Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Others Say about Zam & Sham!

I realize that most of us (sometimes) are unable to surf all the blogs. The following have posted on these two (s)elected ones: RantingsMM, Screenshots, Rocky Bru, 3540 Jalan Sudin, Kickdefella,
and Zorro Unmasked. Some Bloggers may have done likewise. I am sorry if I have not mentioned you. Today, I have picked out some good commenters who left indelible footprints in the obove-mentioned blogs. With your belated permission I present your comments (verbatim) for our readers:

Postings to RantingsbyMM

walski69 said...

There is a book that all of our esteemed nitwits should read, and that's Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat".

It's the sort of book (if you're a Malaysian policy-maker) that would make you wanna take a large stainless-steel spatula, whack yourself on the forehead (with the blunt side) and between the "Ouch"s, swear loudly and curse themselves on how they've squandered the last several years bickering over the most trivial of things.

Okay, a little melodramatic, perhaps...

But seriously, if we ever wanna be first world, all these 3rd world control freaks had better wise up...

Daphne Ling said...

Oh-heheheheteeeeheeeeteeeheeeeteeheekakakaka...*Hiccup**hiccup samore*...

Adohai...Why la we have ministers and the penolongs who waste their time trying to 'kill' bloggers when there are better things to do?

Don't they learn anything from the "Dilarang Membuang Sampah" sign? Don't they learn that the more you want to stop it, the more people will do it just to show you they can? So the more they try and stop the influence of bloggers, the more they will have bloggers mushrooming everywhere...My friend just started her blog, as I type this! *Snickers*

Someone please tell the minister that many asli villagers still got no clean water, energy supply in many kampungs still under the recommended level, and communications still sucks (Under the banner that says: 'Celcom is the best', Celcom got no line...Beside the banner 'Digi, wider coverage', Digi also got no line)...

We live in Bolehland, remember? Lagi you say tak boleh, lagi ler they show you they boleh...


u know the email u sent me? i was speechless. struck dumb. what else, what else? how much more stupid can we get? I never cease to surprised by more and more stupid statements. people get stupid-er than the last person who was stupid.

their stupidity comes from plain ignorance.
they have no idea what they are talking about. they have no idea what a blog is. to them blogs are rocky's bru, malaysia today, screenshots, sang kelembai, the scribe, rocky's bru, malaysia today, screenshots, sang kelembai....

khengsiong said...

Don't kill our creativity!

We no longer can compete with China or Vietnam over wages. We must compete on ideas...

Our conservative YB apparently do not understand that open channels of communications are essential in fostering a creative society.

politikus said...

i believe (the ministry's intention) is for those with domains using com/net/org.MY extension need to register.

there is NO WAY the govt can possibly regulate bloggers on blogspot, wordpress etc etc.

and i mean no way :)

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Bloody Amazing! That statement officially sent our beloved country back to the stoneage in the eyes of the world.

marcia said...

the comment i posted in the star on this issue.

"i absolutely love what our lovable DEWC minister said. he is the personified, living and breathing example of the vision of what is this country becoming. i will have a most exquisite time telling my foreign friends from developed nations what well-thought out measures our government takes to curb intellectual thoughts. indeed, our neighbour, the "fine" city it is, would be delighted that someone has thought of something even they havent even dreamed about. what's all this nonsense of unsubstantiated claims of leadership incompetence in this country. they dont know what they're talking about.... OF COURSE, they're substantiated! you just read the article. my, my... malaysia... almost truly Asia. oh dear.. look at the time. i have to dash now, i'm moving to Cuba. maybe i'll start blogging there."

its bad enough that newspapers are regulated, i understand their concerns for national security, but how do they know how much is too much? now they want to regulate blogs? no way, sure they say that if you're innocent and say the right things, you'll be okay, but do we need "parents" breathing down our necks? who will be in charge of moderating and enforcement? are they intelligent? no way, give these guys an inch, they'll take a foot.

