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One thing about the future Prime Minister. He is on the ball. He knows what he is getting into. He fully understands the insidious chicanery that is UMNO. He has lived with the doves and the vipers. He is equipping himself with the necessary armour. He is aware that nothing is black and white in politics, especially the UMNO variety. He is also aware that he cannot trust no body, despite declarations of loyalty. He is also aware that he is in the cross-hair sights of Anwar and the indomitable Raja Petra Kamaruddin. As such he comes upfront with some decisive utterings as reported in NST online:

"I want total support from Umno members and I hope Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his supporters will also give their undivided support when he hands over responsibility to me.

"Please don't attack me and I also hope Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will return to Umno's fold. I want everyone to be united in Umno.

"I want us to be together as a family," he said at a dinner in conjunction with the annual general meeting of Mubarak (Association of Former Barisan Nasional elected representatives) yesterday.

"Perception is more important than reality. (RPK has an excellent piece on this here.)I don't want the people to view Umno as a party where members can serve their personal interest, or one that can give out contracts."

He said in the past, Umno was strong because there was no such thing as negotiated contracts nor money politics.

Najib added that the people were now wise enough to judge if their leaders were sincere and dedicated to their struggle.

I have met him a couple of times in the mid/late 70s when he used to bring the ravishing Tengku Puteri Zainah Tengku Eskandar to the Merdeka Stadium during the Merdeka Tournament. Dang, she was a beauty of the Miss Universe calibre.

Of course I cannot yet forgive him for threatening to bathe his keris in Chinese blood at the TPCA stadium on the eve of Operation Lalang. But I am giving him the benefit that in due time I will forgive but not forget.

I don’t know if there is a conspiracy within BN to undo him. Take these utterings (although aimed at Anwar) of the following:

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said if Anwar had not committed the alleged crime, he should be willing to provide the sample without delay.

"If indeed he is not involved, give the sample now. He said he did not do anything. So he must give a fresh sample to prove that he did not do it. I want to see the results."

Abdullah said the case could be concluded quickly. "We want this to be resolved fast but (until today) it still cannot be done."

And this one: (also meant for Anwar but could also be a hint to….my perception again)

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should not be worried about giving his DNA sample if he wanted to uphold the truth.

Of course a BN partner has to have its say, like this one:

Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said DNA tests were a normal procedure in sodomy or rape investigations.

“We should abide by whatever that is needed by the police to help in their investigation,” he told reporters after accompanying Penang Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas in his visit to Sungai Bakap Hospital today.

…………."As a responsible citizen, Anwar should have cooperated with the police.

"Nobody is above the law.


Perhaps, if the presiding leap-frog judge judiciously decide, Najib would wear the crown comfortably and once and for ever, put to shame those who want to demonise the PM designate. But Zaki says NO! Who asked him to disallow this. This Zak is indeed a mysterious one.....the one who will be chief justice? Only in MALAYSIA can this happen. Remember how Mansion Zak passed on. God's ways are always wonderful. MAN PROPOSES, GOD DISPOSES.
This Zak-on-the-bench is thoroughly distasteful.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

Why both the Flip Flop Kiasu PeeM and Flio Flop Kiasi DPeeM must go now because both these liars who blocked and spinned lies & deceits in the MSM of the non-existent Oil Subsidies and hike the fuels prices to revenge against the Rakyats for their Poll Defeats in losing the 5 States & 2/3 majority in Parliament, cannot rule for long as they have destroyed the BN and lost the trust of all the Rakyats??? This is why Tun Dr. Mahathir is always correct, they must be removed with a surgical knife immediately internally or externally.

Why the Malaysian Police is more interested in the allegation of DSAI than those against of DPeeM Najeeb??? Also, the Malaysian Police has now been tarnished by not serving the Rakyat’s interests but instead becomes the tools for the Kiasu BN to cling on to Power by bullying the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights!!!

