Friday, July 18, 2008


Events of the past two weeks has made the Home Minister the most hated Malaysian to soil the Malaysian soil. Sample vomits:

On the roadblocks, Syed Hamid claimed he had no knowledge of it and that he himself had been caught in the traffic jams.

But didn't he apologise on Monday?

Asked if it was not suspicious that Mohd Saiful had gone to complain to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak before lodging a police report, Syed Hamid said in Malaysia, "a minister’s house is open to the public".

Is that so? Since when? When can we all come to your house? Keep to your word, no road block before your house?

Syed Hamid said he was also scheduled to table a DNA Bill in the Parliament during this meeting, which would make it illegal for anyone to refuse DNA testing for criminal cases.

"It has been outstanding for so long but I decided to cover all possibilities, including the latest technological development in DNA testing. There is still a bit of finetuning needed," he said.

Another change to a constitution? In 200 years the US constitution saw some 60 changes. In 50 years, we have made some 600 changes to our constitution. Are the figures correct? I stand corrected.

Asked if the police could not compare the DNA sample in the sodomy allegation to the one gathered from Anwar back in 1998, Syed Hamid said it was best to get a fresh sample.

"If we had used the old one, then the Opposition would have disputed the results because it was an old sample," he pointed out.

Now he is a DNA expert! The old sample threw out the 1998 case if you remember? Truly the incoherence of an imbecile.

"Under Malaysian law, the police cannot force any person to give a DNA sample without his consent.

So you want to change the constitution so that you can fix Anwar. You pray how many times a day? So why are you mumbling?

"If he is interested in the truth, he should be willing to cooperate. DNA does not lie. Give your sample and let the experts (test) it," he added.

Of course DNA does not lie. But somebody you know made the DNA lie for you jockeys. Whose experts will test it?

On the criminal defamation charge brought against Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Syed Hamid said:

"Every time people make allegations and try to undermine the Government, we can't take action? That's unfair."

Every time you fabricate a rumour, you send your goons against the rakyat. That too is unfair, schmook!



Rashid said...

When I look at buffoons like Hamid Albar who even can't express themselves neither In English nor in BM, (but he speaks Manglish), I reflect on the status of Malaysia as a nation and see the trouble of my nation. He epitomizes the diseases my nation has. He is the face of a perverted system led by nefarious people who have no higher purpose in life. Very sad indeed. This man is one of the most obnoxious beings around, and Allah SW hated him so much so that He denied him wisdom and intellect and woe betide one who is denied both.

Kel said...

lol. 2 hours up huh uncle bernard.
was forced to put down my blog. i had everything to lose bernard. can no longer support you guys with words but will support you guys morally

i can be reach by email at kelsnewlife[at]

ps. seriously he should take up the blame and be shown the door

donplaypuks® said...

Magoo is only a sympton of a disease-ridden Govt with no cure in sight.

It lloks like intimidation & conspiracy is the order of the day be it the govt, police or judiciary. And the PM is not in control with too many headleaa generals all over the place.

I too am seething with rage but am encouraged that Stalinism eventually fell, as will any repressive and dishonest regime!

Anonymous said...

It beggars belief someone like Albar is a Home Minister. To what are we the rakyat owed to have such a fool like him who speaks with no integrity or intelligence or substance. Why o why are all of our so-called politicians and Ministers lacking in trustworthiness, integrity and intelligence? Is it due to the many years they have been in power that they all loose the essentials to lead by example and honour to be a politician? Even a person once liked up to like Rais Yatim have disappointed. Being a statesman of international repute he has now become another yesman, who simply bends in the breeze. There is not one Minister I can safely say I look up and am proud of. Has our nation been sold to the devil? Self interest, power grabbing , charades and racism reeks within our Parliament. The country is sinking fast to becoming another failed democracy, where cronyism, corruption and just lacking in professionalism is fast becoming the norm. All this whilst the King looks on. Where has our pride gone? What's become of our angkasawan? What are the results of his space experiments? Findings? Woe Malaysia, bleeding through all orifices, the people suffer.