Postings at Screenshots:

Just think back about 3.5 yrs ago Jeff , blogging was a little different then ;).
The days of Johan and your blog were the first blogs i started reading .
Who would of thought it would become what it is today , even in oz bloggers must be careful.Especially during election , one is not allowed to sway votes .
Btw oz is on its on road to censor bloggers , http://www.901am.com/2007/australian-government-set-to-censor-bloggers.html
Honestly i can't imagine how it can be done , the amount of blogs is ???????

The public outcry will be deafening, and the pressure of global opinion will crush them.

It's pretty much a battle of nerves, who'll be the first one to blink?

Posted by: Fuzzie

am not a blogger but a blog reader.i would like to congratulate u guys on forming malaysian bloggers alliance.

Posted by: kehoe

Alam said...

Artikel ini sedikit lapuk tetapi pasti mengingatkan kita bahawa Zam ini manusia yang mempunyai banyak warna dan corak, mengikut kehendak zaman dan tertakluk pada siapa yang memimpinnya.

di petik dari: http://www.cpj.org/attacks02/asia02/malay.html

Some officials accused the Western press of conspiring against Malaysia. In May, hard-liner Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, then parliamentary secretary at the Information Ministry, reacted to a local seminar held on World Press Freedom Day (May 3) by saying, “The big problem faced by the Asian countries now after the end of the cold war is the infiltration by subversive elements from the developed countries through their media and the use of local journalists to carry out the agenda of Western media imperialism.” Zam, as he is known in Malaysia, then accused journalists from the Philippines and Thailand of trying to influence Malaysia on behalf of the West. In November, Zam was promoted to the even more influential post of deputy information minister.

nyx said...

Zainuddin said in the quest for political power, people were willing to resort to slander, disseminate lies, use unauthorised sources or choose not to verify the source of the information.

"This is very dangerous as they are writing and taking steps to gain power. Their objective is to topple the government, widen the reach of their political doctrine and assist any parties for political purposes," he said.

Is this not slandering, disseminating lies, and using unauthorized and unverified sources?

Where is your sources or evidence to justify that your statement is true and not merely slandering?

Anonymous said...

there are two sets lo laws; one for you and me; and the other which is as good as lawless for the government.
in any event, the govt has no choice but to regulate blogs one way or another. simply, the govt cannot allow its monopoly on information or disinformation disssemination to be broken by blogs. once they regain control of information flow, they can relax and conitnue to plunder the country with impunity. just listen to the latest outburst by the venerable mr samy. you want to cry for Malaysia.

Postings at Rocky’s Bru:


Sdr Rocky,
Saya lebih bersimpati dng pembesar Zam daripada marah kepadanya.
Apa lagi yang boleh beliau lakukan dalam kapasiti beliau sekarang?
Daripada seorang wartawan kanan Zam memilih untuk menjadi ahli politik.
Sebagai ahli politik, Zam tentulah terpaksa bertindak, beraksi dan berlakon seperti orang politik.
Kalau sebagai wartawan Zam kritikal terhadap Singapura, sebagai politikus dia terpaka tukar rentak kerana pemerintahan yang dianggotainya sangat mesra Singapura.Terima kasih.

hasilox said...

If Zam were to copy Spore policy, copy first the way Spore deal with corruption or abuse of power!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree with hasilox. The people hate corruption, Singapore deals with it wonderfully then learn from them. The people want their voices to be heard, Singapore muffled them effectively, don't copy them. If our leaders can do this, they will get my votes otherwise forget it.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Of all the things S'porean are good at ZAM with little brilliance that he has decided to learn on how S'pore stiffled the free speech.

While he is at it,he would take the trouble ,i suppose,to learn how S'pore deal with corruption, transparency and efficient governing and choose a good leaders amongst their rank and file.The criteria for leadership certainly would exclude people like ZAM in S'pore, as this unprinciple and idealess minister wouldnt even qualify to be an officeboy in S'pore Government.

ZAM didnt go to seek understanding but little knowhow that make him shotup like a tall poppy in a group of mediocre cabinet.
I dont think ZAM would understand when told of corruptions,transparency etc as

"It is difficult to get a man (ZAM)to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it."
Upton Sinclair

shar101 said...

