Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Trengganu State Government is literally dishing out this SOUPY message to the Prime Minister. I remember him saying that they can keep the Merc to ferry VVIP visiting dignitaries, but the Executive Councillors were not to use those cars.

Bernama reported:

A Terengganu state executive councillor arrived to attend the Flora Fest 2008 here(JB) today in one of the new Mercedes Benz cars the Terengganu government had bought to replace its fleet of Proton Perdana V6 Executive official cars.

Datuk Za'abar Mohd Adib, Chairman of the State Tourism and Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee, was questioned by reporters on the use of the car which, along with the other 13 Mercedes Benz cars, was to be used only for guests of the Terengganu government.

"I feel the issue has been overblown," he said, adding that he would leave the matter to Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said to make a decision.

Dang it! This guy has got balls man. He defied the Prime Minister or is this a concerted effort by Ahmad Said's men to give the finger to the PM and literally telling him, "Have a spoonful of the above soup. We were appointed by the King so just shaddup."

On 6 July Pak Lah, urged by Star's WCw to use the stick more often targeted bloggers:

He wanted “bloggers to stop speculating and spreading rumours on the Internet. I want to tell the blogs to stop all this. They are also responsible for what has happened. The best thing they could do is to stop.” ......“Allegations and news championing those who broke the law through SMS, Blogs and YouTube were akin to TREACHERY!

Za'abar also said he first used the vehicle on Wednesday when he went to Kuala Lumpur to attend an executive council meeting.

“From Kuala Lumpur, I drove back to Terengganu because on Friday morning I had another meeting to attend and later that day, I drove to Johor Baru,” he said.

So PM sir, what do you call this? Insubordination? Willful disobedience? Disdainfully disrespectful? Blatant baiting? or simply, to use your own words.....TREACHERY. Please lah Pak Lah, gain back some self-respect because it won't be nice if your Trengganu treasonous troops decide to send this message to you......directly......God forbid!


Anonymous said...


right hand aint enough. show the left hand too.
asked him to take a hikeand have a great time with jean.
god forbid if BN rules after GE13.

rocky said...

our stupid DNA becomes old PM is at it again.yeah he need to kow tow to all UMNO warlord due to Dec elections but he expects us to swallow his reasons like we were born yesterday. come on Mr.PM, we are not all bodoh and rice is not cheaper in Msia than Thailand.

yes the perdana is not the best car around but buying a Merc and not C200 but E200, is the wrong decision.Buy a Toyota or Honda la. and to keep the car for VVIP is another stupid and wrong decision. Guess no one told the PM there is such a thing called depreciation and Merc depreciate a lot. Is this leaving the car in a garaged for VVIP a smart thing. and please save us this we want to save tax payers money cos BN never has tried to save tax payers money and keeping the car just shows it.

The best solution and a lesson to others would be, sell the car at a loss since it will depreciate anyway.That is a firm and sound decision making by a PM. But we know this decision is more like people will forget about the car in 6months and then you guys can use it after that.But looks like someone can't wait to use them.

Pak Lah better step aside then be a sitting duck and think Msian are stupid PM!!! Let Najib or someone else step in.

conscience said...

Respect must be earned. If the 'flip, flop PM' can make so many gullible statements, he expects us to swallow everything he said. I think we are more intelligent that...not dumb fools! The bloggers are not to be blamed, there is no transparency in the govt activities, we have the right to question and criticize what we felt were not being properly carried out.
If those under him are beginning to defy or question his authority, it is a bad sign of an unstable time ahead. God helps Bolehland!

donplaypuks® said...

Like the Perdana, the Perdana Menteri,BN,UMNO,MCA,MIC are all on their last legs.

And the 4th rate mice you would not accept payment to employ are wagging their tails in open defiance, with 2 fingers in the air aplenty.

I would not provide these LOOTERS bullock-carts to go about gaji buta in the country while telling us to tighten our belts.

FO to tem indded!!

donplaypuks® said...

And Rocky

There's no need to sell the cars at a loss since Duty & Tax are exempted for cars bought by State Govt.

So, if they auction off the cars in open bidding (not to the usual local mafia ganged up cartel), they should make uo for the marginal loss in car value with tax & duty recovered. This is not rocket science.

But what can you expect from the kind of politicians who will spend $1.2 billion for a space tourist to see if satay and ketupat irradiated with cosmic rays in space pods will prolong its shelf-life, for an additional $50 million, and then tell us to cut-back in our life-style?

i like chopin said...