artic turban said...

hello bernard, greetings, I bring good tidings, our towering botak mentioned today that he will be introducing a bill into the constitution to force people to give their dna sample, now if I am not wrong, please correct me, to me you are still a teacher and to be respected, to introduce this new bill to the constitution won't they, the towering jackasses need 2/3 majority to introduce a bill to the constitution, well if the need the 2/3 majority, that my good tidings. I always remember Pasupathy's (CHS) words, give a man enough rope and he will hang himself. AND BOTAK SURE HANGED HIMSELF WITH HIS LIES REGARDING THE ROADBLOCKS, On a personal note are Pasupathy and Remy Martin still around?

kenyalang said...

Watch youtube to see his annihilation by BBC HardTalk presenter Sarah Montague.

His genetic make-up (DNA profile) mutates as fast as a fruit fly (same brain capacity as well) thus, he thinks a repeat DNA sample is required. If that's not a fool,....

J. D. Lovrenciear said...


Good to hear you again.

Yes, the words spewing from the mouths of a variety of our 'leaders' lately betrays even the simplest of the minds of the rakyat. This is SHOCKINGLY unbelievable!!

Now as a citizen appeal to the learned minds of all humble, professional and God fearing TRUE leaders to DO SOMETHING. We cannot go on and on witnessing all these drummed-up sagas day by day.

ENOUGH is enough. Is there any ONE TRUTHFUL HONEST-TO-GOD LEADER out there in our 26 million population who can help the country, King and rakyat to get back on a more moral ground?

Going by the numerous out-cry from the people, it is crystal clear that the rakyat are very ready to respond to a clear, visible and courageous leader.

If the answer is 'NO' then AMEN, we are doomed for a very l-o-n-g time.

That is the SIMPLE REALITY !!!

Anonymous said...

"!! none lah, cant see any...botak also lah !!"

dewnasing said...

That Botak monkey and the whole bunch of them cannot be trusted. They are fucking liars. They even dared to lie to Allah by swearing upon the Holy Koran for they know Allah don't speak back. They even dare to go to Mecca and confess and upon returning, start to lie all over again. So how to give DNA?

Anonymous said...

"Syed Hamid said he was also scheduled to table a DNA Bill in the Parliament during this meeting, which would make it illegal for anyone to refuse DNA testing for criminal cases.

"It has been outstanding for so long but I decided to cover all possibilities, including the latest technological development in DNA testing. There is still a bit of finetuning needed," he said."

Very good, soon it can be used on all BN MPs and their cronies. Thank you, Mr.Minister, it will a race to see which one of you will be first.....after Sep 16.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Everytime I hear this despicable scum rant, I feel like puking. What a dumbarse of a minister?

Whenever he utters some of his dimwit diatribes, he just exposes to one and sundry what a BN mega intellectual he is. He must have gone to Mugabeland to get some ideas as to oppress the wide awake rakyat and supress any form of dissent.

Just to digress a bit, what the hell do the police ask the doctors to measure and photograph Anwar's private parts? Shows what perverts they are. Are they trying to say that Anwar might say that he has no dick and so he could not have screwed anybody? Are they saying that HE IS MAN ENOUGH after seeing his dong?

Or were they told by their masters to take measurements and photographic evidence to compare notes with THE MINISCULE THINGS they have? In Bolehland everything is possible.

What next? Somebody should lodge a report that he/she got sodomised by none other than the randy goat, Najis and the other wannabes like KJ, Kerismuddin and of course the Mamak's son.

Would the efficient PDRM send their balaclave clad goons to take them down for scrotal and rectal examination? Your guess is as good as mine!

Anonymous said...