And I thought ZM was in RDC trying to figure out how the Malaysian cabinet can 'emulate' their southern brethren in terms of good governance et al including enjoying salary scales of between RM2.7 million or RM5 million in keeping with the private sector.
Meanwhile, is there any truth that ZM will be replaced by RY in the MOI?

barisanasional said...

rocky, the poster is good but the wording at below, barisan najis really hurts my feeling.

Rocky's Bru said...

noted. as the poster belongs to mob's crib, i will do the needful by conveying your displeasure with the "barisan najis" bit.
thank you.

mob1900 said...

Thanks to Rocky for informing me about your concern Mr. Barisanasional.

The BN I potrayed are fictional entity that exists in Bolehland or Bedolland. At Bolehland, my chracters runs rampant, they cheat, lied, name-call, siphon and leech people's trust in them. Which country in the real world have you heard of, does so much tragic comedy at one go? ~ehem...

Again I like to reiterate all my 'posters' are fictional unless proven true in your mind. Have a laugh and try not to take it seriously.

Postings at Kickdefella:

Big Dog says:

Whether what the Minister’s call can be implemented or not, that is another problem of another operational level. Most probably the Minister is just making a statement because its Q & A time in the Dewan Rakyat. In another words, its just, politics.

I had a quiet and interesting chat with lawyer Harris Ibrahim, Eric Woon and Shanghai Fish (separately) on Thursday at NPC and raised about the underlying principle of Bloggers Alliance. Its unprecedented. Never before a body being registered with ROS which is built on intangibles. Its similar to having Persatuan Pemilik E Mail Malaysia (which doesn’t exist).

The membership of this society is about collection of individuals (with name, IC etc) but what he/she represent, is totally intangible and uncertifiable. Infact, it can’t be certified to a particular individual entirely. Unlike a webhost, where there is proof of payment aka transaction, which include a credit card, cheque etc, blogs are free.

(Example, how does anyone know this Blog belongs to Syed Azidi? Is there a certificate to show this Blog belongs to Syed Azidi? Somebody could create and operate this Blog, telling people it is Syed Azidi @ Sheih but in actual fact, its not. For example, Dato’ Shahrir Samad blog is not him doing it but someone else, totally.

However, when Bloggers Alliance is formed, Syed Azidi will be admitted as a member, paying full fees and voting rights, NOT the blog)

If that is such, how would the Ministry would want to register Blogs. Can they resolve the issues I raised earlier? Will the Ministry be registering Kickdefella.wordpress.com or Syed Azidi @ Sheih? Under what grounds does this real person by the name of Syed Azidi needs to register himself with the Ministry? Can the Ministry prove he is kickdefella.wordpress.com?

Hani said

Zorro said…

Big Dog you got to sit on this guys face and Clark Gabl and his surgeon friend can stitch up both ends …..we need to close up both his extremeties…..because of late what comes out are the putrid wastes from a broken sewage.

Good advice, zorro!

· Sheikh's Brother

Shaziman is the new breed of mid thirties, early forties UMNO Malay. They are the first post NEP generation coming into power in UMNO. Others are Noh Omar (last time Dep Min of Int Affairs), Azeez Mat Rempit and the like. These kids are the ‘cannot speak English generation’. This means they totally cannot think logically.
If the previous bunch of UMNO leaders are idiots, you are now seeing these new bunch of nuts. Total idiots. They dont read anything except Malay literature (Mangga, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Surat Layang, kisah Dato K and Siti Nurhaliza, Akademi Fantasia ratings etc).

· msiaman

This Shaziman fellow and the rest of the ‘alat-alat almari’ must have been hearing the frustration from the first family and trying to be a champion to come up with new initiatives to help cover the situation. At the rate the exposes are going, the guys can be pushed into a dictator or lose his position and possibly everything.

