Thursday, July 12, 2007


Every Wednesday and Friday I make my twice-a-week pilgrimage to the National Press Club to top up and to talk cock with my blogger buddies. Twice a week I pass along Jalan Parliament. Today I will change my route even if it takes me thru this German Town (map/pic). Why? I do not want to be in the vicinity where people like the smell of BLOOD or hear the ghostly blood-curdling pleadings of cows and goats being sacrificed to bless the nuptials of their political boss. Fifty years on and we are still practising this babarity and making a public spectacle of it. I will not pass the place where the Speaker, already in dotage still make senile pronouncements. Are we so short of human capital that he still holds office (despite a sojourn in my chamber). In most countries these people are usually let out to graze....they have outlived their usefullness (like race horses or non-performing stud bulls). But not in Bolehland. However the Chairman of the BackBenchers Club takes the podium with the classic case of apple-shining and ass-worshiping.......orchestrating a bloody spectacle to mark the marriage of the newly-weds. What's happening to us? Could this be the reason why Malaysians are leaving? Brain-drain whilst the fossilised brains attempt to govern us. I am not finished yet. But the three mek-mek (read lowland goats as opposed to Star editor Vera's mountain goat) who till today, after so much of abuse hurled at the Indian community are still maintaining their DISTASTEFUL SILENCE. No prize for quessing who these three low-lying goats are. Sheesh, I have to leave for the NPC new route will take me thru this here town.........have to rush....frigging thirsty and it is already 7.00pm. But I have to share this Letter to the Sun:

A question of sensitivity

As a Muslim, I am embarrassed at the slaughtering of cows and goats in the Parliament compound. I agree that the intention was noble, that is to celebrate our prime minister's marriage.

The issue here is respecting the sensitivities of others. Is it very difficult? As a multi-racial nation and living side by side with various communities for so long, have we forgotten that the cow is sacred for the Hindus? Did none of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BBC) members give it a thought?

I hope the BBC members have not forgotten how sensitive Muslims in Malaysia and the whole world demonstrated, in some places violently, when a cartoon depicting our prophet appeared in a newspaper. Have we forgotten the anger and hatred we showered on Salman Rushdie of the Satanic Verses fame?

In the same light, we should also be sensitive to others.

Didn't anybody think there will also be non-Muslim MPs from the BN and Opposition who will join in to celebrate the PM's wedding?

This insensitivity has happened a number of times. It is not unusual to see the slaughter of cows "live" on TV during the Hari Raya Kurban festival. I am not against slaughtering cows but please feel for our Hindu friends and others.

It is difficult to understand the excuse given by BBC chairperson Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar that it was done with good intentions. He also said if not at the parliament where else? Mr MP, I can't believe I am hearing this from you.

More disappointing was the excuse given by our respectable Parliament Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib who said it is a common practice. I agree it is common practice, but can't we be uncommon?

I always believe that if we give due respect to others, then we will receive the same. You reap what you sow. Another rule to follow: Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

It is very heartwarming to hear some MPs like Fong Poh Kuan (Batu Gajah) and Kulasegaran (Ipoh Barat) who have spoken for the Hindus. Of course BBC member Devamany (Cameron Highlands) was not in the meeting when the decision was made. But then, why the deafening silence from the MIC MPs?

I sincerely believe a simple apology for this oversight is in order.

Manik Basha


Anonymous said...

You the man,Zorro,and your blogger name says it all. I was perplexed by the lack of mention of this topic by the regular guys (they know who they are!).Yes, the incident at the Parliment grounds is soooooooo SHAMEFUL?!!? WHY? BECAUSE THE PARLIMENT REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA,THAT'S WHY!
It shouldnt be narrowly seen as just an offence to the HIndu or Buddist or animals lovers.NO,that is not how it should be SEEN. This is MY GOD, THE PARLIMENT OF MALAYSIA.I say it again,it represent the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA AND IT GROUNDS HAVE JUST BEEN VIOLATED!


kerp said...

hahaha...this is crazy mann..

fucking should be great. i mean, surely that fucking place is a fantastic destination to spend your holidays right? i sure would recommend the honeymooners to try fucking. i'd wish them something like, 'bon voyage guys, enjoy fucking'.

i wonder if the locals r known as fuckingers, or just plain fuckers?

nstman said...

That place has been desecrated so often that it has become a joke. Stupid MPs and their ilk have turned everything into a real big joke.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Of course its bloody insensitive but since when have BBC MPs have shown that they are sensitive to others.

As for the silence of MIC MPs and the easy to please Indian electorate, they reap what they sow.

alliedmartster said...

ah yes...they lost their voice, in Angeles City! :)

Anonymous said...

The Parliment House has long been respected and adored by all and sundry.I mean besides its important role for society and country,it was also a gem of a building in terms of beauty and structure.Just imagine,from now on till kingdom come,there will be many not just in Malaysia but also God knows where from,who will see it with a "tainted view" because of this "killings" in its grounds. How unfortunate !!!

Bozo Bozos Company


What a name for a town - Fucking. This is good stuff bro, but I think you may have done a disservice to Fucking. One of your favourite MPs may decide to visit this town and it will be Fucked.

eva's haven said...


where did they leave their brains?

they antics have long confirmed our fears -- that we have dingbats in that august house.

God save Malaysia!

nstman said...

I called up Adolf Hitler and Hitler said he was very pleased with what happened at Parliament. Well done, Barisan MPs, saviour of the people, the people's heroes. And by the way, Hitler has invited all Barisan MPs, especially from Umno, to visit Fucking, a city of the future. You can go Fucking the whole day.

Mat Salo said...

Unker Bernard..

As far as our MP's are concerned, this is called "flogging a dead horse". If your remember JJ re: the incident with the M'sian Indian student in LA, he claimed to have apologised. Apologize my foot. These guys just just want the damn thing to die away. They don't know that the stupidity of their insensitive actions might cost them. Oh wait, no relevance. Be End will win by an even wider margin this time...

Keep on flogging that dead horse, Sir. You never know.. That's what it amount to - sorry state of affairs if our Be End reps...

Anonymous said...

as long as those umno sakai rule this ubi land...the worst is to come, 2 bad i cant go into the parliment...if not i'll shit infront of the main entrance! it's normal what! pitty the parliment cleaners 2...damn the brainless melayus

Anonymous said...

Even if they did it to a couple of chickens the effect is the same,which is the desecration of the sanctity of the "august" parliment house.Every country normally respects such places as "holy" and accords their "parliment" area utmost respect.The scary part of this whole issue is that the public seems to know this but the BBC MPs have proved they dont.God save Malaysia.

mis_tey said...

Tell ya. Confirmed we have dungus as our MPs. No brainers.

What a tragedy!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me anymore. Many Malaysian leaders including those in Paliament do not deserve the modern facilities the people paid for them.

Religion aside, why should the Parliament House be used for social function like celebrating a wedding?

The first year the government moved to Putra Jaya, I almost puked when I fount out government officers were slicing and cooking daging kurban in the compound of Blok D.

Apparently one of the buildings almost cought fire because the ladies there actually cook in the office!! Try check the ladies toilets and suraus in Putrajaya and KLIA -- some of these government officers treat these facilities like their flat!! You can see soap, facial wash, powder...

Anonymous said...

defined moment for balls carrying. cant blame them, can you when the election is around the corner.