HONEST, IMPARTIAL probe into ALL cases, and not just a selective few. JUSTICE is BLIND and must remain blind. JUSTICE knows no colour or creed or religion or position.It must never be cock-eyed! Let the WHOLE WORLD know that we are capable of being FAIR or HONEST!

What are we afraid of if we are clean and honest and just ?

It boggles the Mind..
written by Lang, July 31, 2008

I have two questions for the Prosecutor :-
1) How is it physically possible for an old weak back-pained 61 year old man to force himself on a 23 year old youth the size of king-kong? Karate Chop? Black Magic or Hipnosis, what power does Anwar has over Saiful to make him "surrender" like a lame duck, can't saifu ran?? or just stand up ?? ha ha baloony !!
2. If Anwar is charged why Saiful goes free? Isnt Saiful a willing partner in crime? 8 times he said? baloony !

This is indeed a laughing matter. Famous peoples like Boy George, Elton John should be arrested upon entering Malaysia? Why the hundred of transvestites you see on the streets not arrested and put to jail for 20 years? the proof is easy.. just get KLH Specialist. Baloony !!.. Why Anwar Only... why? if this is not conspiracy what is? Please dont waste Taxpayers Money on this case, go after druglords, diesel thieves, murderers, corrupt officers, gangs... not this ass thing..goodness me !!





a malaysian in riyadh said...

A very persuasive argumnet. Let's hear the opposing view, if any.

Anonymous said...

Ayaah! No need to talk lah, uncle... we alredy know what the answer will be lah..guilty until proved innocent..that is the Malaysian way mah..

artic turban said...

Bernard, this has been bugging me for a while, from way back the time that DSAI was charged the first time for sodomy. If Anwar has been a sodomite, wouldn't this have come out into the open with rumours and poison pen letters, (knowing umno's style of backstabbing) in his rise to asscendacy in UMNO, all those years ago when he took on ghafaar baba. why only in 1998? PREFERRANCE for anal sex does not grow overnight it starts with childhood/PUBERTY, now all the time DSAI was climbing never has there been any such accusations why only when he took on Mahathir? any comments?

zorro said...

Anon 9:18pm.
Ayaah! No need to talk lah, uncle... we alredy know what the answer will be lah..guilty until proved innocent..that is the Malaysian way mah..

Sorry. But it is people like you hanging on to this attitude that has messed up this country. Guilty until proven innoncent. Who brought you up with this concept? It is people like you who accept this shit and indoctrinated your kids with this same type of shit that has messed up this country. You are fucking take the easiest path of resistance. You do not confront. You close both eyes and allow your Chinese(?) racism to dictate. Dont come into my site with your shit. Don't ever.

zorro said...

Actic Turban, my mudia, spot on. Post 1998 and after DSAI came back into publ;ic life....if he was thus inclined and with the money that UMNO is able to come up with, dont ou think the worms would have come out of the woodwork. If Anwar was thus inclined, dont you think that there would have been a long queque? How come things are developing only when he wants to form a new govt.? Dang, if anwar really did me, I would claim my millions. If I did not, I am a mere vegetable trying to be a man.

Edward Skading said...

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artic turban said...

TRUE BERNARD SO BLOODY TRUE, if his homosexualty was from puberty, where have all his multiple parners been hiding??? AND I agree with you comment as per regarding anon, some people will be couch potatoes and complain the most but will do fuck all. have worked with so many of these morons. On my part when i was converted/ opened my eyes to blogs way back then in 2003 through mgg pilai and from there onwards to rpk's malaysia today, at that time I was working in the inner circle of people related to the highest pillars of office, namely najib, the amount of stories I heard, blew mind, najib even had a gathering in 2003/4 in pahang, by calling all his relatives,clansmen and women and asked for their support to help him get the dpm position, and you have to understand these are very powerfull people, families and off springs of two powerfull families, namely razak (the father and hussein oon) it was going well for him they were willing to help, but for one minor point, practically everyone hated rosmah.
lets put it this way, this is a very vengefull, petty, greedy, uncouth, and totally sombong habis person. (edit this if you want not necessary to invite unnecessary lawsuits) but whlist working with these group of relatives, what i saw and what was printed in msm were 2 totally different scenarios. it was a feeding frenzy.
But to their benefit there were 1 or 2 of these connected people who actually had a conscience and commented, how long will the other races allow all the feeding frenzy to continue, it has to come to a head one day. Well I left in 2006 and have never looked back. When you are a little bit older it is hard to re-adjust to living here, but my children are thriving, and thats what counts. there is a law here as per regarding racial discrimination, if I were to feel i am being discriminated against, i can file a report and action will be taken. In the working environment, I have never found discrimination eventhough I may be considered a little eccenteric in my working style, but I don't care as I am in the top range in my field. till than bernad take care and god bless.

intan zura said...

i agreed with you
saiful is too strong to kick DSAI
stupid saiful...
he just put a shame on himself and his entire life

donplaypuks® said...


In May 2007 I wrote a satire on this sudden, inspired and instantaneous discovery of DSAI's bisexuality, after he had been charged in 1998.

It's amazing how they apparently got one of his ex-teachers at MCKK to cast aspersions on his character.