Postings at Zorro Unmasked:

Jacqui’s Curve from Germany:

You are hilarious Zorro! I had to seek Wikipedia's help to define if our Parliament is a zoo or a circus.(http://www.wikipedia.org/)

ZOO - A zoological garden, zoological park, or zoo is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures and displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

CIRCUS - A circus is most commonly a traveling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, hula hoopers and other novelty acts and the word also describes the performance that they give. A circus is held in an oval or circular arena with tiered seating around its circumference; in the case of traveling circuses this location is most often a large tent.

The circus is thought to have had its origin in Ancient Rome, where the circus was an open-air stadium where chariot and horse races and other public exhibitions were held.

What do you think?


Instead of going after bloggers to register, why isn't the government making the extra effort to register the 4.9 million eligible new voters for the next GE?

Hang on, I hear a little bird whispering..."Are you mad or what. Them new voters will vote us out of office lah!"

Hmmm...wonder if it was owl-speak that I just heard.

Hoot, hoot.

Clark Gable from Pulau Duyong:

Dearest Zorro,
Did discuss with a Surgeon friend of mine with regards to the above patient.

I showed him the picture,he thought i was joking or something.
When i questioned him why,he said,"the procedure needed is quite extensive and expensive ".

"But thats besides the point as the National Assoc of Blogger is willing to pay for the cost", i reassured him(Right Zorro? I dont have that kind of money you know)

" In that case it got to start with the lips repair by stiching up up for prolong period as nothing good seem to come out of it"

He is a Deputy Minister he need to speak up.

He can talk from the other end.

Wouldnt that be imcomprehensible at the very best.

My Surgeon Friend:
He'll learn fast enough ,dont you worry.

On further examination he noted the sweater he is wearing.

Why is he dressed like that

For his own safety,he keep on biting his own tongue.

OK,i shall book him for sugery on next available list...april fool day next year.Exclusive list made for people like him.
I got 4 so far.Do you have many patients like this for me.

Do you stitch up rectum too?

Are you talkin' of RRR hah haha haha ..you are very funny Mr CGOPD.
Can you get Pam's autograph for me?

I laughed along with him,knowing Pam certainly help me going places, dont you think so?

Please get the treasurer to bank into my Swiss acount Swift: 342566-786878-88 asap.

ps; please include 10% extra for my kopi o ,you know what i mean.

Rocky’s Bru said:


I think All-Blogs can agree to cover the expenses for this guy's surgery. We'll raise the funds. If Clark Gable does a good job sealing the guy's mouth, we'll raise more funds to pay him a bonus.

On a serious note, I hope Shahziman takes steps to make up for this serious blooper so early in his parliamentary career. He is young and educated, and I had expected more of him. He should stop learning making Zam his mentor.

The PM, of course, will not heed to your advice, Zorro.

Btw, thanks for the alert on Kata Tak Nak. I went to his blog. My heart went along to him.

Kata Tak Nak said:

What do you expect, if he remains silent then the cabinet will accuse him of not doing his job. If he speaks he would be labelled stupid, a label he shares with all ministers, deputies and parliment secs and 4/5 of all mps.

Anyway to him a blog is a log with the letter 'b' in front.

Postings at 3540 Jalan Sudin:

Nurainah of Jalan Sudin posted Mekyam’s comment to her as her main post.

" Nuraina: This is going back to basics -- basic propaganda.

I'm with you. They ARE ignorant, but not THAT stupid! It's not blogging per se they are against, it's having their DISHONESTY, IRRESPONSIBILITY and TREACHERY against Malaysia and Malaysians EXPOSED!

Like you said, they are just using a blanket accusation against local bloggers. They are not concerned about those Malaysians who blog about their personal interests and idiosyncrasies.

They want to stop bloggers who are concerned and informed, who blog openly and intelligently under their own names, from revealing things the government would rather keep from public scrutiny. This is directed at owners of news-portals like Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday too, especially the latter, because Raja Petra provides interactivity not unlike blogging for every news and article on his site.

They have labeled these bloggers and news-portal owners as "politically-motivated bloggers," making it sound like being politically motivated is a dirty word.

