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SAJ said...

I will walk all the way with you Zorro Anak Bangsa par excellence.

Time to organise ourselves for the Revolusi Mental! After all Bangsa Malaysia is a state of mind - a predisposition to perceive and act as patriots not RACISTS!

We can do it!

donplaypuks® said...

It's amazing you know Mickey Yap who has been sem-retired the last 10 years after making a bundle in the property market, Raymond a banker and Shubon who is a dentist.

All 3 were in F5 of 1970 with me at VI as was Mokhtar Dahari who had to fight for his place in the Football 1st 11 !! No one asked for or relied on quotas.

Yes, those were the halcyon days we long for and it ain't gonna be this BN Govt, which will do a deal with the DEVIL to cling on to power to continue with its racist and corrupt ways to totally destroy Malaysia, that's going to unite all of us.

We have God on our side. Of this I am 100% sure.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...


I was your student in the mid-sixties. Then, I agree with you how passionate we were as true MALAYSIANS. Period.

Yes, I will stand before our 26million citizens and vouch how you and your fellow teachers taught us about co-existence as ONE bangsa - truly MALAYSIA.

Now why the hell are our politicians, after 50 years screaming for RACE BLOOD?

These diabolic politicians are ruining all that we built since Merdeka.

What use is it to celebarate 51 years of toil when these politicians can get away so easily with race politicking?

Yes. All these must stop. We need a BLUE CHIP LEADER who can lead us to march onwards with our demands for a ONE nation, ONE bangsa Malaysia.

Anything otherwise is tantamount to buggering this country to the dogs.

The government if it is truly a government by the people, for the people and with the people, then it should seize and imprison all those who cry for race blood.

I now throw this challenge to our PM. If Mr. PM you cannot do it, then do not waste more of the rakyat's money calling for 'celebration' -- for there is nothing to celebrate when race and color is the brokering chip within your ranks.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I am proud to call myself as Malaysian, proud to be in a multiracial country. Yes, I am Malaysian, we all love Malaysia, this is our only country. However, now, grown up, hearing Malay treating other races as outsider, country leaders bringing up racial issues to protect their own power etc, do I still consider myself as a Malaysian. One of my HK friend told me, "you call yourself Malaysian?? but they are not treating you as their citizens" Why oh why, Now I can't even proudly tell my international colleagues, friends that I am Malaysian. Malaysia success today is not built by just Malay or Chinese or Indian or other real bumiputra, but by everyone. Why we need to diffentiate between you are Malay and I am Chinese, you have the damn right and I need to shut up. Bangsa Malaysia, it's a dream that we are not edging towards, but is getting farther and farther away.

Birds Talking said...

Agreed Zorro,

Wondering why is it so hard for ALL Malaysians to be Malaysians? Are they scared of something?
We all pay TAXES do we?

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking Too

audie61 said...

I am with you on this. If you read my article on July 12th Rat race,Dawning of a new era,you will know where Its coming fromand where I'm heading. Just for your info eventhough Im a divisional chief in PRS (BN oops) I have at least 11 ethnic races and we all are 1 as malaysians(Sarawakians sorry bernard)Its beautiful here in sarawak. Pay us a visit and ill show you around. Ask francis seah or Tony Thien of Malaysiakini, Don't worry we fight for Bangsa Malaysia. When I was in england there ask me Who am I? I say Malaysian Proudly.Sarawak racial intonations not serious but needs to be addressed or else it will also blow out of proportion. I'm of mixed parentage and my wife is a dayak.great isn't it.Malaysian race bah!

Edi神 said...

Politics are never about the Rakyat! Is always about power!

old fart said...

Bernard old chap, I think any Bangsa Malaysia with sound and sensible mind will be with you. For the life of me, I can't understand why do they have to hate us so much. What have we, the so-called minorities of this country, have done to the Malays in the last 50 odd years, to warrant such constant racial and degrading treatment. Haven't we contributed to the nation building, haven't we paid enough of our taxes, haven't we chosen to remain in this land where we were born and raised, and live among all races without qualms and complaints??? Hey, loyalty to a country comes from the heart, not by waving flags and attending celebrations. When you are treated fair and equal, loyalty will come strong and hard, but if you are treated as second-class citizen, well then, bugger you, why should I be loyal to the country that doesn't treat me right!

lee said...