Our Jedi Masters have learnt well on the art of SPINDOCTORING from frequent trips to Cuba, Libya, Iran,Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria & Moscow et al!!

Showing posts with label Rama Maha Firaun Darthvader Jedi Sith 1. Monday, 14 May 2007

Anonymous said...


dont know whether this is true. under penal code, oral sex (even between consenting adults) is an offence. apparently, singapore has just drop this as criminal but malaysia still maintains this legacy from the victorian days.

correct me if i am wrong. if oral sex is criminal, why wasnt Dr Chua charged? Is it because he is from the BN?

Sing Lau said...

> Very disgusting!!!
> >
> > Dear Friends
> >
> > Before you read this article, please remind yourself
> to be cool. Do calm
> > down. Do NOT let your blood pressure go up
> unnecessarily.
> >
> > Ensure a family member of friend or colleague is
> around you. If you
> > collapse due to a heart attack, someone may be able to
> save you.
> >
> > Be Warned. Are you ready?
> >
> > If you are really piss off, please do yourself a
> favour. Email this article
> > to everyone you know including your enemies.
> >
> > Pak Lah and His Cronies Screwed Us Again!
> >
> > 16 06 2008
> >
> > ECM Libra FInancial Group Berhad has a stake in Pos
> Malaysia Berhad
> > (PMB)
through it's acquisition of Avenue Capital
> Resources in 2006.
> >
> > That deal left a bitter taste in the mouths of those
> knowledgeable in
> > the financial world as it was a clear case of
> insider's trading.
> >
> > Note that Khairy Jamaluddin was a Director of
> Investment in ECM Libra
> > in 2004 before he tendered his resignation after this
> infamous
> > debacle.
> >
> > However, Pak Lah's closest crony, Dato' Seri
> Kalimullah is currently
> > the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ECM Libra.
> >
> > Recently, PMB was given the job of giving out the cash
> rebates to
> > replace of fuel subsidy. It is quite odd on why JPJ
> was not given
> > this role but instead it was given to a postal service
> company.
> >
> > Instead of the more
efficient and more relevant job
> function of the
> > JPJ, these cash handouts responsibility were thrusted
> into the
> > already mountainous variety of services PMB had to
> handle.
> >
> > The only defence that Pak Lah might see the
> appropriateness of this
> > move is the many branches of post offices nationwide
> which the public
> > can easily have access.
> >
> > But now, let's see how Pak Lah and his cronies get
> extra money out of
> > this purportedly 'for the rakyat' act of
> selflessness.
> >
> > For every transaction, PMB will get 10 sen commission
> on every RM10
> > of that RM625 and RM150 (for cars and motorcycles
> respectively).
> >
> > That means, for every transaction, PMB will get RM6.25
> for cars and
> > RM1.50 for motorcycles in the
form of transaction
> fees.
> >
> > There is about 11 million cars and 8 million
> motorcycles in this
> > country at the moment. Let's do the math :
> >
> > RM6.25 x 11 millions = RM68.8 million (for cars)
> >
> > RM1.50 x 8 millions = RM12 million (for motorcycles)
> >
> > A cool total of RM81 million for the whole exercise
> per year.
> >
> > Even if we use pareto principle and apply the 80/20
> ratio, RM65
> > million (80% out of RM82 million) would still fall in
> their hands.
> >
> > And this does not include the commission from RM200
> subsidy to be
> > given to each fishermen in the country!
> >
> > With RM117 million already paid out during the first
> day, I wonder
> > how much PMB will collect by March 2009.
> >
> >
This role was given to PMB and not JPJ because PMB is
> a public listed
> > company (read: profit oriented) while JPJ is
> government owned entity
> > (read : no cost to public).
> >
> > It's even funnier that those who own cars 2,000cc
> and above were told
> > to claim their RM200 rebate from the JPJ, not PMB.
> >
> > Why is this? Well, there are not many people with cars
> above 2,000cc
> > in Malaysia anyway.
> >
> > And JPJ do not impose any fees.
> >
> > This cunning way of trying to 'help' the poor
> while at the same time
> > enriching one self is very much prevalent in Pak
> Lah's
> > administration.
> >
> > What's worse, they are emptying the nation's
> coffers (from the
> > Treasury) in the form of cash rebates and transfer a
> percentage
of it
> > into their own pockets (through fees paid into PMB and
> ultimately
> > into ECM's bank accounts).
> >
> > And that my friends is how the poor get screwed to
> help the rich get
> > even richer!
> >

EdiÁ•ě said...

The timing of Azizah Resignation is perfect towards Anwar accusation!

IF Anwar lose the Pemantang Pauh Seats! That would be the NAIL in the coffin for Public Trust in Malaysia System!

artic turban said...

whatever happens its awin-win situation for keadilan, let say now, DS wan azizah has resigned, and anwar wins the mp position but gets charged and fined rm 3000,or put behind bars,therfore disqualifying anwar, but the blight on the bn an umno machinery will be terrible, as a lot of malays will abandon umno, than there has to be another bi-election and wan azizah competes back, whicever way it goes it is sound strategy on keadilan's part.

Anonymous said...

what ! BN is wasting another 100
juta on by-elecion refusing a walkover to dsai !....@#$%^&*...!