Thursday, July 26, 2007


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Now that our PM is on extended vacation there is battle royale amongst those whose name starts with "N". News or rumours that the Agong has the power to change Prime Ministers has started a frenzy amongst people who has morbid ambitions. But this guy is going full throttle and all guns blazing to breast the tape. He even got front page treatment with UMNO's daily newsletter, the New Straits Times. Since he cannot talk about corruption or murders openly (unless Kiara is revisited) he is attacking Bloggers. They are giving him more coverage than the other "N" who is supposedly annointed as next up there. I hear there are efforts by some UMNO front-runners surreptitiously changing their names to begin with "N"....just to be in Muhumad to Nuhamad because Muhamad has been snuffed out by the Raja Bugis Blogger. One guy whose name starts with K changed to N but when he realized that it sounded like a fairy, he held back. One with a Z attempted to change to Nakaria. But that is the name of pasah malam slippers sold in the old port town. It was then that I woke up in cold sweat. It was a dream, bordering on a nightmare.

It was only then that I realised that my wish for the next Prime Minister could still be a reality, not usurped by common village pretenders. It spells NAZRIN. Then will begin the golden age of Malaysia after 50 years of mix and match. There will only be hope for Malaysia if he reigns as Prime Minister.....we began with a prince and this cycle will end with a prince. After that....well that is another story to be told.......


28/7, Sat, 3pm, KL-S’gor Chinese Assembly Hall">Facing & Surviving the Internet Clampdown: Our Liabilities, Rights and Responsibilities
28/7, Sat, 3pm, KL-S’gor Chinese Assembly Hall

Nathaniel Tan (Nat to all) will co-ordinate this Forum. It is his way of saying thank you for all the support he received during his 4 days as resident guest of the IGP. Lawyer R Sivarasa and activists S Aruthelvan and Soo Li Tsin are scheduled to speak. It would be a bonus if Raja Petra too speaks. I believe Nat will moderate this forum. Nat will throw in a small snacks party too in appreciation of the support he got from all caring Malaysians. So start the week-end well...keep a date with Nat and company. I'll be there you bet to learn and of course the curry-puffs. See ya.(visit for more details.


dave said...

Would Muhamad alias Nuhamad do? Or to put in full Nuhamad bin Nuhamad or 2 Nuhamad courtesy of RPK. Yours was a dream. While day dreaming and thinking of floods my mind went to good old Sami. I imagined Sami in his underpants, you know the type of half-pants, cleaning up after a flood in a house cursing the rain. Good for you Sami I said. Then a flash Sami was actually near a wooden house. Come one Sami, I was forced to say, you know all about rain and why the heck are you suffering in an atap house. Please-lah build a cement house, it won't leak. Vagaries of the weather indeed.

Melvin Mah said...

It sounds kind funny to me given that there are some fellas trying to bid to become the sixth PM of Malaysia. But I do know that this was no coincidence and I can see it coming.

If you recall, the first names of the 5 PMs are Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah and the next one is N - either Najib or Nazri. This will form as the RAHMAN formula.

It is definitely either of these two, and we are facing the fact that decisions of both men may or may not pose problems to Malaysia's stability. So, in the next GE, we may have to go for the lesser of the two evils.

Anonymous said...

Nazrin is my hope! Long live Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Nazrin is my hope! Long live Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Beware zorro in what you say. they may charge you with attempt to incite thru the blog overthrow of the present government by way of undemocratic means. Hey, this is bolehland and with the complicity of the police, anything goes.
As for your suggestion, it will be a dream come true if Nazrin does become the leader of this country. We need an enlighten person to lead the country out of the morass.

Zawi said...

I dont care a hoot about the RAHMAN for formula. What is perturbing me is the absence of any figure in the present cabinet who is worthy of becoming the next PM. So much so that only persons outside the cabinet such as Raja Nazrin is perceived by many as the better choice.

Whatever may come, UMNO will be the one who will choose the next PM. Thus we will be stuck with the same PM or with another of the same kind.