Monday, July 16, 2007


Tengku Abdullah, the Deputy President of the Football Association of Malaysia officially resigned from the fast-crumbling FAM. We hear rumours that the President too may quit before the association implodes. At 1.37pm NST polled 284 readers. 269 says that management of the association should be restricted to professionals; 15 says No. These 15 misfits would probably be the Council Members who schemed their way into the FAM and hoping for more perks. Here is an interesting comment from a reader:

Old Timer, Brisbane:

People who can't play football or have never played football should not be allowed anywhere near the national team in the first place. Only professionals should be allowed to lead organisations - not politicians or royalty. If we value our image in the arena of sports, not only football, we will take heed in changing this scenario. Politicians should stick to politics and leave football to the more capable and qualified.

Shouldn't the whole Council resign? That would be the most credible and honourable thing to do, but they can't because they are now acting as props to make sure the near-dilapidated association needs strong hands to prevent Humpty Dumpty from falling...sort of like a suicide-squad! The association, we hear, is near bankrupt, but the council members KNOW that the government will come with a rescue package, like it always does to mismanaged entities...semunya-ok....the infamous Malaysian battle cry will invariably be heard. No we never learn, or just don't want to learn.

Yes, politicians have no business running our sports. They were elected to look after their constituency. Don't kay-por. You do not have the expertise. Attend Parliament, look for leaks, close one eye or execute cows and goats, but don't touch Malaysian sports. You remember the big recruitment exercise where FAM paid a fortune using a head-hunter to select a credible official. The official who appointed and worked with this head-hunter, finally picked the guy who gave them the business. We call that reciprocity, for want of a cruder word. And if my informant is not wrong, he was an axed politician. And now, the chairman of the Back Benchers Club wants to persuade Tengku Abdullah to retract his decision. Are we not supposed to respect royalty. Leave Tengku Ahmad alone......he needs to be in better company....he couldn't soar like an eagle because he had as companions, big time TURKEYS. Majullah Sukan Malaysia.


zewt said...

it takes a lot more than his resignation to bring a change...

Anonymous said...

reflection of the state of affairs of the country now. sliding down the tube; not only in sports but also in education, economic competitiveness.. and the list goes on. ask the PM and you have your usual answer. I DONT KNOW.


5-0? 5-1?

Biasa what! I thought we were all used to this. Hey, know what Zorro? A few years back I was upset that my boy had no interest in football. I was a goalie, a good one. Rashid Hassan the national keeper wanted me to be his sub for Mara HQ back in the early 80s and I said no, because I thought I was better than him. Two weeks ago, his cousins were kicking ball and he was just watching. No interest, he said. And I was OK with it. I told him, "In this country, my son, football today is for losers".

But all's not lost. 1/ we can root for MU like it's MY, and 2/ we can now turn to Myteam and look at Khairy as our Savior.


Trashed said...

The FAM President was quoted as saying "Who does not want the national team to do well at international matches? This is my responsibility ... we will not run away ... we are fighters," the Sultan told reporters at the Subang (TUDM) airport on Monday.

With due respect, we may be fighters but we don't seem to have the right tools.

Anonymous said...

The whole leadership, at both national and state levels must resign.

Agrees with you that politicians and royalties should focus on their respective role and maybe should play polo instead.

Football is a game for the masses, i.e. the rakyak. The only game that is affordable to them. The only few thing in life that they can enjoy but unfortunately has caused lot of sufferings to them for the last 25 years.

Football is a game for the rakyat. Let the rakyat organize and manage football in this country.

J.T. said...

"Shouldn't the whole Council resign? That would be the most credible and honourable thing to do, but they can't because they are now acting as props.."

But what if that is the best option? It is already crumbling anyway. No more 'duit'. Close all accounts and start fresh.
Why should they worry? Many things have been written-off, forgiven and rescued before. Too far-fetched? Malaysia boleh!

Radical Scope said...

having the professionals running the show is one thing. on my opinion, we should take a cue from countries like thailand, where they actually do research on how to improve their national sports teams' performance. they really do look for talents to be included in their teams, rather than turning a talent scout session into reality TV shows and make Astro/whatever rich. i'm positive that somewhere out there, another mokhtar dahari is playing football with his friends, undetected by the football clubs. and all because he's not interested to be featured in an un-reality TV for future football players.

oh well, i hate football anyway. why should i bother. blek :p

artchan said...

we all know..most of the council members there are in for the freebies and to rub shoulders with royalty. Without their position no one would even notice them if they were road sweepers (I think road sweepers have more dignity..they earn their salary. How many of them are really interested in football?

AS for the players, are these the best we have? Or selection is based on who is the strongest in the council? A few years ago, I think it was Philipines or Laos that beat us 9-0 ( a real beating) and I stopped watching matches involving the malaysian team. Have they no shame..?

kerp said...

how abt this. lets focus on the under 16s instead. get these boys to represent our national team and play against the big boys in every tournament coming up. sure they'll get the thrashing of their lives but atleast they'll be exposed at a very young age in a competition of high standards. by the time they turn 21 the boys will definitely get wiser and experienced.

Anonymous said...