It is NOT! If "politically-motivated" is what some Malaysians do, advertently or indvertently, to thwart actions of public servants, from the PM on down, which are not in the public interest, then why shouldn't these bloggers be politically motivated? They are after all Malaysians.

In fact each and everyone of us breathing Malaysians, whether we are blogging or not, should be politically-motivated. Politics concerns us. All of us have a vested interest in all things political. In fact, the trouble with Malaysians is that we have not been political enough. We have been too complacent and uncomplaining about how we are being governed. That is why the current government think they can get away with what they're doing.

Politics is the simply the tool of governance. Thus it touches every aspect of our lives as citizens. Who are they, these people we ELECT and PAY to take care of our politics (i.e the running and governing of this political entity we call Malaysia for us Malaysians), to tell us not to be politically-motivated? Who are they to start this propaganda, this smear assaults, against our some of us for being good responsible citizens? Who are they to turn around and attack us for defending our rights? How dare they!

I'm not a blogger and not likely to be one anytime soon, but this bullying and sly vindictiveness of our elected representatives, especially ignorant ones, really incenses me as a citizen."

Mat Salo said:

Mek Yam! Touche! Excellent commentary Mek Yam...

If it's up to me this comment should be published in the - day I say it?- ENESTY or STAR where EVERY citizen deserve to hear this very apt summation of the current state of the Malaysian politico-blogo scene...

You are right, I can't stand the "bullying" either!

Galadriel said:

You know Nuraina, I think this whole "gertak" business is because we as citizens have always let elected reps get away with it.

They all dah biasa. So they forgot that an elected government is still the servant of the masses.

All these while people have been "discouraged" to criticise and demand accountability. With blogging's viral propensities, it is irrepressible. It is the fact that Malaysians read blogs that disturbs the politicians.

Information can fuel meaningful decision-making. They muzzled the media. So it is no surprise that Malaysians turn to blogs for information.

If this means empowering people, bringing accountability, improving governance and instilling ethics in the powers that be (yes i'm a romantic), then GO BLOGGERS !!!

Jacqui’s Curve (a Malaysian in Germany):

"In fact, the trouble with Malaysians is that we have not been political enough. We have been too complacent and uncomplaining about how we are being governed. That is why the current government think they can get away with what they're doing."

Mekyam raises many good points. However, referring to the quote above, I would like to give my two-cents worth. Some Malaysians are afraid to rock the boat because they do not want to risk jeopardising their families' livelihood. They could be sole breadwinners. Actions of some family members (who are merely dependents) ultimately affect the rest of the family. That is the risk some won't take.

I admit some just give up trying to say anything because they think "what is the point? I won't be heard."

That said, I am glad there are some people speaking out intelligently for the others (through blogs)- speaking for those who cannot and would not.

“The nation will find it very hard to look up to the leaders who are keeping their ears to the ground”- Winston Churchill

Mat Rempit hubris dari Carthage said:


Keep up the brilliant comments Mekyam!You make my day!

Blogs have the potential to turn into a credible source of information and education for society, and it is exactly these kind of well thought out comments that are going to turn the POTENTIAL into REALITY.Though you usually keep your comments short and sweet I have been mentioning your name to some friends as someone to watch out for!I have been saying "She's definitely worth a read! The linguistic expression that she uses is a joy to read and the sequencing of her thoughts, simply delectable!"

Its a pity that due to a certain obnoxious fella on Sheih , you have decided to not comment more there- alas, as an empowering agent, not everyone has the wisdom to distinguish that the quantity of the comments is no where near as important as the quality!

Wish more like you Mekyam!

PS- Some others to watch out for is Roxanne and Loneranger- i always read and marvel at their mastery of the language!

Hi&Lo said:

This is a nugget of wisdom from Mek Yam. If we don't care abt what's happening to our country, future generations will be damned.

We may be powerless as individuals but collectively we can shake and move things.

Despite the elected reps ineptitude to listen, the noise level will be too hard for them to ignore.

