Monday, July 28, 2008


THIS Suzuki Harunobu, detail of a Shunga (erotic woodblock print). Circa 1750. London, Victoria & Albert Museum has been amateurishly doctored by the author to respect the sensibilities of some of his readers who may take offense by this graphic presentation.
Further, the author is not responsible if any inordinate inclinations result from this.
Viewer and reader discretion is advised.

For weeks I have been plummeted with queries as to the veracity of Malaysia Today's interview.
A little past Sunday midnight I read RPK's piece on Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid of the Hospital Pusrawi.

This morning Malaysiakini too featured this expose here.

This manufactured fracas really demeans Malaysia. Whilst the whole world is mocking us the perpetrators of this vile accusation against DSAI through their daily news organ has maintained a stony embarrassing self-imposed vow of silence.

This badly-scripted fiasco was not authored by Saiful who we all know was a dismal drop-out. He was coached and buggered senseless (pun intended) by his handlers, who if they had done their homework and did some serious research would have spun a more credible intrigue.

His handlers would have lectured him on buggery which is synonymous with anal sex,
most often refers to the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the rectum. The term anal sex can also sometimes include other sexual acts involving the anus, including but not limited to anilingus
commonly and euphemistically referred to today as rimming, rim-job, salad tossing, butt/ass licking and eating ass. Insertion of a dildo is not buggery. Period. So Saiful was royally buggered into believing that his handlers knew no wrong including his uncle (or aunty?) His father knew better than to be around. No?

However, Saiful has been certified a virgin here, if that is any consolation. Me I lost my virginity there when a doctor fingered me to examine my prostate. At my age who cares about being a virgin anwhere, as long as I have not been buggered. Dang it has to be malt-time, today at NPC. I miss SB Loy, Shirley, Shanghai Stephen, Nor My Kai Arnaz, Nasty Bob, Rocky and Ena.


Anonymous said...

You are most definitely right in your assumption.

Police investigators, sit up and take note. If Saiful is examined to be an 'anal virgin' then his claims of sodomy by DSAI 5 or 6 times over is false. Hence...he is lying...hence...he is making a false report...hence ...a libel suit is in order for tainting DSAI's name...gosh..must we do ALL the work for you guys in blue...sheesh...

Inserting objects is not buggery.

Incidentally, a UK man was arrested and charged in court for buggery of

...meeeh...meeeh...sheep last week!


Hawkeye Jack said...

hi zorro,
that was a very definitive explaination on buggery and this site should be rated "R" for adults only. haha.
Anyway so now what do we do with those slime balls of fabricators, can we just throw them in jail?

greetings from singapore.

Anonymous said...

Now this Sinfool (Saiful) guy has really screwed himself! I can tell you his arsehole is getting bigger everyday!

Anonymous said...

I think the whole pack of government lackeys are clowns.It is like a circus show showing the government fooling Malaysians to believe the sodomy case of Anwar.Now,the cat is out of the bag and Malaysians can throw shit at the Home Minister who is a disgrace in trying to spread lies with facts to foreign dignitaries recently.What a nincompoop Minister he is and I hope he sinks his face in the mud to escape embarrassment from them later.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole pack of government lackeys are clowns.It is like a circus show showing the government fooling Malaysians to believe the sodomy case of Anwar.Now,the cat is out of the bag and Malaysians can throw shit at the Home Minister who is a disgrace in trying to spread lies with facts to foreign dignitaries recently.What a nincompoop Minister he is and I hope he sinks his face in the mud to escape embarrassment from them later.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

I think it is about time our PM sent a personal invitation to Osama Bin Laden to visit Malaysia (rather, Putrajaya).


Well at least he can learn how to bugger his enemies. Here are some preliminary attractions:

1. Not only do you put two bullets between the eyes but learn how to successfully C4 any foreigner.

2. How to get your hands on highly guarded C4 without being traced so that you can blow to smittens your pest-enemy.

3. How to earse all records of entry-egress without anyone suspecting and finally escaping having to explain the works.

4. How to get citizens to retract SDs and make them disappear to the extent that even Interpol will not know.

5. How to mysteriously make individuals who talk against your plans to be made untraceable.

6. How to bugger your arch rival/s for good with sodomy charges.

7. And of course how to hide your ill gotten riches and yet silence anyone who dares to whistle.

8. Last but not least how to globe-shop in style and buy everything and anything you fancy with an unending funding stream.

Arnaz M. Khairul said...

Dear Mr. Zorro,
I cherish your friendship and enjoyed all the happy moments we shared together.
But I find it very funny that you finally decide to include me in your posting, when you're talking about anal sex!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Being publicly accused of an alleged crime is no small matter
Worse still when it's sodomy that won't make anyone pregnant or any fatter
For those really guilty it's time to put on the fetter
Whether or not they like to eat margarine or butter

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290708
Tue. 29th July 2008.

amoker said...