Now, heres what i dont understand. If UMNO were really sincere, why dont they offer to merge with PAS in the states where they control! and give up the Mentri Besar-ship to PAS. Say in Johor, Negri, Trengganu , Melaka or Pahang?

Why does it have to be in states held by Pakatan? states like Perak and Selangor ??? Why? Why??? Why??? Why???

You can tell here its because they want to create a backdoor opening back into power, PAS should ask those UMNO dogs to join up first in those states and ask UMNO dogs to give them the Mentri Besar post and see what happens……those UMNO dogs will laugh in their faces!!!!!

they will never give up their own states, wake UP PAS!!!!!

artic turban said...

My friend working in the chartered bank is really pissed off because all his cultural thingies have been hijacked. YES folks MR. BIG, STRONG and Friendly is angry, he is quoted as saying, you know this particular race were first insulting us and calling us names,
Now LOOK AT THEM, bloody morons, no originality at all, bloody copycats.
First they copied our music and changed it to their language, than their women started copying our lady-folks clothing style, even to the head scarf, than their men joined the bandwagon, started wearing TURBANS, AND GROWING BEARDS AND MUSTACHIOSS (piss-tachio?), started herding cows and goats, hijacked our hockey & cricket, so much so that our countrymen have boycotted these games, NOW THEY HAVE THE BLOODY AUDICITY TO HIJACK OUR NATIONAL PAST TIME, MAIN BELAKANG….. AND THEY ARE CREATING WORLD NEWS… and than you have them saying that they are bumiputras’ son of the soil…. hoi try being original for a change lah, don’t copy others, they even try to copy the AH CHONGS' and attempt to become businessmen, I said ATTEMPT, end result all go bust. hai yah find something you are good at-lah stop copying others, you are making a mockery out of yourselves, was in singapore lately, they are rolling on the ground laughing at the antics of these people, try to be holier than thou, but they are not. HIGHEST rate of domestic rape/ incest, highest rate of corruption, highest rate of underachievers with scholarships, with gpa of 1.2 very normal. it is a shame this country with boundless bounties is being
turned into another bankrupt nation. ANY NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS? what a waste. On top of that we have morons leading the govt. everytime they open their mouths what do you get, RUBBISH…The term GIGO comes to mind

artic turban said...

WHICHEVER SPIN YOU WANT TO PUT ON THIS, whether he is arsehole specialist or normal GP, the bottom-line is simple, this guy is a doctor who specialised umpteen donkey years getting a medical degree, on top of that, he has practised for another umpteen donkey years, so don’t tell me he can’t tell the difference between a torn arse and a normal arse. SO BOTTOMLINE HE IS QUALIFIED TO DIAGNOSE AS HE HAS THE WORKING EXPPERIENCE AND YEARS OF EDUCATION BEHIND HIM. TO PUT IT IN LAME MAN TERMS very simple. here is an example. your car petrol consumption is very high so you go to your car mechanic at his workshop, now that workshop will not hire the mechanic if he was useless (unlike our umno wallas), so he checks out you car and he tell you, mr. sinfull saifool there is nothing wrong with your car, having checkED the fuel intake, injection system, exhaust, plugs, tyres and all related even noted you recently washed your car, so the problem could be (and he doesn’t want to insult sinful he is thinking to himself, either somebody is siphoning petrol, your foot is too heavy on the petrol, always stuck in jams, uncle pet is using the car without sinful saifool’s knowledge) tells sinfool he can go get a second oppinion.
So not being satisfied sinfool calls up his friend pedrom the friendly law… abiding car salesman, who recommends his mechanic..vely2 good wan lah, so sinful saifool goes see this mechanic, who claims the car is no good, better get a new car- go see pedrom he will give you a good deal!!!! ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION WHO GAINS, in this case pedrom will gain.

