Wednesday, July 18, 2007




Mat Salo said...

Yes Unker... Al-Fatehah to the dearly departed RMAF officers...

But it's still no excuse for the SAR to take 5 DAYS!!! This hints at shenanigans that originated in Mindef ...the poor souls had paid with their life...

I know, sometime it's fate and accidents happen. But I want to know that it wasn't shoddy or poorly-maintained equipment that led to the disaster in the first place, and the following disastrous SAR that took a further five excriciating days.

Appreciate your tribute to the fallen heroes, Sir.


alfatihah. thank you for the posting, brother.


My deepest condolences to their families.
Let's hope that there will be no recurrence of such a tragedy.

zewt said...

the pilot was my classmate.

zorro said...

Zewt, sad to hear this, but you have somebody up there who will look out for you. That's a consolation.We shoot up our prayers for these gallant Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

After close to 40 years in service, 18 deadly mishaps of the Nuris ~ we now realized that we should look into purchasing different types of Chopper.

Get real man.

Museum Subtance Materials.

Majority of the Nuris will be grounded in three years.

Why do we need close to 1500 personnels to conduct search & rescue for the ill-fated Nuri? Too many people. Waste of time. A transponder aka Beacon will do the trick.

Only now the ministry is aware of it? Brain dumbo for executive chair warmer. Of coz you have the answer for that...the enemy might detact you. But are we now going into war with some country...?

3. How to locate the Nuri instantly? Well , spread the word around to `metal scrappers recycle people" . You`ll get the metal out in a jiffy.

4. We are now considering to purchase new Helli to replace ageing vintage Nuri which is fitted to be located in front of the ATM museum by now.

The Nuris should enter the Malaysia Books of Records for the oldest and greatest widow maker since 1968. Not a laughing matter, mate.

5. Considering buying new sets of Hellicopters? Oh no. Another girl will be blown up for the consultant job. The smell of dead rat is overwhelming...!

6. Lets do the new script now...who shall be the victim, location, accused, scape goat, etc.

Perhaps we should do our checking on whatelse is Classic & Vintage in the Bolehland country.

KTM old coaches, Tong Fong Busses, FAM team etc etc...


John Labu.

A Voice said...

"Burung" Nuri terbang tinggi
Terbang bertugas untuk negara
Pak Najib, Bapaknya Nori
Tak sedih ke pada keluarga?

Terbang bertugas untuk negara
Malam siang tak kira cuaca
Tak sedih ke pada keluarga?
Naik nuri banyak mangsa

Malam siang tak kira cuaca
"Burung" cantik tuan guna
Naik nuri banyak mangsa
Adakah tuan tidak berduka?

"Burung" cantik tuan guna
Tukar Nuri tak mahu belanja
Adakah tuan tidak berduka?
Kerna tak belanja, hilang nyawa

Al Fatihah.

We prayed for you, Nur Intan and friends but God love you more.

QueenB said...

Al-Fatihah to the fallen heroes. And thanks for the posting.
BTW, don't forget CTT Launch tomorrow at 3:30PM at Aman Suria.

zorro said...

queenb....I passed your circular around without noting the venue myself....venue please.tks.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

It's been a while since I came here, over a week plus (two?)...But now I'm back, and I see I've got a lot a catching up to do! Thanks for the sweet thought on the six lifes lost on the dratted Nuri...

My condolences to their families...

Rest in peace to all six...

Monster Mom said...

I've experienced similar tragedy last few years when a pilot from MiG (my cousin) ejected and was only found after two days. I was there for the whole search and rescue fiasco bullshit....

I cursed them since..and still..and will always do... esp Najib n the gang....