Spot on Zorro. The story is full of holes, the timeline is screwed and even part time actors do not want to be involved. The handlers are really bad at their job. Saiful the drop out should do some research on this subject to aid his play acting.

zorro said... find it funny or you find it distasteful that I included you in my posting on anal sex. If I offended you, that was not my intention, believe me. You were not the only one mentioned. I mentioned all the people I missed and that was why I was visiting NPC last night. I rather prefer the wharf but I missed particularly the ones I mentioned. Take this as a public apology if I have offended you.

bexe said...

What does all this say about the leadership of BN/ UMNO? Even the author of the first episode of this conspiracy was embarrassed that his folly is being repeated, senselessly.
Bravo to the good doctor whose bravery should be emulated and celebrated. Bravo too to the other unnamed doctor from the hospital who checked the rectum the second time.

Amongst the stupidity within UMNO and even PAS and the hypocrites and shameless people within, I salute these 2 individuals who not only uphold their own honor but our honor as well.

Now let us see the continuing complicity of this Government as they pervert the course of justice; which in itself is a crime against our country and our rule of law. Continuation of this out-of-hand contemptuous conduct must not be allowed – they must be brought to book or else it will make a mockery of our laws, our justice, and our whole justification of being a civilized society. Incumbency is a powerful position.

Who then can we rely on to bring justice to bear? People-power? The Royals? Or both!
Yes we can.

Antares said...

Aha! What have we here? Minuscule traces of PVC lodged in Mr Sighful's righteous rectum? Has the young man been sodomizing himself with a dildo and blaming it on his fantasy father figure? Or is the scenario more akin to the one in this classic Jewish joke a dear friend sent me? In any case, Bernard, I'm considering filing a police report against you for desecrating a fine example of 18th century Japanese erotic art with your misplaced prudery!

Lao' Cha said...

Yo zorro,

It'll be a while before Sleepy does any research and come up with a credible statement regarding the 'accidental' bombshell of a report.

However, you can bet Botak will claim that it was doctored and demand to autheticate the Original Copy.

Forget statement coming from those in blue. They are so despise nowadays, they are irrelevant to society.

On a lighter note and certainly no apoligies for this one, have a go at this tongue twister. I took half an hour on this because he's on the top ten of the country's 'PUBLIC ENEMY OF THE NATION' list. Here goes..


They sell fool's ass by the seashore, the ass they fool is Saiful's ass.

Darn, I'm beat.

Khun Pana said...

Dont blame this entire episode solely on najis.
He is a najis but this time the najis is not involved.
Somebody from the pro badawi team "arranged" the polis and Shitfool to meet najis.
To make the plan actually came from najis.
This liwat-liwat have nothing to do with najis.
However the najis and rosma have something to do with the Altantuya case.
The Altantuya case, yes he is involved .But not this liwat case .
As somebody related to the pm gave this "gift" to najis.
We do hate the najis fella , but then he is not that stupid.
Expect more shits coming from umno and those pro bodowi people.
Especially those high ranking polis opposing IPCMC.

As for saifool, he is a dropout and a born loser.He tricked his family and his cute "tunang".He even managed to trick najis.
As for malay unity between umno and pas, it is all bullshit.
It is to saves umno. It have nothing to do with Malaysia and unity.

Thank you

artchan said...

What if he pays someone to sodomize him to save face?

How will we know?

Anonymous said...

" I am an honest doctor, i cant doctor it one , please dun force me to doctor something what a doctor should not doctor ... mr. zorro, please dun you doctor mine as you did on the block with 'liquid paper, ok ?"

Anonymous said...

Saifool has now become a pain in BeeEnd's Arse.


- Anarchy

Anonymous said...

Maybe his "auntie" has already been sodomizing him, we'll never know too.

What stupid fucking jokes some Malaysians will go all out to do!

Anonymous said...

now tat the can of worms stinks...botak want to wrap it up quickly pulak...

nak simpan under ur pillow ah ??

n ezam want to cover his sloppiness by playing hero...want to contest agst his ex-mentor pulak...

all these worms...tak guna punya....

zorro said...

Antares, I beseech you not to make the police report. However if you put up a Statutory Declaration I have no choice but to produce the woodblock masterpiece sans prudish touch up.

zorro said...

Anon 8:18am....liquid paper??? Hello...air-brush more like it.

zorro said...

Loa' Cha: that was a cruel exercise you gave:


but it was fun the way is it Humid or Hamid....latter sounds better.

Arnaz M. Khairul said...

Hehehe.. Mr. Zorro, if you remember, even the Fisherman from the Wharf was at the club last night. Anyway, I wasn't offended. No hard feelings.
See you there again tonight...

flyer168 said...

Dear Bernard,

Looks like the "Reverberations" are getting "Louder" in the "BN & UMNO Empire" and the floor "Rocking like an Earthquake" with "Conscience ala Naluri" slowly but surely doing the "Needful".

"Divine Interventions" works "Wonders"!

