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In her New Sunday Times column Paddy Bowie featured the quiet leaders dispelling the myth that if you want to be a good leader, you have to be LOUD. She volunteered: "the noisy politicians are in PAS and Keadilan or the extremist minority in UMNO".

I do not need to do a dissertation to reveal this loudmouth. The globally knowledge-empowered citizens can point him out blindfolded, just depending on the sonic boom this LM keeps emitting. The latest being:

' UMNO Youth demanded MCA leadership to stop issuing comments saying Malaysia is a secular state because such action does not bring any benefit to anybody.(What, you mind-reader now?)

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the UMNO Youth Chief, emphasised that polemics such as this should not be highlighted by MCA because it does not bring any good except to result in negative consequences. (Have you planned the negative consequences? Tread carefully,hoi!)

He threatened, "I am giving THIS WARNING to MCA leadership to stop issuing such comments. I am NOT a leader who is naive that will allow this type of action to continue. My warning (to MCA leadership) is to stop making comments." (crowed like a young cock.)

He said this after officiating the UMNO Bahagaina Ranau meeting last night.'

I hope the MCA leadership are not shivering with fright. Clearly Hisham is giving MCA such broad hints that they are not needed in the coalition. So what you chinks waiting for?

My dear "NOT a leader who is naive" Hisham, let me further quote what Madam Bowie said in her column: "Tun Hussein Onn, of the most retiring disposition, had the guts to jail the powerful Datuk Harun Idris (who chose not to be quiet). Question: Would your dad put you under ISA for such unbridled proclamations? You know better. And furthermore recall what your revered father declared?(above pic)

This how the report in the Star reads :

"Former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn has supported Tunku Abdul Rahman’s view that Malaysia should NOT be turned into an Islamic state'The nation can still be functional as a SECULAR state with Islam as the offical religion,' he said."

What were YOU thinking of when YOU made what appear to me to be unfounded claims?

Aside from being untrue, they also amount to a slur on Tunku and your Dad.

These two great statesmen got it wrong? Have you heard of Zorro's Chamber?


The contents of this post has been pilfered from various Officially Sanctioned Archives littered in cyber-space.

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Hammerhead said...

Shouldn't he be arrested under ISA for endangering the safety and unity of the country? By making these unconstitutional claims, he has proven that he is a traitor to the country and should be charged with treason.

ewoon said...

This one is the biggest goon if i ever saw one. i am surprised he did not wield his crooked sword as he farted from his mouth.

Definitely a Mexican Gas Chamber candidate.

mob1900 said...

He's untouchable coz Bolehland rules doesn't apply to these patronizing AMNObleaks. Like all Barisan Najis leaders, they still cling on to clouding the ppl with sectarian violence and threats!
Like a baby being in same diaper for too long, it gets smelly and messy!

BigDogDotCom said...

The Minister of Education now managed near 10,000 schools across the country with complicated needs and requirements and more than 300,000 teachers, mostly NUTP members to manage. Personally I would not want that job and it is the most complicated and high strung demanding job, when he has to deal with over 3 million parents and guardians.

Too much variables in this job.

Being the UMNO Youth Head, it is his call that UMNO cannot accept MCA's Secretary General to denounce that Malaysia is not an Islamic country but a secular state.

zorro said...

Biggie, if he does not have the sterner stuff to handle his portfolios then do the needful.Let somebody more professional take over. It is never a shame to say you cannot do a job. We are in a mess because people are afraid to admit that they are no bloody good and not cut up for a job. I was there before as a teacher and as a union leader. If there are grievances it is always over the ever changing systems engineered by EMs who were never teachers and therefore cannot empathize with the profession.Lets not make excuses for people who at every turn put the blame on others except themselves.Ever heard of the Peter Principle? Each of us have our competency level. When we cannot do the job at that competency level, the results show like sore thumb.

As to him making the call....Tunku and his dad did not make that indiscreet call. He has got to take out his blinkers if he is to continue to move upwards, which prerequisite in such polarised time, means working with the component parties, professionally and maturely engaging them, instead of barking infantile warnings like a child throwing tantrums. Amin.

Nak Tak Nak said...