DNA is actually a preferred method in American as a supportive facts to determine if somebody is innocent or guilty. Also, there are a lot of convicts in death row were acquitted due to the new DNA test. Thus, I hope Mr. Hamid Albar realized that regardless the age of the DNA it can still be tested. Hopefully, Mr. Hamid Albar would be impartial to use this technology on the 1998 case too.

Lastly, is it really a big deal if somebody prefer anal or same sex partner? What about those people that took millions or billions of dollars from the country? Who is more evil or detrimental to the society?

P/S: Should we jail all the bapok and gays?

Damn frustrated Malaysian

bennyloh said...

..."should this.." "..should that.."


Anonymous said...


he is a moron alright.

he cant even differentiate between what is personal and governmental.

his experience as HM is just a good joke.


Anonymous said...

Zorro, this HM deserves a pat on the back. For being the 'Hyper Moron' of the century.
I had a Home Minister and she can speak and think better than this Hyper Moron. She is my maid . I gave her the portfolio as Home Minister.She deserved my respect.

bamboo river

Anonymous said...

"Asked if the police could not compare the DNA sample in the sodomy allegation to the one gathered from Anwar back in 1998, Syed Hamid said it was best to get a fresh sample.

"If we had used the old one, then the Opposition would have disputed the results because it was an old sample," he pointed out."

This comment above from Syed Hamid shows what a true idiot he is.

We shoudl get some foreign experts to comment on this , they will definitely say so long as the old DNA has been extracted and confirmed, even though its 30 years old, its still valid.

Look Hamid, if DSAI confirms he wont object to the old DNA being used, will that be allright then?


Anonymous said...

Ini minister..u ask question A..he answer B..same2 like his boss that BODOHWI...

If this is all the material we hv for ministers..habis la m'sia..

harry said...

Is it something to do with the weather. All the 'botaks' are going bonkers even as far as Jerlun. Agreed with your suggestion Bro Zorro. Lets there be a debate and on the corner of Ketuanan Rakyat - DSAI.

Makkal Sakti, Makkal Sakti, Makkal Sakti . Cheers

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rashid, Apparently, he sounds like the Devil's advocate probably a reincarnation of the Demon. Now he is in the position of power which makes him even more fearful. He is an evil entity with ill intentions. His intentions to deceive have been protrayed very subtlely however subtle the intentions are very clear. Because of our righteous conduct we can see all his deceptions.

He single handedly crippled the whole tranportation of KL causing great incoveniences to ordinary folks.

Now he refused to give the police report of Saiful to Anwar. Is he hiding something? God knows. If he got something to hide in the report or probably try to retain the liberty to correct or..correct corect correct or korek.

From the papers, this guy and his ministry are full of deceptions. Can't even keep your own words. The trust we have on you and your ministry has perished. You and your ministry are ruled by your own selfish desires. Any feelings or intelligences you claim to receive are self serving and have so far proven to be unture. You are not only propagating lies but instilling fear to the rakyat. Just imagine heavily armed UTK commandos for a simple sexual case.

I rest my case.


ctannie said...

I doubt any of our politicians ever read at all, never know the current situation around, always depending on others to give them the inputs,they never 'refresh' their brains, that's why they are alwys at the same level, too much rust upstairs!

Anonymous said...



GobloKing said...

What makes me MAD is:

How in the world - out of 26million people - did we find the most incompetent bunch of liars to rule & represent our country?

The government should just get on with the job of running the country efficiently (maybe that is an oxymoron?)than with WASTING all their energies & OUR resources on keeping ONE man outta politics.

Or do they think the worldwide recession will miss Msia altogether?

We are such a laughing stock no wonder foreign investors are nervous!

Me... Only Better said...


I also pissed off..never used the "fuck" word as much as I did today in my blog..then I got a letter from Moaz Yusuf who has been writing for years on our transportation woes, even wrote report for gomen but they put bawah ketiak.

Can you repost his letter here and maybe all around the blogs for more coverage? you can leave out my cussing filled post at the bottom...heh heh


Anonymous said...