He,he,he,serve Sleepy Head right!!
And last year he screamed "Saya pantang dicabar"when he learned that people are taking to the streets for the Bersih rally.

Now he is definately being dicabar oleh kakitangan BN/UMNO sendiri!!!

Anonymous said...

pas pun sama macam umno cakap tak serupa bikin.mau menang,mau kerusi cari bukan melayu.lepas menang senyap senyap bincang dgn umno nak tubuh kerajaan.PAS lagi pengkhianat pengundi orang bukan melayu.PAS BARUAH UMNO.SUDAH MENANG PAKAT DNGAN PKR-NAK IKUT UMNO PULAK.KETUANAN MELAYU.UMNO JANJI JAWATAN MENTERI KUT.PAS-PARTI ANAK SYAITAN.PEMBELUT.

Anonymous said...

if what rpk says about dr mohd osman report is true, lets all asked these bastards to fuck off!

and to those who voted for umno/mca, go eat shit & die...

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Najib Tun Razak

Syed Hamid bin Syed Jaafar Albar

Liow Tiong Lai

Khairy Jamaluddin

Mukhriz Mahathir

Mahathir Mohamad


& ....

Umno Agenda 1988 & 2008:

M - Mocked
A - Anwar
H - Homo
A - And
T - Then
H - Highlight
I - It
R - Repeatedly


Mr Bojangles said...

Wow!! Am I impressed by this hardworking, dedicated, traveling man, or what! Za'abar said he first used the vehicle on Wednesday when he went to Kuala Lumpur to attend an executive council meeting (wonder what he achieved there). Then “From Kuala Lumpur, I drove back to Terengganu because on Friday morning I had another meeting to attend and later that day, I drove to Johor Baru.”

Such a busy hectic schedule that would put to shame even our globe trotting Jamnapari goatherd.

Or is it now that you have gotten a new toy, why not enjoy playing with it to your heart's content. Crisscrossing the peninsula in your fancy wheels is no big deal even in these hard times and sky-high gas prices. After all its the rakyats money you are spending. Would you have been as active if it was the disreputable perdana you had to travel in?

But if it is a message you are sending to that sleepyhead in the crookery in Putridjaya, please use means that less wayang kulitish and less taxing on the state's coffers. People have sweated and toiled to earn that money which you so willfully spent attending meetings and showing off your self-importance.

After all, like all the other so many more important messages this is just another wart that will also slide off our shameless PM's rhinoceros-strength hide.

Lao' Cha said...

Ah, how lucky to have scooped a spoonful of alphabet sodomee with a message. Everyone except Sleepy knows that whatever he says, you would be right if you just do the contrary. 'Saya pantang di-cabar' requires you to challenge him and show him your finger of derision at the same time.

Anyway, it is not lost on us to understand why they defy him. Ahmad Said did retort that the ACA should go dig up on that Crystal Mosque and the Monsoon Cup. Sleepy need nominations for election in December. State leaders could now kick him in the shin and shove a middle finger up his nose, and he must just shrug it off. Don't expect him to forget though. He'll exact revenge when the time comes.

Like someone said over at Kit Siang's blog. We need to get rid of two Perdanas. One, the Proton Perdana, and the other, the Perdana Menteri.

Ya, have a break, have some alphabet pasta. Eat it like a Flip-Flop. You never know how good it taste until you slurp it through your orifice.

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

That's a real "Beauty" you got there...I like the tomato soup !

If only our BN Government can accept their short comings to try to work together with their new partners to identify, find solutions (long & short term) & make good all the nation's & rayaat's plight...MAYBE there is HOPE !

This daily "Cat & Mouse" charade even in Parliament is not going to get this nation & its Downtrodden rayaat anywhere. It is just utter Nonsense and "Gutter Politics" like "Kindergarten".

Because their Running Dog MB is out and this new BN UMNO MB is the "Preferred" one by the "Royal Household" (Yes the Rulers hear our pleas !), them Scumbags then tried their number on the "Preferred One" with the "Merc" car issue.....but it "Backfired" on BN, UMNO, PM, DPM and their Goons, now looking like STUPID Donkeys.

Hello, Trengganu haven't asked for their "Full" Oil and Gas "Revenue", etc yet !!!!!

How dare he blames Bloggers and accuse them as traitors when his family & all the BN Goons have sold this nation & its assets for $$$ !

The silent "Anarchy" had started since our "Bersih" march & it is getting Louder....within BN's UMNO - by the the "Preferred One", then Johore (the original UMNO state), etc and it will "Definitely Reverberate" Loud & Clear in the UMNO Empire !