I don't think I am mistaken when I say it was the great TDM who first made this preposterous claim just to please the Malays. At that time they had a tiff with Gerakan. What do you expect of UMNO leaders, past and present.

nstman said...

Adolf Hisham screwed up the education system. He is a good for nothing mutt. Oops, sorry, he is good for something - brandishing his keris to frighten poor souls in the MCA and MIC. But he dares not brandish his crooked keris against the opposition because the opposition see through his stupidity. Seig heil.

Monster Mom said...

he and the likes of him can say whatever he wants but they'll never get my vote! ever!!!!

The Ancient Mariner said...

This is what happens when you allow nepotism to flourish.

It would appear now that MCA Youth is more mature than UMNO's anak bapak.

Anonymous said...


If you happened to put him on the mexican gas chamber be sure to make a photoshop revision of the head - make sure you put his head on there.

It would be more realistic...


artchan said...

his bapak was a real man..but this guy is a wimp.

His father was no nonsense leader and during his time the CM of Selangor was jailed for corruption.

And MCA..don't even mention them..after this outburst by the Wimp...they will be very quiet..such is the quality of our MCA leaders..don't have the balls to defend the Constitution

zorro said...

Anon, would be ideal but I cannot photoshop the meantime as long as the message gets across....tks for posting.

no$2migrate said...

The picture of Kerisman is just too good la bro!!

Trashed said...

In his statement (as reported by Bernama), he did not actually say that MCA was wrong - only not to make statements.

Does this mean he agrees that Malaysia is a secular state ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Keris waving and verbal assaults are his trademarks which are kind of thuggerish in nature. Setting an examle for the school children ( since he is the Minister of eductaion).

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Big Dog!

Of course it is Hisham's right to reject or accept the MCA's position on whether Malaysia is a secular or Islamic state.BUT that is NOT THE ISSUE, BCOZ HE DID NEITHER.

Instead he choose to tell( warn, threatened, same differance) the MCA to shut up or else...Thus, Big Dog, it is the thuggish and kurang ajar manner, that he employs in dealing with the issue that the MCA raised, WHICH IS THE AREA OF CONTENTION.Seperti puisi Usman awang that you cited previously in Rocky's, it is adab that ultimately defines whether someone is a Malay or otherwise, and this latest example of hisham's behaviour simply disqualifies him as being one.Kalau nak memperjuangkan isu Melayu, prasyrartnya perangai mestilah macam Melayu dahulu.Kalau perangai seorang menteri Melayu tak ubah macam perangai Pelir Raksaksa apa ertinya??

Dear Zorro!

I am a Malay nationalist and to me, the manner and adab you express your concern about the issue of the 'Islamic state' shows you are more Malay than Hishamuddin Keris(HK).Again and again, HK doesnt seem to realize that a dismissal is not a refutation. Instead of answering the MCA position, argument per argument, he prefers to intimidate and threatened, which ironically, only proves how weak he is rather than how strong.In a sense his stupidity, which is symptomatic of the intellectual bankruptcy which afflicts the majority of ARMNO leadership, is more of a threat to ARMNO than the MCA's stand.Oh, how i wish for the Malays of yesteryear, like Rashid ismail, Ismail Hussin etc-etc who understood perfectly that strength , humility and wisdom, WERE NOT contradiction in terms but rather merely different manifestations of the same quality.

Anyway,pls allow me to repost a comment i made on rocky's last year that demonstrates my contempt for HK's kurangajarness. Though the context was slightly differant i do feel that are enuf parellels in the current issue for me to repost it.

Dear Zorro,

As a malay nasionalist with no apologies n a person who loves umno, what hisham and people like him did was a tragedy. It encapsulates a total lack of understanding of what Malay culture and tradition is all about and betrays the legitamate basis of Umno's national struggle.

In one stroke they have done more harm to the Malays and Umno than all that Pas, DAP or coloniolism cud ever do- They have manage to make the Malays look like a bunch of marauding bandits and Umno like a thieve's den! N to do a most unMalay act in the name of Umno n the Malays?!If this doesn't qualify as a tragedy i don't know what does!