Can't belief that Malaysia's ministers are such low mentality... This country is totally hopeless if continue ruled by those morons...

Anonymous said...

Pray how many times a day Syed Hamid.

You UMNO hipokrits preach religion and at the same time commit crime, bribery, murder, slander.

You guys use Islam for votes and money.

You guys will rot in hell

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

We have a Cabinet full of Assholes. They come cheap by the dozen.

Problem is these Assholes so are full of shit that wont come out. So they enjoy each other's fart and can't tell the difference.

art harun said...

Syed Hamid Albar. You have caused the city dwellers to suffer with traffic jam this week. You have caused some students to miss their CLP examinations this week. All because you have intelligence report that there was going to be a demonstration in KL which intelligence report turned out to be several SMS which the police had read. And now you are asking Anwar what he is afraid of? May I ask you, in relation to the police report:...

Tunku said...

With regard to the charge against RPK. Why is defamation against Rosmah, who claim to be 'just a politician's wife' criminal? Why is defamation by Syed Hamid against a sitiing Chief Minister and other opposition MP for a meeting and rally that never was NOT even aplogized?

HULK SMASH said...

Hey man, i was thinking what has happened to Zorro, no posting for like.. 2 days? Thought u fell ill or sumthin. Anyway good to have you back vibrating the blogsphere!

Anti Bodoh Govmen said...

I cannot wait for the next GE. Why?Because I have already cast my vote. Yes you are right I am voting for the Barisan - to get lost. Blown to smithereens!

Fifty years of hard labour for the rakyat is too much.

Some more you want them to frus you ah? No lah. Enough is enough. No need to talk too much. Just action.

Tell your grandma and grandpa all to sign up and wait to vote. My mind is made up lah and even if I die I will get up from my grave to vote! Aiyaah I will be a phantom voter but at least a real one, not like the Barisan scam.

Spread the word lah - get more people to register and vote out the buggers now. If they bribe you just take the money and vote the Pakatan or whatever but not Barisan.

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

".... he was stripped naked, had his whole body examined including his private parts measured....."

So can we have the measurements, Syed Albar? Yours would be the "base" for comparison?

Asshole dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Someone never fails to amuse!
He is a source of Malaysian entertainment.

azisirikit said...

Why that Botak so stupid? In 1998 they got Anwar DNA already. Still got there in their keeping. Why not that Botak dig that Saiful ASS and test the DNA la.. BODOH punya BOTAK! I really hope he read this. Please will someone sent this message to him!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

"If we had used the old one, then the Opposition would have disputed the results because it was an old sample," he pointed out."

Does this mean that he already knows the results? Sounds fishy!!!

Anonymous said...

"On the roadblocks, Syed Hamid claimed he had no knowledge of it and that he himself had been caught in the traffic jams."

FACKING LIAR, HE WAS NOT LATE FOR THE PALIAMENT, so pray tell botak, how were you caught in the loadblok again?

you ain't hournarable like the sholin monks, you basket of fresh decay fruit!


Anonymous said...

saifool went to no 2 house whose owner 's dna must be CHECKED too,
who knows ....!?

Anonymous said...

" WHAT ! you didn't order the police to block the roads ah !?
TAKE ACTIONS against the IGP then,
..@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%...niamah you !!"

Anonymous said...

botak!botak!botak.!u really a scumbag darn asshole...every words that came out from yr mouth are nothing but the (hole) crap and guess what malaysian!tks god this is one of a kind of a ministers that we got in msia other than tomboi, bedol, najis gincu merah and guess what later 'beruk KJ',mamak's botak son, and ezam's the six boxes - and bla bla asshole geng ..sucker

KLConfidential said...

Syed Hamid Albar was a jackass 5 years ago, he's still a jackass now. Lembus never change their colors.

I wonder why anyone would take anything he says seriously. He shouldn't be allowed to procreate.

He shouldn't be allowed to speak in public. The hot air contributes to global warming. Saman him.

Man, the guy's a dickhead.