Malaysiakini Report : Party polls: Umno to call in ACA Jul 27, 08 3:56pm
Umno has asked the country's anti-corruption watchdog to help it battle vote-buying in the heated contest for top posts.
Involvement of ACA rejected previously
Allow contest for top two posts too

With BN, UMNO, PM, DPM, and their Scumbag Running Dogs still in Denial, on their Auto Pilot Self Destruct mode path, with their Mountain of Lies (Shit)...the "Methane Gas" produced is about to "Explode" from WITHIN soon!

Be Patient, Reposition yourself , your family & children (Financially - consider converting your FDs, savings & money into AUD & Euros, cut loss from equity, etc, property speculations, reorganise your House Loans, Car loans, etc. Professionally - consider repositioning / securing your jobs, 2nd jobs, etc. Your children's education, consider Uni, College, School, School Bus etc vs your home - costwise), fasten your seatbelts "Tight"to "Rideout" the "Political" & the "Financial "Tsunami at our "Doorsteps"

To be Fore Warned is to be Fore Armed....May God continue to Bless and Protect Malaysia & its Downtrodden rayaat.

bayi said...

When the government does something unfair, it's not treachery. When the bloggers highlight this, it is.

Is this what WCW is telling us in the Star? What rubbish!

Nostradamus said...

1. Anwar commit Sodomy? He can’t because you have to ask the wife.

2. Najib really did not know Altantuya cos he is also not a sodomizer. He likes it straight. Ask his sleeping partner.

3. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so said by every accused in any court of any land. Do you not believe in men when they swear in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh etc?

More facts at

old fart said...

Hey guys, what do you expect when you have got so much oil royalty dough returned to you? Of course that fuck-face is going to spend some of it like it's Xmas, right? Just look at his toothy grin...he looks like a kampong pumpkin and probably thinks like one too. Of course he is going to defy whatever directive that lame duck PM is giving him. Why should he listen when he wasn't even appointed by him! Talking about Malay-unity my foot! Just you wait, the whole episode is going to be swept under the carpet again and that stupid and useless PM will lamely submit to this disgusting treachery just like many of the same committed by these goons in UMNO.

Anonymous said...

The Trengganu Merc incident just shows what a lame duck PM the Sleepy Head has become. Even the Najis character is no better. If the Trengganu EXCO could show their middle fingers to these two ineffective and gutless morons and get away with it, one can expect more and even worse show of defiance.

Whatever the shortcomings of mamakthir, he would not have countenanced such blatant defiance. He would have pulled up those involved by their dicks and sacked them not only from their exalted positions but from the party as well. That is mamakthir at his best just like kicking out the high ranking judges from the judiciary. The truth is they did not even challenge his authority.He THOUGHT they would be a threat to his authority.

Sleepy Head might as well go for tuition from the master of intrigue and machiavellian political upmanship. He might charge you a bit more because he just can't stand the sight of you and your flip-flop ways.

Johor UMNO has issued notice that they do not favour you or Najis as the next PM. They want a Johorean.

Pantang dicabar, konon!Now everyone in UMNO wants to throw a challenge. You, Sleepy Head can't fight all. You might as well throw in the towel. That is what mamakthir and his supporters want. What say you?

Zawi said...

Just send the soup to his SIL who will show serve him for lunch hehehe. Nobody takes this PM seriously anymore. He is trying to please every MB to ensure safe passage for himself this coming AGM.

Anonymous said...


The present Terengganu's MB does not care of our flip-flop PM.His bolt decision of purchasing 14 Mercs without following directive indicates that man,he has balls.I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.As there must be some backing from invisible hands,this daring MB would dare to oppose federal directive if he deems that it is within his rights.Let see what's next in his agenda!

Anonymous said...

Abang Zorro,

The conspiracy is being unearthed by our Chief Commander: RPK and Malaysiakini is trailing him for "national outlook." I want your highly charged comments. ASAP. The evil clique must be told the truth when the iron is hot.

ben said...

"Saya pantang the cabar!". Who said that ? Adoi !

Is there strategic thinking in Malaysia ?

artchan said...

Nobody gives a shit to the PM. Even his own CM in trengganu.

Anonymous said...

" dun you DARE to CABAR me, ok !
jin..jin.. give me the abc soup !"

Anonymous said...

" A-B-C-D-E-F-G ! i love the abc soup, jin..jin... sayang..give some more ... plus some milk !"