These are all Deviations from the real issue “the unneccessary murder of an innocent Mongolian young mother in MALAYSIA”.

Why must this great nation, its Institutions, its National Security for the Rayaat, its National Economy & its rayaat suffer for a few “Power Crazy” individuals.

The nation & the rayaat is getting sick & tired of the whole BN “Charade” which has brought this nation, its Institutions, its economy, down the “Gutter”.

It is not about being Pro any Party or Personality.

We are the Downtrodden God fearing, Law abiding, Tax paying & Peace loving rayaat in this great nation called Malaysia for Malaysians.

This nation BADLY want the “TRUTH” to restore “Justice, Freedom & Peace” in this great nation called “Malaysia” for Malaysians.

Let us get back into “Focus” with the “REAL issue” & get back to the “Rule of Law” and "Beyond Reasonable Doubt"

In a criminal trial the burden is upon the PROSECUTION to PROVE the guilt of the accused “Beyond any reasonable doubt”.

Just get the named people to PERSONALLY “Sue, DSAI & RPK, etc” if they have nothing to HIDE.

They can say their piece in the “Court of Law” - Period.

That is why all their charges on YM RPK, DSAI, etc cannot hold up in the Court of Law - Defective and in Bad Faith.

The rayaat would like to end this “Charade” which has cost this nation “Millions”, going on a “Wild Goose chase”.

Meanwhile the Downtrodden rayaat may reconsider “Repositioning themselves & their families Financially, etc , fasten their seatbelts “Tight” to safely ride this “Political & Financial’ Tsunami....

Antares said...

Bernard, I hope you haven't lost any sleep over my threat to report you to the Art Police for willful vandalism. I did say I was "considering" it - a trick I learned from Musa Hassan, who's fond of saying, "We're considering taking action against so-and-so for making us look like a buncha uniformed clowns." So... whatever happened to NST's libel suit against Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan? You know, for several days now, I've had this weird insight that Altantuya Shaariibuu was actually descended from a long line of Siberian shamans and possessed witchy powers which she unfortunately used to maintain a jetsetting lifestyle, hobnobbing with international arms dealers and
sugardaddy playboys. Najib and Baginda would have spared themselves and Malaysia a whole lot of hassle if they had been gracious enough to pay her what she felt was her due. That's all she came for - the money they promised her. Instead, some vindictive local witch took the law into her own hands and got the Mongolian rival cruelly murdered and blown up. Since then BN has stumbled from one disaster to another... and I feel the final end is approaching. What an astounding epic drama: the Mongolian witch who destroyed Umno with her dying curse!

zorro said...

Kit....always can sleep after a few stiff ones.
For a fact I know that Jeff wants to pursue his case to the end. Meantime they both wait for less turbulent times.

Are u still in the vicinity of KKB?

Me... Only Better said...

Anallingus?? Would that be after Saifool had diarrhoea?

Then maybe we should examine the tongues of:

Pak Lah
Radzi Sheikh Ahmad(someone shud check on him...)

Prime Analingus suspects...

Must we do all the bloody police work for these idiots????

Zorro..missed you today...I come to MRT first time and hero not there...lucky got other heroes also...if not cannot jamu mata

Anonymous said...

the polis & the DG are bluffing lah : only one medical report by the myanma doctor and the other in HKL not out yet according to a doc who wrote to mr smith !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

If anyone needs to be buggered by a dick or any other long and thick object, it is none other than that stupid mamak who started this whole shitty business 10years ago.

Now the same shitty scenario has raised its ugly head with some of the nincompoops from the BN Bodohland trying to imitate the wily mamak.

While these BN goons are playing their dick in the arse hobby, the rakyat as a whole is suffering. We seem to be showered with more and more scandals with never an end in sight. The loony characters running the govt. don't seem to care if the country is going to the dogs and is on the verge of becoming another third world country like Zimbabwe whose Mugabe is admired by the crafty mamak.

When will the hankering for sodomy (UMNO, khalwat(JABATAN AGAMA), voyeurism (JA & RELA) and the fetish (SOME UMNO MPs) take on women's attire take a backseat so that real governance of the nation can again take hold?

Thanks, Zorro for your expertise in the air brush technique or it might become another inspiration for Najis and his mafia dickheads.

We are sick and tired of all these sodomites!

jonathan said... they say the DR MOAH is just a GP... not qualified or is the hospital illegally employing some foreign worker who came to work in a restaurant and got ended up with as a doctor thinking he is one because he is wearing white uniform? so does it mean the GP report is crap like this whole episode.
So the Hippocratic Oath Breach Exposes Rear Breach Hypocrisy? is my say on this.

Fartwah said...

UMNOlebihdiraja maharajalela now feels threatened. they know if Anwar becomes PM all will be exposed as it is being done in PENang. Now they are trying to dance with Pas to hold on to power in order to prevent the tke over of the government..



SAIFUL is not a small boy...he is crying "wolf! wolf!..for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.