With Due Respect to Sultan Of Pahang.
This letter is directed to President Of FAM in 2027 ,IF (the big IF),he is a plain commoner like you and me (like was the case when the president was Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah)after another twenty years of unrelenting descent to the bottom of FIFA ranking from 2025 t0 2027.

17th July 2027
Dear Sir

Dear Sir,
I was so dissapointed when I read todays headline on the sportpage in local dailies on 16th July 2027.
With enbloc resignation of almost all FAM comittee members after our National Team again being trashed to 10-0 by SEA heavyweights Philiphine and Laos.
Your solitary stand to continue helming FAM with the promise of setting up another steering committee (when they dont even know how to drive)to handle the 'new crisis' is perplexing to say the least.
In 'deja vu'an sort of way I felt like I'd lived through this nightmare before exactly 20years ago.

The President then,understanding the groundswell and 'enough-is-enough' cries of the whole population decided to make way for the new blood and took in Professionals to manage FAM then.His farsightedness and compassion was much appreciated by the rakyat and to this very day no achievements achieved for the past 20 years were announced without the sacrife of the past President mentioned in the same breath.The road taken by the past President was a dignity of the highest order without persuasion and pretension except for selfless believe that everything just got to change.

Malaysia ascend in FIFA ranking was much attributed to past President backroom support and inspiration.The past President, The Sultan of Pahang (Long Live the King ) who remain healthy to this very day,would be very disppointed if you were to face His Majesty today as you should expect His call anytime now.Expect nothing but his wrath,pl dont thank me for the warning.

All His Majesty Sacrifice ,contibution and support He did 20 years ago,would all come to a naught,all for your stubborness,nimcompoo ,hotheaded,juvenile venture ,self grandiose,'pandai tak bertempat','slow tak boleh diajar'and comfort of a freeride which were alien to you.

Please take lessons from the history 20 years ago when the President decided enough was enough and resigned and in so doing was with the public in expressing His Majesty disgust and contempt to all affairs of FAM then ie July 2007 was the date.For that all rakyat thanked him to no end till this very day of July 2027.

Dear President Sir,
If I may pinpoint to you to the exact date of your present predicment,(after 18 years of success and losing in quaterfinal in worldcup)it has to be the day you invited the politician back into FAM.The day Prime Minister Khairy Jamaludin started to meddle into the affair of FAM.

It certainly did not take a rocket scientist to realise that PM Khairy J was to no good when he was involve with FAM.All he was after was the money in FAM bank account to build a monument for Mat Rempit( dont you remember what he did to KHAZANAH in 2007?) .Now that FAM is bankrupt again after the last financial crisis 20 years ago ,it seems that FAM never learnt!!

With utmost sincerity please tender your resignation.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Mohd Kantona

Bachelor In Bodekologi(Univ UMNO)
Master In Sport Medicine(Uni Malaya)
Phd In Football Technology (Man United)

Current Post: Unemployed.

Anonymous said...

In today's China press, one Iranina mid fielder, while giving an interview to a chinese pressmen, boasts says that they would like to thrash Malaysia by 25-0.

This is how your muslim breathen thinks of you, Malaysia, you need to feel ashame.

Anonymous said...

Zorro says...
... No we never learn, or just don't want to learn.

Yes sir... when will these misfits ever learn or simply refuse to learn.

These jokers are just not capable or have any clue in running any organisation/sporting body profesionally.

kerp said...

anon 9.47pm

hey pig. this is malaysian football we're discussing abt here. u can keep religious matter to urself or simply shove it up ur stinking ass.

Anonymous said...

Asking the entire FAM Council to resign as the SAME as asking the BN govt. to resign. You'll have to vomit blood before it ever happens.
If Malaysia is sincerely willing and this is refering to His Highness, the FAM President, to bring back soccer to its glory days, prove to the rakyat and hire either Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Arsen Wenger to coach the Malaysian Team. These guys don't give a f#@k but just want to get the job done.

frankie said...

When i was a young boy, i used to listen to the radio during the merdeka tournament, listen only, not watch on how Soh Chin Aun, Supermokh, Santokh Singh, Arumugam, Shukor Salleh playing and can get excited just listening how excited the commentor was. I even know the name of Kim Jae Hung, Cha Bum Kuem, Samad Alipitchay. Now our football team plays like a bunch of pondans running loose. Look at their physique, looks more like the chow kit drug addict running around and we expect these sissies to play ball with the mighty Chinese, Iranian or the Uzbeks. Heck, I don't think we can beat the short Vietnamese, we would have whack without mercy by these hardworking Viets.

Having a national football team is like having a strong army. When we go into a match, we shall fight to win, not to lose or draw. But now we go into the match, the whole country pray to all the Gods ( Some only with One God, some like me a Taoist, I have a lots of God to pray to ) that we hope not to be humiliated again with hockey like scoreline, heck even hockey scoreline is even more respectable than what our national football team kena.

Not only the football team humiliated, the country as a whole is being humiliated and known as the trashing nation in football. So in the last 20 years, we are a bunch of no balls country.

Radical Scope said...

a bunch of pondans running loose... heh. that's an understatement, frankie.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the FAMPresident should have given Dato'ships to the whole M'sian football team. I'm sure we would have seen a better performance from our YBs.