Friday, April 6, 2007


Will somebody tell me if our Parliament is not a zoo or a circus, why are there monkeys monkeying around. Like the above. I dont even know who he is. Usually people I know are people of consequence. Of course monkeys are not my favorite animals. But I have never seen the species in straight jackets. Is this specimen so dangerous? Or poisonous? This character made a serious mistake. He spoke and he is idiocy reincarnate. He should have kept silent and we would not have branded him. Somebody told me that the only politician you can trust is the politician who doesnt open his mouth! He wants us to register? How innovative! way. Which tree did he swing in from? By the way, did Big Dog sit on this Sham fellow's face? He will need surgical reconstruction by Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong. Clark agreed to do it gratis on one condition.....he be allowed to permanently seal up this guys mouth, so he cannot put his foot in. Your wish granted CG.....heard that you had some eye problem.....told you never use the bino for too long a stretch.

As a parting shot. Some of us have been harassing Pak Lah over his collection at Parliament. How can our PM govern sanely when he has chronics like this pontificating on puerile things like registering bloggers? My dear PM, for your own
safety and sanity you should flush these waste down you -know-where. You are the Chief Executive of some 24 million people. It doesn't say much about your judgment of character when you have fossils like this guy sniveling around you. Flush him out lah, Pak Lah.


zorro said...

Picture courtesy of Kickdefella's archives. Thanks buddy.

Jazzi said...


Nice and funny.

And I agree, he does need to learn how to read up on issues before commenting on them.

J.T. said...

You are hilarious Zorro! I had to seek Wikipedia's help to define if our Parliament is a zoo or a circus.(

ZOO - A zoological garden, zoological park, or zoo is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures and displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

CIRCUS - A circus is most commonly a traveling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, hula hoopers and other novelty acts and the word also describes the performance that they give. A circus is held in an oval or circular arena with tiered seating around its circumference; in the case of traveling circuses this location is most often a large tent.

The circus is thought to have had its origin in Ancient Rome, where the circus was an open-air stadium where chariot and horse races and other public exhibitions were held.

What do you think?

shar101 said...

Instead of going after bloggers to register, why isn't the government making the extra effort to register the 4.9 million eligible new voters for the next GE?

Hang on, I hear a little bird whispering..."Are you mad or what. Them new voters will vote us out of office lah!"

Hmmm...wonder if it was owl-speak that I just heard.

Hoot, hoot.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dearest Zorro,
Did discuss with a Surgeon friend of mine with regards to the above patient.

I showed him the picture,he thought i was joking or something.
When i questioned him why,he said,"the procedure needed is quite extensive and expensive ".

"But thats besides the point as the National Assoc of Blogger is willing to pay for the cost", i reassured him(Right Zorro? I dont have that kind of money you know)

" In that case it got to start with the lips repair by stiching up up for prolong period as nothing good seem to come out of it"

He is a Deputy Minister he need to speak up.

He can talk from the other end.

Wouldnt that be imcomprehensible at the very best.

My Surgeon Friend:
He'll learn fast enough ,dont you worry.

On further examination he noted the sweater he is wearing.

Why is he dressed like that

For his own safety,he keep on biting his own tongue.

OK,i shall book him for sugery on next available list...april fool day next year.Exclusive list made for people like him.
I got 4 so far.Do you have many patients like this for me.

Do you stitch up rectum too?

Are you talkin' of RRR hah haha haha are very funny Mr CGOPD.
Can you get Pam's autograph for me?

I laughed along with him,knowing Pam certainly help me going places, dont you think so?

Please get the treasurer to bank into my Swiss acount Swift: 342566-786878-88 asap.

Yours Sincerely


ps; please include 10% extra for my kopi o ,you know what i mean.

Rockybru said...


I think All-Blogs can agree to cover the expenses for this guy's surgery. We'll raise the funds. If Clark Gable does a good job sealing the guy's mouth, we'll raise more funds to pay him a bonus.

On a serious note, I hope Shahziman takes steps to make up for this serious blooper so early in his parliamentary career. He is young and educated, and I had expected more of him. He should stop learning making Zam his mentor.

The PM, of course, will not heed to your advice, Zorro.

Btw, thanks for the alert on Kata Tak Nak. I went to his blog. My heart went along to him.

chong y l said...

CONgrats to thee and one miss ...tikus who spread the rumours you guys paid for drinks to get erection into NAB protem; either the rumour came from RPK's haunt or I was drunk on tehtarik working OT for May 19 DO.

PS: Meanwhile,dare's an April 14 lunch somewhere in PJ Sexion 14 Mamak for US to unmask Howsy from London. Is he another nu'ely minted Dr Elie? We can DO with a billion or2!:)

zorro said...

Thanks guys/gal. in Ben Hur...but you know in Malaysia, we are so special that we defy all definition...our laws are telescopic as opposed to flexible.
So Hantu has answered your hoot,hoot, Shar101.One hantu in cohort with another hantu....cheers...sorry I could not stay for another drink.
Clark, you are devilishly delightful...thats why I got a bit annoyed with Mrs Gable when she give you the third degree that day. I posted a message to her on your blog but I think she did the Kalimulah...she firewalled me.With your permission I will try to impress on her how lucky she is to have you. By the way Clark, Hantu zoomed in and said that you deep contemplation thru your binoculars is causing some stirring with your competing neighbours. SHe cautions some discreteness on where your binos are trained on. Hey, you have to bring along your surgeon friend for mee rebus one of these days.He does reconstruction for all extremeties. Heavens...we are in good company. Give a kiss to Mrs Gable and a .......for Pam. Mitch Yeo is in the paddock this weekend.

Rocky, thanks for dropping by at KTN. Its ok if the PM wont take my advise. Hantu will know what to do to people who spurn zorro's advice. Hantu will excrete a wasabe-spiked dropping(s) either on their heads or face. I agree too to use some of our funds for the surgery of Zam's Sham. Glory, glory, alleluia....its easter everybody.
Jazzi, tks for dropping by...your first time? U r always welcome. I will warn Hantu that you are kin.

Unknown said...

What do you expect, if he remains silent then the cabinet will accuse him of not doing his job. If he speaks he would be labelled stupid, a label he shares with all ministers, deputies and parliment secs and 4/5 of all mps.

Anyway to him a blog is a log with the letter 'b' in front.

zorro said...

Desi, I am going to miss the 14 unmasking of Howsy. Have to be in Penang for my godson's (also nephew) wedding. Hantu will be my trusted proxy. But I will be with BUM on 19th come tsunami or Singapore inflicted floods.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Brother Zorro,

Just to drop by to say Thank You for spending time wef me. Next time we can enjoy "chinese tea". I'm back in Miri now.


Unknown said...

Hi anon

just to get some confirmation from you abou gangsterism and linkage with VIPs in sarawak. what's the story on the ground? well, just cant depend on usual information channels coz you really dont know when its a spin or not.

Husin Lempoyang said...


Sealing his mouth is not sufficient. You have to seal his ... too coz thats the Boss? What is the Boss?

Check out my latest joke .... hehehe

A Voice said...

Happy Easter.

zorro said...

Husin, Clark Gable and his Pulau Duyong surgeon promises to seal up the most important part (read above). They even posted the Swiss Account! Cheers and tks for dropping by.