Also, why hasn’t the police found the source from where did the C4 came from and the culprit C4 expert who placed the charges and detonated the C4 on the Mongolian Woman, there could not be many real sources of the C4 and nor are there many C4 experts in Malaysia unless there is a conspiracy to cover up. Also, the Immigration Entry record of Altantuya’s coming into Malaysia was deleted but the Police did not get the Immigration Personnel Culprit who has had the access into the Immigration Computerized System for the Entry Records to have done this in his conspiracy with the Murderers, there could not be many who have authorized access to these Entry Records. The Malaysian Police has now become the tools of those in power to suppress the truths even Murder.

The Malaysian Police are all not only bullying thugs but also all are cowards who are cowed by the mighty high ranking BN politician and are cowed into covering up for him. The Kiasi DPeeM has been denying that he ever met, nor never met Altantuya.

The Malaysian Police are nothing but all bullying thugs who know how to bully the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights like fighting for the access road in Cheras and also bullying the ordinary citizens who recently protested the fuels price hikes, which did have a domino effect resulting in price hikes in foods and essentials, which should not have been hiked in the first place as well because Malaysia is the nett producer and exporter of Crude Oil and we should be enjoying the windfall profits from Crude Oil like all Oil Producers and Exporters if the Country’s resources are not badly mis-managed by the greedy, corrupted, incompetent & moronic high ranking Kiasu BN politician who helm the BN Government to hike the fuels prices not out of necessity but out of greed in order to plunder, cheat & rob the Malaysian Citizens of their Purchasing Power & reasonable cost of livelihood in revenge for their GE12’s losses to the opposition. Throw out that despotic moronic rotten tyranny soonest possible to stop the rot now otherwise Malaysia’s wealth could be decimated in no time with such chronic rotten tyranny. So therefore in order to desperately cling to Power they now attempt to use the Police to do their bidding by whatever dirty tricks and cook up false evidences & to hide PI Balasubramaniam, & to put RPK & DSAI away to save themselves harmless by their under-handed tactics shamelessly as can be seen by planting Saiful to work for DSAI in-order to trap and remove him at the slightest chance. Where has natural justice in Malaysia gone, perhaps most probably gone to the dogs, if Kiasu BN remains in power??? Probably perhaps that only justice will be done if there is a Royal Commission of Enquiry called-in to investigate these cases.

Also PAS was not born yesterday to be taken in by the Kiasu Umno’s ploy to make use of the full support PAS is getting from the Rakyats of all races because of their present status in the fold of their membership in Pakatan Rakyat. If they leave Pakatan Rakyat to join the Kiasu power crazy Umno in an evil alliance it is obvious their popularity will be decimated in no time.

See for yourself whether the Kiasi DPeeM of Malaysia is lying that he never met Altantuya:-

See for yourself that the Photos are real or fake?

caravanserai said...

Na Heep tastes the crown
In his mind he already smells its aroma
Dreaming about it
He tells others his needs

24 months ahead
He thinks he gets it
He has to think in December
What will happen in the party election?

Dreaming is good exercise
Don’t get into the head it is advice
For it will not happen
For politics is bending rules
On the leaders who know the game

Na Heep and his gang
The coalition partners in tow
Think about September
Maybe the Titanic will crumble
Into pieces floating in the sea

Deflection covering fear
Of power collapses in the distance
For glory will not last
It has to change…………

Na Heep chalks up his way
Bragging about it I am sure he did
The crown isn’t there as yet………..
He dreams and smells its aroma
He won’t score
He will cry missing his penalty

The crushing blow will come
When the whistle blows for the game
In it Na Heep will know…………….
He has no players; he is so alone

a-bit-smarter malay said...

Your brain does not fit in Dolah's. He is your 'typical' Malay. I checked his sleeve. Nada.

Anonymous said...

see, now you make me confused. are they too smart or too stupid?

good theory though!

Anonymous said...

Hamid: Might be, he got some fierce history with Anwar.

Tiong Lai: especially the last thing he said

Dolah: Definitely not.