Now coming back to dr. osman, a person who did his job honestly with umpteen years of working experience comes to the conclusion, this is a put on job, he has taken an oath to heal and not hurt people. so this person may only be a GP but he has a degree and working experience to back his diagnosis. p.s. he wouldn’t be working in the private hospital if he wasn’t good.
Unlike some moron we know, who HAs A B.A. DEGREE IN AGAMA, who claims to be economic specialist, banking specialist, criminal law expert, dna specialist when in reality he is a talk kock king, sleeping specialist. so what do you expect, even the name says it all…BODOHWI. LOL and the other moron the bald-eagle haba-haba albar, mr. sandman, mr lose pedra branca genius (who by the way is being sued by another umno goat). if a randy goat were to come and hump him he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, he’s too dense and dumb. POOR MALAYSIA BEING LED BY DUMB AND DUMBRERER.

Nostradamus said...

Q49. Race and Religious supremacy are preached by satans. (True or False)
Ketuanan bangsa dan ugama adalah dikutbah oleh syaitan. (Betul atau Salah)

Answers at
Jawapan di

Old Fart said...

That Old Fart (July 30, 2008 10:49 PM) is not me.

Never mind. Anyway, the only time I feel and am recognised as Malaysian is when I am overseas. Come back to Malaysia and I am become an Indian once again.

The way UMNO is pushing it, I shall soon be alien.

conscience said...

When Tunku Abdul Rahman our first PM introduced the Merdeka football tournament, we, used to gather in groups with all different races to watch the games. We used to cheer our country Malaysia, until our throats sored. Never in a slightest moment, race came to our minds...only for the country. I am afraid this show of patriotism is lacking now. Sad that the Umno led govts in later years, were not seriously encouraging all races to think as one....Malaysians

MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be with you Cikgu!

You can count on Mahaguru58 to be right there with you!

Hidup Hidup!

Hidup Rakyat!

To Hell ! To Hell!

To Hell with apartheid!

Anonymous said...

Time to promote an all-malaysian united front.

svllee said...

Dear Uncle Zorro, I hear your cry loud n clear. Unfortunately the Bangsa Malaysia is just a state of mind and hence sways with politicians if it helps their cause. Unless it is written into the Constitution that all persons born in the country are called Malaysian / BM and political parties changes to non race-based entities then only we can move forward. All other concepts will not work be it in art, industry, legal definitions, social initiatives etc unless a concerted effort by all sectors can be mobilized together. Maybe we can motivate all to celebrate a BM month or year. I am trying with the Malaysians book to celebrate diversity with one unifying aim as a Malaysian race. Maybe your readers have others ideas. The United Colors of Malaysia initiative can be the catalyst ..

donplaypuks® said...


This is sensational:

"SAC II Rodwan Met Saiful 3 Days Earlier in Room 619 Concorde Hotel, KL!!"

RPK at M2Day at

artic turban said...

sorry typo
sudah besar bank jaga should read sudah besar masuk askar/ polis

susan loone said...

Hi Uncle Zorro
I long for those days too.
But it will only happen when we put all those racists to sleep....
We have to put their friends to sleep too, becz their friends perpetuate their racism...
Are you up for it?
I sure am.
Take care.

Hawkeye Jack said...

aw zorro...
you sound so plaintive but we are with you and Malaysians should unite and make sure that these Fools dont fool us no more!

We will get back our beloved country and be free from these evils that are destroying our land.


Anonymous said...

actually, kids, even nowadays are less "racist" than adults. Kids see each other more of a human being, potential friend or play pals.

As we grow older, we became critical and became more defensive and beginning to draw lines, not just among races, but circles of people. We begin to develop our trust ro certain spectrum as we draw our path and security in life.

That's human nature. We are already Bangsa Malaysia from they day we achieve our independence, thru' unity.

While working overseas. coming across another chinese, especially and listening to their Manglish conversation, we certainly greet them "you're Malaysian?". instead of cina malaysia.

Unless the chinese and indians would totally discard their language, schools, newspaper, culture etc etc and embrace a single unifying Bahasa Malaysia, then Bangsa Malaysia is closer to materialisation.

