Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Last Post?

By 1600hrs tomorrow April 13, all blogs will be IMPLODED I have been warned. This will probably be your last posting. However, the good news is that what you post (your wish-lists) may come to fruition after this implosion. I am blessed with a current blogroll of Malaysia's alpha-bloggers, the real movers who themselves have amassed a blogroll of the most talented young turks who want to effect a paradigm shift on how they want this country to have a new vision and direction.

We have been led like zombies into believing semua-nya ok. We want to change the rules. This country needs a make-over. This country must be revived with a massive blood transfusion. HOW?

This final posting is to PERSUADE Raja Nazrin Shah, the Sultan-in-waiting of my homestate Perak, to offer himself as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Who says a royal cannot be a Prime Minister? Our first PM was of royal lineage! Nothing is impossible. The genuine (this adjective is necessary to dissociate from the many pretenders infesting this country) Napoleon said that the word impossible can only be found in the dictionary of fools.

Raja Nazrin's recent speech delivered to Young Malaysians was a refreshing breeze in this current doldrum. For the past 60 years
(assuming I attained the age of reason at age 7) I was made to believe that, although born in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, I am a tenant in this beautiful piece of Asia. His speech jolted me out of this zombisque stupor. This future King declared that Malaysians of all races, religions and geographic locations need to believe beyond a doubt that they have a place under the Malaysian Sun....and all have equal rights and responsibility to take ownership of their country and that Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians equally. Never had any our our leaders dared to utter such declarations (considered anathema). Beyond a shadow of a doubt; equal rights;equally played mental gymnastics in my mind.

The grand Alliance of the 50s played its role in the fight for Independence. We still revere those founding fathers. A new creature, the Barisan Nasional, complacent at never being challenged seriously, today has lost its moral compass. Today it is mired with a litany of diseases: corruption, decadence, profligacy, ignorance, misconduct, defilement, falsification, nefarious, chicanery, discrimination, coarseness and vileness.

Raja Nazrin, without a shadow of a doubt you have the mettle to make long overdue changes. You have every equal right to claim the premiership, despite your royal status. Only with your leadership will Malaysia belong to all Malaysians equally.

I have made my stand even if this will be my last post. It was a well-meaning post. most sincere post to date.

To MarinaM, Kak Teh, Mat Salo, Jacqui's Curve, Anon fm Miri and Big Dog: I have picked you to make your last post. God guide your fingers. Please visit to get the full details on what you have to do.


Unknown said...

This "N" to replace the najib "N" and to complete RAHMAN. I wish so, but it aint going to happen yet. The Najib "N" will fulfil the destiny and then will only then you will see a sea of changes.
Turmoil and strife will follow with lots of pain. It will be like a cleansing exercise. then there will be true peace and unity in Malaysia. The country will be sanitised with corrupted ministers either in lock up or hiding overseas. The lovely country that we know will return. Maybe, Nazrin will be the man to lead then.
Good luck Malaysia coz this is the only country i call home.

J.T. said...

Zorro, my last post is ready for the world to read. I can hear the sound of a bugle in the distance. Thank you for the challenge. Now I must go and sleep (not forever lah).

Unknown said...

he can contest as an individual. I'll sure give him my vote. having said that, with respect to Raja - you think he is ready to sail the turmoil political sea after having lived such a peaceful and "everything" taken care of life as the sultan in waiting?

It will be life transformation exercise of which not everyone could handle.

but I do respect him for saying what none of the gutless MPs dare to even whisper about...

Malaysian Unplug said...


Your posting on appeal to Raja Nasrin to be PM was reposted on Malaysians Unplug

Malaysians Unplug was created to enable wider readership and to expand access to views and article of "other malaysians", including bloggers and private individuals on socio-political issues on Malaysia.

It takes the "hard edge" approach to presenting the views of "other malaysians", without fear or favour.

Your posting was selected.

shar101 said...


Please, please, pretty please do not use "My last post" as your title heading in future.

Almost had another 'gender transplant' experience when I opened up your blog.

BigDog did another write-up on Malaysian politics today titled "Opposition Opus" and going with your suggestion for royalty to step up to the plate and take a swipe at wiping the 'dirt' off the office of the premiership, why not?

The Selangor sultan did the right thing on the Klang ZMD case when our elected representatives were at sixes and sevens, trying to figure out eight.

However, if royalty do come into play, they must be governed by an amended Federal Constitution, lest the powers of the executive coupled with those enshrined within the current constitution, protecting the 'rights' of the Royals, become too heavy a crown to bear for any mortal.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Independence, the leadership of the nation must reflect the aspirations of it's citizens.

Dare we hope for change which is the only constant in life?

mob1900 said...

Your home state is blessed with His Royal Highness, Sultan Azlan Shah and his family. If Raja Nazrin goes into poilitics, he will have my vote!

Elviza Michele said...

Dearest Zorro,

Shar is right, NEVER begin your posting like that again - you a gave a fright!

And yes, if the clever Nazrin ever goes into politics, he has my votes

Alliedmartster said...

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

At last I can surf into your site..after few weeks. Programer did a good job.
Since chatting with you and your laptop ready within 3 days.Best Regards

Unknown said...

ZORRO..."Since" word ..should be "Nice" and please sms me if you approve the repair cost on your laptop
I want him to speed it up for you.

edmund said...

Great reading your blog Zorro. Good mental masturbation for me.

edmund anthony

Unknown said...

ZORRO..With so many programmers on our side....please tell bloggers having problems with their computers.....if no one to contact you to me...and I will see my programmer straighten things out for very reasonable price.
Your 4 year old laptop....good as new!!

mob1900 said...

no worries, Monty,
as of this comment being typed out, Zorro will be blogging with a little help from the local peasantry i.e. Cybercafes with Little Zorro or Zorro Jr.

He won't be pulling a M. Brando's Apocalyse Now on us. heheheh
Good blogging Sir!

Unknown said...

Isn't your laptop up and running yet? Its not like you to be away for so long.

Lady Patsy said...

I so agree with you about Raja Nazrin. Tis a pity though that he has chosen to remain silent for so long and is only now making his presence felt ... but what a presence! At least he is not an empty vessel that makes noise unnecessarily.
Oh dearie me, I have been tagged to do my final blog as well ... but then again, I'm the Queen of Procrastination ...

Unknown said...

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Roy Eusoffe said...

Great teacher with a great and articulate mind....

BTW, compelled by you and many other bloggers, I'm proud to announce that I hv started my very own political blog which aimed to get some opinions and feedback from the public - however it is in Malay medium...

Zorro Sir and the rest of friendly bloggers, feel free to visit:

p/s: polanalisa should mean politics dan analisa

Unknown said...

kata tak nak...zorro's laptop under my instruction to programmer to give many hours of testing..before returning. Should be ready by Friday.

Unknown said...

zorro ...freelunch2020 is beyond convincing stage. She has made up her mind. Go read at Susan's site her reasons which are infact....not logical....but it is her life. Let it be .I tried as you advised.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Good to read ur posting, zorro!

mekyam said...

Dear Z [slash! slash! ;D],

Raja Nazrin would have my vote, too!

Sorry to hear abt yr computer fiasco.

Anonymous said...

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