Me... Only Better said...


can you delete my previous comment...was really pissed at anjis's "perception is more important than reality" comment...

Where is the sincerity! He thinks we are stupid dungus?
Ni al orang yg Rocky dok support..I would rather have the Mossad running Malaysia than Najis.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

'Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown' (Book title)
When I wear mine please do not frown
For I won't know its colour even if it's brown
But please me know quickly if I wear it upside down

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260708
Sat. 26th July 2008.

Anonymous said...

he hide under the skirts rather than go to the courts to clear himself.
he doesnt even has the guts to stand up to RPK. Instead, the AG office has to assist him and Rosmah by slamming a criminal defamation charge against RPK.
God forbids if he becomes the PM.

Nostradamus said...

17. The next PM of Malaysia will follow R.A.H.M.A.N theory? (Fact).
17. PM Malaysia yang berikutnya akan mengikuti teori R.A.H.M.A.N? (Fakta).

Quatrain 17

In the month of summer games
When leaders are chosen and thrown away
Man starts to think again
Power, Gold and Glory to gain

Problems to glory are but hindrances
To be solve is such a simple game
Sleeping partner is to be cast away
Expendable are those as such before

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

"I want total support from Umno members and I hope Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his supporters will also give their undivided support when he hands over responsibility to me."

"Please don't attack me and I also hope Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will return to Umno's fold. I want everyone to be united in Umno." unquote.

Born with a "Silver Spoon" since birth, he has never had to "Struggle or Toil Personally" for anything.

Just like saying...Mummy, I only had fun with their daughter & I swear I do not know her or where she is now....and they are scolding me, etc....

Mummy, I WANT you to tell them not to scold me and support me instead !" What a "Cry baby".

Had ALL our BN Leaders been Truthful, Honest & Sincere in Honouring their "Sworn Allegience" to our King, to "discharge their "Duties"with “Dignity, Honour & without Fear or Favour” to this great nation & the rayaat in the last four decades......

There would not have been the need for any "Protests, Petitions, or even the unnecessary murder of an innocent mother, the "Evolution of Bloggers" & SDs, kidnapping, etc.

To be a LEADER of this great nation, one has to STRIVE for it & face any CHALLENGES Personally, to EARN the "Respect and Support" of the members & rayaat.

This great nation & its Downtrodden rayaat seek nothing but the "Truth" from BN & their Leaders and Malaysia badly NEEDS “True Towering Malaysians Leaders” with the “Most Honourable & Incorruptible personalities“ to manage this nation with Dignity, Honour & without Fear or Favour” from any Quarters or Backers.

They must be “Powerful, Authoritative but FAIR”, also be Humble in person in discharging their “Principled & Unbiased” allegience and duties to this nation & its rayaat.

If BN, their Leaders & ALL their Scumbag Running Dogs continue to be in "Denial" even at this 11th Hour......No worries Mate !

We give them "More Rope" to "Hang" themselves at every "Turn" with their "Lies" until they "Stumble and finally Fall Flat" on their "Mountain of Lies" (Shit) towards their "Demise" soon.

Even his mentor MM accidentally let the "cat out of the bag" "Devine Intervention always works Wonders".

Anonymous said...


A reminder :

A false sodomy charge

Is not

A murder of the Mongolian lady.

And the murdered of the Mongolian lady involved his close aides - A FACT

The false sodomy charges as we all know is cooked up - nonsense.


shar101 said...


Do yer get the feeling that the 3-faced G-man we know hovers around making comments whenever his master's name is mentioned?


Mossad? Laah ai! Sampai kesitu ko nak terima nasib.

Let's whack CIMB on the cheque-clearing debacle lah. Another nail we shall hammer into his.. err.. never mind.
See G-man. See G-man run. See G-man run to his master. Hear G-man speak in canadic french, "Sacre Bleu, ze enemy can smell ze stink and..."

"Awww... STFU, will ya", came the retort.

Me... Only Better said...


Ya..WTF is happening with CIMB eh? tgh songlap duit ka hapa...lambat aku nak dapek the blardy bank failing?

i wouldnt be surprised!