Any anthropologist will tell you thats culturally impossible, unless we have a regime that erase ethnic diversity, heritage, or even religion, then we might just form your interpretations of Bangsa Malaysia.

Like the former soviet union


mawardi said...

How can we destroy racism when we know nothing about it? Racism racism racism.. Bla bla bla.. When talking about one-race unity, blindly being judged as racism. Ethnocentrism? What the hell is it? Anyone knows? Or else, stop being heroic. Bullshit.

Whitelight said...

Two ants were happily chatting one sunny day.

"These humans are strange - fighting about race and religion. With all these nukes around, one day they will all kill themselves and then we ants will rule the world as we are more resilient" said one ant.

"Black ants or Red ants ?" enquired the other ant in a serious tone.

BN is in power at federal level. As a gesture towards Malaysian Unity they must start with one simple step on Merdeka Day - Issue a directive that all Govt forms will be amended to stop asking "keturunan" - simple isn't it ???

Anonymous said...

only when these Muslim types can embrace the concept of equality, can we truly have a bangsa Malaysia..until then they will just be guided by a belief system that says if your not with us, then you must be a 'dhimmi'.To the Muslims and ALL other Fanatics, we are ALL the same underneath, and we all want the same live in peace with each other.

Me... Only Better said...

Forget other countries, get your maids from Terengganu

(another INSANELY STUPID idea...howlah not to be bitchy!!)

By R.S.N. MURALI Staronline July 30th

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu state government has come up with a programme to train single mothers to be turned into skilled domestic helpers.

The training, including childcare, to start next year will allow Malaysian families to source domestic help from their own backyard.

Terengganu is believed to be the state with most number of single mothers, at more than 20,000.

State Education, Higher Education, Human Resource, Science and Technology committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said the state government has asked the Terengganu Skill Development Centre (Tesdec) to prepare the training module.

“Suggestions would also be given to Tesdec to acquire and emulate the training system of Indonesia and other neighbouring countries,” he said after opening an employment carnival at Gong Badak here on Tuesday.

For a start, the trained domestic helpers would be placed at homes in his constituency of Seberang Takir, Ahmad Razif said.

“This placement of domestic helpers at homes in Seberang Takir will be the pilot project, and it would expanded to all homes once fine-tuned,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said employers would also feel more relaxed knowing that their maids were locals and lived close to their homes.

“This would also help single mothers to continue being self reliant and to reduce their financial burden,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the Terengganu government could help other states train their single mothers if the scheme proves effective here.


lung said...

I too long for those days. Our youth know not what was lost.

Cos they know no other than the mutated monster they have grown up with.

Do not mistake this as nostalgia of an older & befuddled generation, yearning for days gone by.

We truly lost a great treasure & in part, we are equally responsible for the current state of affairs. So it's redemption time.

We cannot fail now. We must not.

Anonymous said...

Kecil kecil lembu jaga,
sudah besar masuk askar,
mahu kahwin duit tadak,
jual lembu bapa marah,
Acha :)

crower said...

Yes. Let's do away with all SR(J)K and SM(J)K. Let our kids all study under the same roof. Let them mingle without borders. The subjects tought at these SR(J)K and SM(J)K can be offered at the standard school for Bangsa Malaysia. That is the only way to bring up 100% Bangsa Malaysia. Start with the kids !!

malayamuda said...

Orang Melayu berpendidikan dan yang kuat agama akan bersama saudara yang bukan Islam untuk menentang Fanatik kaum dan agama dari UMNO dan PAS jika berlaku peristiwa Mei 13 sekali lagi.

Kita menolak aparthied ala Malaysia sama sekali

Anon said...

OMG ! Just watch the opening of this interview with the Deputy IGP regarding the sodomy case of Datuk Seri Anwar.

Notice how he says:

“….yang telah melakukan kesalahan liwat….”

and also watch closely his body language. NOTICE ANYTHING???

Link :

Sagaladoola said...

My writing on this issue……

Will PAS Embrace Islam Hadhari or Join BN?


Anonymous said...

Much has been said about the issues that U have been mentioned.

And YET zilch effort has been done to rectify these discrepancies?

WHY? How come?

The bottom of it all is Human Maturity!

