Saturday, July 21, 2007


I dedicate this post to my friend, my neighbour, my buddy, my source of inspiration in times when I thought that everything was unfair. My neighbour Danny is wheel-chair bound but he always has a smile for me. Danny started a I did no arm-twisting although I am inherently inclined to this subtle art of persuasion in most circumstances. Go visit him at I am extending this invitation to all blog babes and blog buddies. Give him the traditional welcome.

I have always been a renegade; I have been labeled a maverick; nicked as a non-conformist; nailed as having bullying tendencies on bullies; I keep authority at a distance. I abhor patronising people who self-impose status on themselves; I have thrown my employee badge at my MD and told him to taking a flying fugging leap back to the US; I grew my hair long, against regulation, as a teacher to prove that how I look do not translate into ineffectiveness as an pedagogue; I smoked grass to prove to my kids that things done in moderation is basically ok. In short, I am a hard guy to get along with. I am a hard nut. But unbeknown to many I have very soft spots for the disadvantaged that make up our community and our lives. They are teaching us daily how to cope with our lives, but no we never want to learn from these our less fortunate. When I am enraged, I am learning to crawl into the skins of Yvonne Foong, Daphne's Aisya, our jamboree-bound Bukhori Ali and the irrepressible, deformed Muhammad Haziq to purge the demon within me. There are still many demons in me waiting to be tamed, but when these demons rear their ugly heads, people like Danny, Yvonne Foong, Aisya, Bukhori and Muhammad Haziq bring me back to earth-bound sanity. To Danny and these towering young Malaysians I dedicate this post. Tonight I rest my head on my pillow happy because these people have touched my life and if I am humble, will continue to be my rudder..


Daphne Ling said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,
Bravo to Danny indeed! He's here to remind us that we are all so lucky, but we don't know it...Sometimes, we do know, but we're so caught up in our own little caccooned world, we don't realise...I will be visiting his blog shortly, and a big Thank You! for sharing his story here, Uncle Zorro...
By the way, to terpesong sedikit, to terpesong a little, Aisya's dad told me yesterday he has been approved as Usahawan Bimbingan MARA, and they're going to start business in their own shop soon! No more gerai for them! This good news is for all who shared Aisya's story and came to her aid in all ways =)...
A big *hug* to you!

zorro said...

Daphne....let us know where the shop will be located....all bloggers heading north will continue to show support by ptronising the shop. Well done.



thanks, zorro.
will visit him soonest.

Sagaladoola said...

Hi Mr. Bernard Khoo,

I am Sagaladoola. We met at Citizen Think Tank launching and chatted together with Haris Ibrahim, remember?

We have a "Be Nat" campaign to do, remember?

I am moving it now... Can you send your e-mail address to me at

I will mail you the concept and date of official launch. I have approached the cartoonist and poster guy already.


zorro said...

Of course I remember....cant forget even after two fast jugs with Haris at BayWatch after the launch. I went into your blog last night and commented. I fact I alerted Mob's Crib about this project. Bee good if you tie up with each other. Will email you my address. I have bookmarked your site.

Halley said...

I hopped over to Danny's blog upon reading the commendation here.
I was totally inspired by his blog especially since my husband, who's a paraplegic hasn't been doing so well. Ah well, that's another story.
It's always good to know that there are those lucky few who are have actually bounced back.


zorro said...

Halley, thanks for dropping by. Would it help if your hubby bond more with people like Danny. It has helped others.....Halley, talk to Danny on his blog. Danny has not told his full story yet.....and I can imagine that it took a lot of effort and sweat and tears to bounce back. My prayers with you and your spouse.

Halley said...


I have popped into Danny's blog. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Actually my hubby is in a wheelchair now because he suffers from muscular dystrophy, a degenerative muscular disease. I think reading Danny's blog will probably help me more than my hubby because I think he would flip if he knew. Ah well, that's another story.
Thanks again for your good wishes.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

unc B, what a sunday it has been. people of different backgrounds has been coming non stop in wishing me well as well as giving their support.

Halley dearest, altho it wasnt much, glad i'm in some ways have inspired you. and with zorro on my back, feel free to email me if there's anything of a help we can offer you.

THANKS, guys. And unc B, i owe you a six-pack.

zorro said...

Danny, your got rejected again.

zorro said...

Halley, keep in touch with Danny for whatever it is worth and one never knows how God works in mysterious ways.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dear Halley,

i never thought i'd be much of a help to others but if you feel there is a need to talk things over that you may find it dificult with your hubby, feel free to email me. I'd be glad to help out as much as i could. in the mean time, just hang in there.