Nstman said:

How many people are like jeff ooi and rocky, who dare to speak out at the risk of compromising their livelihood. It takes a lot of guts and for that I salute these two icons. Oops, not to forget Nuraina, susan, marina, and the many brave women who have more guts than most of the men in Malaysia. these are the people who walk the talk, walk the walk.

Shar101 said:

Hoowah! That's one helluva broadside from a broad.

*Sorry, Mekyam. I got a feeling you're a lady and 1st para was written for dramatic effect with the utmost respect.*

This administration is not just suffering from blogfear, it is also ill-equipped to respond to what bloggers are offering to the general public. Sending ZM to RDC to learn it's latest techniques to regulate blog activities is one fine example of our government's ineptness. When a little honesty would have tip the scales, obfuscation is still their game-plan.

And now that the Bloggers United movement has morphed into a tangible entity i.e. NAB, an upfront and in your face type of organisation for the purpose of engagement, will or can the government ignore our legitimate claim for democratic representation?

In a way, NAB's formation will invariably protect the majority of bloggers whose postings are personal in nature. The government's onslaught is indeed aimed at socio-political blogs as Mekyam mentioned but in their haste to refute, they have paintbrushed the entire blogosphere as anti-government.

It will still be an uphill battle but I'm certainly glad that some of us have made a stand. If we are politically-motivated, it's because our politicians are morally-deficient.

Mekyam takes a bow:

Alamak! Who shined the lights in my eyes? Ai..ai..ai..ai..ai!!!

One day you're sailing quietly through your fave Malaysian blogs, local and abroad, nodding your head in agreement here, mouthing "Damn Right!" there, wowing here and oooing there, gnashing your teeth in one and laughing yourself mental in another... and the next thing you know, that passionate tirade you typed and sent hurtling through yon cyber (which gave you even more satisfaction than the turkey on rye you were wolfing down after a hard day's work) rated its own Entry in the immensely popular 3540 Jalan Sudin! OMG!!!

Dear Nuraina, I feel like one of those stage extras being pulled from the wings to take a bow. Flattered and flustered. Thank you. You know, this could really get to a... GIRL's head. ;-)

Or as shar101 said... BROAD! I'm okay with broad. Broad is good as long as we're not talking about my behind. :-D

Thanks also to hi&lo, j.t., mrh-carthage and mat salo for the virtual pats on the back and the more than kind "hear! hear!". I was merely reechoing what you guys and those Malaysian bloggers I visit daily have been saying in many different ways.

j.t.,(Jacqui’s Curve) you are absolutely right. Not everybody can take the risk of standing up to be counted. Which is why I so admire these bloggers who put themselves on the line. I too number myself among the timid and the handicapped. But when called, I'd like these front liners to know that mekyam will not hesitate to help swell the ranks, raise the decibel of the din, add her coppers to the cause, dig the trenches, rip sheets for bandages, bungkus nasi lemak, swallow the microchip, apa sajalah...

mrh-carthage, at the risk of sounding like a mutual-admiration party and giving people toothache, I'd like to say that your articulate and plainspoken comments always stand out for me too. :-)


zorro said...

BlogFears, check out the new blog virus discovered by Anon fm miri or google Clemfour for same. Zorro kicked himself on the derrier (Tornado was out grazing) for failing to include Clemfour on this posting.

J.T. said...

Clemfour's discovery is priceless.

BrianFong said...

that's a good one - this clemfour guy.

hi zorro - since our first meeting at Denmark I have kind of rejuvenated one of my blog.

will try to find time to write more esp on the agnos blog.

cheer bro keep it going!

zorro said...

Go for it Brian. We need all of your voices. Give me your URL to get into your blog....I want to spread your blog around.
Clemfour is all the way from Miri. He made a trip last Tursday just to be part of the inauguration of National Alliance of Bloggers (NAB). That is what I call passion and dedication.

BrianFong said...

hi zorro - somehow i am unable to link my user name to my blog and you didn't leave any email address in your blog so will have to paste it here... update will be a bit slow :-)



zorro said...

Go give brother Brian the support he rightly deserves. Onward Brian. Yes I went into your domain. More power to you.

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monsterball said...

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