After 50+yrs of independence & 38+yrs of NEP, majority of the Malay is still VERY feudalistic & ethno-centred.

In fact the trend is showing positive feedback reaction towards self-centred, both politically & religiously.

Thus ketuanan Melayu & 'malayalised' Islam!

Ketuanan Melayu - everything must have the 'interest of the Malays' at the top, irrespective that the end results only benefit a selected group of 'elite malays'.

A symptom of if-I-don't-get-it-at-least-my-kind-get-it. Even thought that 'my kind' is incompetent, not-up-to-the-grade, the-best-of-the-worst type.

'Malayalised' Islam - RPK mentioned in quite a number of his write-ups - form over substance. As long as the name of Islam is THERE, let the TRUE Teachings be damned.

The latest issue of umno/pas secret meetings are the manifestation of this twisted understanding of Islam. Does Islam allows the followers to back-stake their allies because of the self-interest of the sectarian issues?

There might be signs that some Malay has outgrown & reached the desired level of maturity.

Majority is still self-centred, with bruised ego mixed with low self-esteem. Coupled these traces with skewed political interests & manipulative politicians one get the Malay Malaysians of today - still trapped through the poison of NEP & BTN. These twin pillars of the 'Malay cancer' have blinded many young Malays for their fault sense of 'achievements' & untested market worthiness. Wost of all - the effect of end-justify-mean as in the latest case of Anwar's 'sodomee'.

So as long as the Malay Malaysians remain in this humanity cocoon NOTHING will come out in the form of Malaysia for Malaysian!

conscience said...


It is not just one race unity but, using that as a tool to suppress other races. You are not in the receive end, so denouncing the evil racism is foreign to you.

Anonymous said...

what specialist is needed by Puswari????

these shitheads dont know what the hell to do, this is the first time i heard of specialist sodomy examination......u know why???

i would bet since 1957 Merdeka, DSAI is the second male-male sodomy accused!!! they where got experience?

whos the first? Him ALSO!!!!! and thats proven trumped up!!!!

Blogreader said...

Shall we start a revolt?

Shall we do a Che Guevara on Malaysia?

Or shall we let Anwar become Malaysia's Aung Su Kyi?

Or shall we send a petition to Singapore, ask them to invade our country, (when majority of the citizen supports, it shouldnt be called invasion actually) and take it over, so that we can be ruled by the Singaporean government instead and become part of the city state? At least then we'll be sure of a good public transportation system, a cleaner country, a more tourist and foreign investor friendly country, and also see our RM doubled in its value?

muststopthis said...

I will tell you what is wrong with our nation. There are so many people out there, brainwashed into believing that this country is for a certain race and religion! (its an open secret, MOST muslims are calling this an Ismalic country and if the others don't like it they can leave) I am staying put because I love this country and the MANY OTHER TRUE AAK BANGSA MALAYSIA!
In TTDI, Batu Tiga, where my Nephew stays (he is Eurasian born to Eurasian parents and practising the Catholic Faith), whose neighbours are almost 85% Malay Muslims, the neighbourhood kids do not play with him and chide him as being non Islam (i belief they used an arabic word everytime they see him). This boy is now growing up with this taunts. His mother cannot sell their house and move out as it is a flood prone area (though the house is classified as upper middle class property!)
And where do you think these kids get these ideas from? SAD! TRUELY SAD!
I hugged him the other day when I heard this and reassured him that the kids are just being mean, and to try to engage them in a talk and not be aggressive towards them.

JeyJey said...

So very very very true!

Sometimes it amazes me that they take what was given to them -in so much pride - for granted.

Wonder do they know (all these racists) that they too are living on borrowed time. What time they have they are suppose to do something good for themselves and lot of good for the nation (ehm..note i said for themselves 1st!)

oh No...they only do for themselves everything and not a thing for the nation safe except to tear its spirit into bits and pieces.