Don't they understand that the fundamental basis of Umno's struggle since its inception was to redeem, protect n promote Malay dignity? Not by robbing or intimidating others but by demanding that the rights that were soo long denied to us due to colonialism was return. Even when fighting against the Malayan Union, when most of us Malays were poverty stricken, ignorant, illiterate even.. we never once abandoned our behavioral protocols or to use our own words, our ADAB.

It was our hallmark..the British called us 'the perfect gentleman of the East' n coming from them, a people who believe that they define what is or is not 'gentlemanly conduct', that was high praise indeed. Cynics may taunt us say n that our Adab didn't manage to save us from colonialism- bt that simply means they don't know our history.

Our independence was unique-most ex-colonies, n many of them like india for instance were far more stronger than us,had to go through a bloodbath to achieve it. But in the case of the ignorant malays, not only was blood not spilled, but we had ex-British Residants fighting our cause n articulating our interest in Westminster itself!N the irony was so rich that some of them like Windstedt,as colonial officers, were amongst the most responsible individuals in the educational n economic marginalization of the Malays!

Why the about turn?..Unlike today money politics was not an option to the Malays- we were too poor to buy thier services:)The answer lies in our had won them over.. In a bizarre case of twist of fate , in the process of colonizing our lands we, the supposedly ignorant, timid malays had, on the other hand, manage to colonize their hearts, if not their minds. In a sense, the colonizers had been colonized.( Readers may want to ask: Am i being melodramatic?m i exagerating? Do an extansive research on Henry Gurney for instance, check the colonial office n you tell me)What took place after that is well documented and resulted in Merdeka.

But, in a way Merdeka for Malaya, was not Merdeka for the malays. The return of self determination gave an appearance of indepandance which was more apparent than real-it gave the Malays an optical illusion that everything was starting from a clean slate. This was bollocks of course-apart frm having some political power which was in soo many ways limited by the lack of economic power, to the vast majority of the Malays there was no differance between 1st September 1957 and 30th August of the same year. The economy was the same, the educational opportunities was also the same. We had inherited a colonial economy which was built on discrimination towards the Malays and if allowed to natural processes that unnatural n unjust state of affairs will continue naturally.

Naturally of course, no morally consciense society will allow that to happen n the Malays may have been many things then but immorall they were not. Hence the metamorphisis of Umno's struggle from 'menuntut kemerdekaan to mengisi kemerdekaan'which in many ways was simply a natural progression. And being true to their values and tradition they wanted to change the colonial economy into a more malaysian one yet at the same time without demanding that the non malays gave up whatever they had gain during the colonial period.

Hence, enter the NEP-an ambitious attempt to level the uneven colonial economic pitch that we had inherited. Actually that 's a poor anology becoz after decades of sytematic educational, economic and racial discrimination the malays were not even on the economic pitch.

So if your a morally conscience individual,malay or non-malay, the NEP in its objective is not an option, its a moral imperative.

To cut the story short, what i wanted to say is that in brandishing the keris and using such uncivilize language n intimidation tactics to our non malay brothers, hisham and co are undermining the legitamacy of the Malay cause. They r inadvertently reducing the Umno cause from fighting for rights denied to plundering the rights of others.The Malays r a unique people- they are so diverse in appearance and skin colour and contain in thier blood the blood of so many other races that strictly speaking it cannot accurately be define purely in racial or genetic terms. But what had been a defining characteristic throughout the ages was our adab, our behaviourial protocols. Some who have studied n ruminated on the Malays n thier history, have even describe 'Malayness' as a code of ethics- anyone can become one if he/she subscribes and adopts certain charateristics.

Hence, it is more saddening today that at a point in time where there has been soo many malays that are affluent, exposed and educated that our cause are being hijacked by people who have no inkling what so ever of what makes being malay meaningful. Never before have the Malays been championed by individuals who r soo unMalay,so devoid of decency and adab. Today its a tragic day indeed for today is the day hisha n co had manage to do what decades of colonization and poverty couldn't- they have manage to make soo many Malays to abandoned thier adab

To the non malays i can only offer my appologies and to the malays i ask that we pray for a swift return to our moral foundations

Trashed said...

Totally agree with Mat Rempit Hubris that the Malay of old was certainly the epitome of culture and adat and lament the lack of this trait in the Malay of today.