Me... Only Better said...

sapa G-man blur...

Anonymous said...

on the 10 or 11th of march, aab & toyo have OFFERED a dpm & a MB to the pas lah ie. najib is a gonna !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said

Subject: Murder Most Foul

Manlin says

in Malaysia!

Malaysia's legal pursuit of Anwar Ibrahim is destroying the country's reputation

John Berthelsen, ASIA SENTINEL

It is about time for Malaysia to drop the charade. Attempting to convict opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of forcible sodomy is an embarrassment in contrast with the completely ignored and much more serious allegations linking the deputy prime minister to the execution-style murder of his reputed former girlfriend.

As has been reported widely, two sworn declarations have been filed that raise reasonable suspicions that the October 2006 murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu is tied directly to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor. Yet instead of this high profile politician being in the dock to explain himself, one of those who filed a sworn declaration about his actions is about to go on trial for criminal libel. The other was dragooned into recanting his statement before he fled the country.

The courts and the legal system have deliberately overlooked allegations of Najib's complicity in the Mongolian woman's murder, and considerable related evidence of massive corruption on his part in the purchase of three French submarines for the Malaysian military - a purchase that Altantuya apparently participated in as a translator. This has been pushed under the carpet repeatedly and now the nation is being distracted by accusations of Anwar's peccadilloes, real or fabricated.

Mahathir Mohammad, the long-serving prime minister who quit in 2002, had a single ambition - to reach developed-nation status by 2020. But you cannot be a first-world country with a legal system whose main characteristics are shared by the likes of Zimbabwe, Burma and North Korea. Mahathir, of course, bears a major part of the blame for the legal system, starting from his destruction of the judiciary in the 1980s. But what is going on now, six years after he was succeeded by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is nothing more than the United Malays National Organisation's manipulation of the system a la Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. This has nothing to do with ideology but with the dubious necessity of maintaining a political party in power.

When the legendary American bank robber Willie Sutton once was asked why he robbed banks, he famously replied: "That's where the money is." Government in Malaysia is where the money is, and that is where UMNO intends to stay despite its disastrous March 8 election results, which cost the national ruling coalition the two-thirds hold on parliament it has enjoyed for half a century. There is no better example of this than the submarine and its ties to the murder of Altantuya.

As Asia Sentinel has repeated frequently, according to testimony in the trial of Altantuya's accused murderer Abdul Razak Baginda, her then-lover and one of the three men accused of killing her, the murdered woman accompanied him to Paris at a time when Malaysia's defense ministry, headed by Najib, was negotiating through a Malaysian company, Perimekar Sdn Bhd, to buy two Scorpene submarines and a used Agosta submarine produced by the French government under a French-Spanish joint venture, Armaris. Perimekar at the time was owned by a company called Ombak Laut, which was wholly owned by Abdul Razak.

The contract was not competitive. The Malaysian ministry of defense paid €1 billion (RM4.5 billion) to Amaris for the three submarines, for which Perimekar received a commission of €114 million (RM510 million). Deputy Defense Minister Zainal Abdidin Zin told the Dewan Rakyat, Malaysia's parliament, that the money was paid for "coordination and support services" although the fee amounted to a whopping 11 percent of the sales price for the submarines.

Altantuya, by her own admission in the last letter she wrote before her murder, had been blackmailing Razak, pressuring him for US$500,000. She did not say how she was blackmailing him, leaving open lots of questions.

Myriad questions have been raised by the year-long trial of Razak and two of Najib's bodyguards for Altantuya's murder. At every turn, those questions could have been answered by calling Najib to the stand. How could Razak, a civilian and Najib's closest friend, get the two bodyguards to kill Altantuya without Najib's knowledge? Najib could answer. How could the record of the victim being in the country disappear completely from Immigration Department records, as was sworn in court? Najib could answer. How could the murderers get their hands on the plastic explosives available only to the military used to blow up her body? Najib could answer. Why did neither the prosecution nor the defense push to investigate a statement made by Altantuya's cousin on the stand that she had seen a picture of Najib, Razak and Altantuya together at a dinner? Najib could answer.