I remember it was not long ago when we one nation but now (somewhat 15-20 years or so) its no MORE..its so one-sided nation.

ipoh kid said...

all of us,you and me,are all Malaysian no matter what are race,culture and religion are.bear that in mind.but still all of us still have the slight "racial prejudice" most of the time towards other races.i dont know state examples of the "racial prejudice" cus it might gonna get misinterpreted.

about all this PAS/UMNO thingy,i think there's nothing to be afraid.perhaps it's just another of their "political talk" and usually filled with "twist and turn".also dont worry about the hudud.i dont think they gonna implement it here cus PAS used to be asked to implement hudud at Kelantan but they says "hudud is only on our previous manifesto".

artic turban said...

This was stated above
'Unless the Chinese and Indians would totally discard their language, schools, newspaper, culture etc and embrace a single unifying Bahasa Malaysia, then Bangsa Malaysia is closer to materialization.'
Bangsa Malaysia is not the all consuming, solve-it-all problems at all. IT is something to hope for but what is needed is an educated Malaysia without corrupted politicians clinging to power by whatever means possible. Having racial harmony, should be the keystone to our success and nationalistic rhetoric a’ la UMNO, should be nipped at the bud, that’s where the seditious act, if applied without fear or favour would go a long way to help solve these problems.
Well the strength of Malaysia lies in its diversity i.e. culture, religion, people, identity, etc. From 1969 onwards, the non-Malays were branded as communists, greedy, opportunists, stealing our rights/wealth, race politics etc, has been used as a political weapons and milked dry for political mileage, than came the threat from the revival of Pas, so umno tries to “out-Islam” pas, but the marginalization continues, don’t forget even the Indian-Muslims and Chinese Muslims are also marginalized, by not being able to join bn/umno for Kimma, and the inability of the Chinese-muslims to have their own culturally designed mosques (these are just e.g.)
Now for example if the chinese, indians, sikhs, eurasians, and others, decide, lets all adopt the bangsa Malaysia and become a 'grey' all-in-one Bangsa Malaysia, what’s to stop the political opportunists from umno not to create some other form of bogeymen scenario against the non-Malays, THAN, as what’s happening now, religion will be played to the fore. FOR bangsa Malaysia to succeed and see the light of day, What should be done is a step by step process, first of all get rid of these corrupt politicians and put in ethical ones where the law of the land rules supreme and from there we go on to educate the people of this country about the truth, all the lies which have been perpetuated in the name of "bangsa, agama, ketuanan mealy or whatever ‘slogan’ of the day it is", all those involved in law breaking activities should be brought to book. Secularism should be championed as in Turkey so no; one religion can be used for political dominance. don't forget this can back-fire as seen with such social experiments which have gone wrong, look at Indonesia, where Bangsa Indonesia was championed where individual racial identities were erased, where everyone took an Indonesian name but look where it got them with the revival of religious fanatism, race riots by political opportunists. examples of the social experiment which should be emulated are the example of Singapore. why look everywhere else when the answer lies right in front of our eyes. MERITOCRACY SHOUL BE CHAMPIONED, without fear or favour, you want to succeed, YOU BLOODY HELL WORK YOUR ARSE OFF FOR IT. EDUCATION SHOULD BE prioritised and used as A TOOL WHEREBY SCOLARSHIPS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO ALL, apprentice-ships and professional qualification to follow should be emulated so that those who don’t have the educational skill will still be able to succeed with professional skills. This will go a long way to make Malaysia a success story in the long run; we were starting to climb onto that road until Mahathir came to power whereby that was waylaid and hijacked. What should be demolished is the culture of free handouts, this may sound like a cliché but the term, ‘Give you a fish, you eat for a day, Teach you to fish and you eat for the rest of your life’ in other words the tools to succeed are there, only they way how to use them and the will to use them is not there.

i like chopin said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

I am nostalgic of those days too when.....

Mahathir is not the PM yet
Ketuanan Melayu is unheard of
Nobody says this is Islamic state
Nobody pointed a kris at us
and told us to leave if not happy
We learn more English at school
The education system is our pride

Yes,those were the good old days gone by..........

Ayu Azalea Sikembangcina said...

Dear Sir,

May I ask your permission to post this on my facebook?

Thank you.

Ayu Azalea Sikembangcina

zorro said...

Go ahead pleasure and thanks for visiting.