Sunday, July 29, 2007


Galadriel, my sometimes-Tuesday mee rebus companion tagged me to write on Nizam Bashir's 50 Posts to Independence. Here goes, and from the deepest pits of my 67 year old heart:

We had 46 years of up and down, mostly ups. But the last 3-4 years have been a precipitous slide into near criminal chaos. The 46 years belonged to my era. The last few years were the beginning of a new era that hasn't caught my fancy I swore that I will be a good Malaysian, don't tell lies, religiously listen to my elected leaders and don't make waves and don't muddy the waters....and not even throw stones that might cause ripples in our calm, fetid political pond. I am going to be a good old Malaysian whatever years I have left I will be a model think tis ole dog can learn new on then:

Malaysians like me love the talllest stories, biggest scandals, broadest hints, wildest excuses, humongous leaks, spankiest mansions, magnanimous bail-outs, explosive liquidations, best-in-class corruption, etc. We just fall in love with superlatives and are nurtured and strive in this diet.

BUT when all these evaporate, we start shouting that there has been a cover-up, a total whitewash.

Fellow Malaysians, lets get rid of this mind-set. Our elected employees, our leaders have assured us that everything is A OK. The US will not do a Noriega, they will not kidnap our leaders. We are on a clean sheet now, semua-nya ok our leaders assure us. A new era is on the roll......there you go again....I am quite sick of some of you my fellow I am not the 26th Cyber trooper....because I do not qualify to be an UMNO member....I stick to my being a humble senior-citizen Malaysian....learning day to day to start live again on this new sheet.

The PM gave a very strident warning....firm and aggressive....that bloggers who spread lies WILL NOT be spared from the country's (he also meant any criminals, past, present and to come.) laws.I like it when my PM turns assertive. A CLEAN SHEET.

The AG proclaimed that two big wigs, under investigation, are found pure and untainted which prompted our PM to emphatically disallow any more debate on this matter. A CLEAN SHEET?
Not until he can promise that his prosecution teams, under his aegis, do not screw-up as they are wont to and allow the defence a clean breeze-thru ever so often.

The former taxi-minister, now promoted to be our guardian of good-order and maintenance cum chargeman in Parliament was vociferous in his condemnation of irresponsible (by whose definition?) bloggers. He said nobody will be spared the wrath of the government....nobody! This guy can really put fear into our timid Malaysian hearts. I am so scared that yesterday I went for a refresher course on what to do when you are arrested by authorities. A CLEAN SHEET IN PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY!

Even our DPM is incensed He warned bloggers to handle sensitive issues with care. He has come a long way from the day at TPCA stadium when he swore and waving a keris know, I know ok lah.....He is more mild-mannered now. He wants to show undivided loyalty to his numero uno. A CLEAN SHEET PERHAPS.....although his caustic racial antics and remarks of yore have recently rubbed off on his cousin, who now wants to promote sports in schools......A CLEAN SHEET IN THE FAMILY PROBABLY.

So it is incumbent on me an aged loyal Malaysian, to prove loyalty to my leaders BY NOT LYING. From this day on, in the spirit of the CLEAN SHIT...oooppppps SHEET, I will tell the TRUTH,THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.....SO HELP ME GOD!
But I will not have any young twirp, who has still got his mum's milk dripping from his mouth, telling me not to monkey around. Did he not monkey around when US Secretary of State, Ms Rice was a guest of his father-in-law?
The truth, the whole truth....and nothing but the truth!


Here are the others that preceded me.
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I now tag Daphne Ling as #1


Anonymous said...

fil & sil simply shooting their mouths.

mmm... probably two weeks in the outback ( hanging with dingos/ kangaroos & crazy hot spell ) got their brains all twisted & fried up.

Anonymous said...

just read :

from rosli ismail - agenda daily :
kalau raja petra 'ada telur'

ros... ( sorry rosli, cos ros sound like someone w/out 'telur' )

1st thing - ros, sorry rosli... so you blog rite & your bradder, that racist rempit boy just called you a monkey.

2nd thing - ros, sorry rosli... have check in wiki... it should be Daily Agenda & not the other way round... just like rosli ismail & ismail rosli ain't the same, rite! No wonder you guys r messed up lots ( but if u insist, pls put it as Agenda Harian )

Zawi said...

Anyway the opposition can focus on certain seats so that we can kick those MPs out come next GE?

The list should include the folowings:
1. Pak Lah
2. SIL (He will definitely be contesting come next GE)
3. Nazri
4. Zam
5. Semi (A bit difficult since he made sure that his constituents are well fed)
Fill in the rest please. There are too many of them and I cant decide who deserve to be kicked out most.

Anonymous said...

taxi minister? remember the thousands of taxi licence issued to connected parties?
calling bloggers (those that blog about corruption and misbehaviour) monkeys? remember the veil threats that come out from his mouth?
he who lives in glass house, stop throwing stones.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the whole truth EXCEPT the Truth. The history of this country under the UMNOputras is a totally clean shit, sorry...following your mistake!! Sheet. maybe during TAR'es tenure and started going downhill when those culprits who overthrew TAR took over. We are loyal to this country and more important than being loyal to politicians. Patriots are loyal to THE COUNTRY and should NOT be to poly-tick-cians. Some do betray their families, their conscience, and sell their souls to be in power. I love this country and if you said I am anti-establishment, yes, especially a corrupted establishment like ours. Corrupted in thoughts, words and deeds.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle Bernard,
Thanks for the honour, and thought...Number 1 indeed! I feel very pressured all of a sudden ;) I'll put my post up on the 31st of Aug, as told =)
See ya round, Uncle B!

A Voice said...

Rosli Agenda daily has no telor. He published a letter vilifying TDM and promised to publish the replies he received.

Till today he ahs yet to publish it. My sources say he has been bought and RPK is right. Even MyKMU has removed his website from thier blogroll.

Nvertheless, the burden of proof is now on RPK.