The statutory declaration of P Balasubramaniam, the private detective hired by Razak to keep Altantuya away from him after their relationship had ended, is so closely detailed that it beggars disbelief that it was fabricated. It makes Najib an integral part of the case, something most of Malaysia's top government and judicial officials have been seeking to avoid ever since the trial began.

Balsasubramaniam released his sworn statement in the company of his lawyer, which makes it difficult to believe he was coerced. But immediately afterward he was summoned to a meeting with an assistant superintendant of police in Jalan Brickfields, where he was convinced - outside the presence of his lawyer that his memory was faulty. He then signed a statement that his original one had been compelled, and left the country.

In the original declaration Balasubramaniam said Razak told him he had been introduced to Altantuya "by a VIP...who asked him to look after her financially." Najib, the declaration said, had introduced Razak to Altantuya at a diamond exhibition in Singapore and that Najib had had a sexual relationship with her in the past. Razak was to look after the woman because Najib "did not want her to harass him since he was now the Deputy Prime Minister."

Is that true? Najib could answer.

Interestingly, according to the document, Razak told Balasubramaniam that Altantuya liked anal sex, which is illegal in Malaysia whether performed with men or women. Anwar might like to make that point to the authorities.

Balasubramaniam also detailed cell phone calls between Najib and Razak in the period after Altantuya's murder. Did the police check Razak's phone? Najib could answer.

Raja Petra Kamarudin, the influential internet journalist, is expected to go on trial for criminal defamation for saying that Najib's wife was present at the murder. Rather than bringing in Najib and Rosmah to answer questions, they have gone after Raja Petra, who has threatened his own time bombs during his trial. Asked by Asia Sentinel what those revelations might be, he said he would prefer to save them for testimony under oath.

The one truly sad dupe in all this is the prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who in all of his sorry reign as prime minister has largely preserved his reputation for integrity despite his fecklessness. Badawi has defended his deputy's reputation in the face of the fact that virtually all of Kuala Lumpur's chattering classes have long since become convinced of the couple's complicity. Unleashing two thoroughly corrupt law enforcement officials to go after Anwar - Abdul Ghani Patail, the head of the anti-corruption agency, and Musa Hassan, the head of the police - who plainly fabricated evidence in Anwar's 10-year-old conviction on the same offense, is particularly egregious.

This isn't to say Anwar is innocent. The jury, to use a newly valid cliché, is still out. But compare the two. What kind of priorities does this government have in going after a 61-year-old opposition leader with a bad back who presumably would have had a hard time chasing down a mobile 23-year-old aide, when there is the possibility of finding the true perpetrators of an execution murder of a defenseless 28-year-old mother? This is the behavior of a despotic system with an eye only to its own preservation. The Malaysian people deserve better.

Anonymous said...

" that doctor is ungrateful, give him a job & now dun obey, sack him
go back to burma to starve there, stupid fool ..rxx...anymore c4 !?"

Anonymous said...

" Rxx..dun allow that fool to come in EVEN he has 'cold axx' ! fedup lah ... anymore c4 or 3 also can lah !"

Anonymous said...

UMNOlebihdiraja maharajalela thinks that all Malays are bodohs and are like the kerbau that can be tareked from the hidung..ikut saja...

Malays dah sedar that UMNO top lebih diraja maharajaleala thugs have sapooed the sapi from the NEP and given chicken feed to them... Most of the Malays still have to work and pay bank loans and education East Malaysia Malays are 'kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang'
UMNOLEBIH DIRAJA MAHARAJALELA.. bangkit pagi makan hotel tidur malam makan hotel..dan tidur dengan Alooooontaya...
Negara Islam is only for the other Malays.(not for them)to control them..pakai agama pakai bangsa..psksi krtusnsn melayu untuk berkuasa..