Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can Do Favor Or Not?

RM36million Windfall for Ijok Folks, screamed the Sun. No wonder a blogging colleague made a soul-searching, gut-wrenching remark: Only when BN's MPs and Assemblymen die in office, they will be doing their constituency a great favor.

A morbid thought, but nonetheless equally brilliant!

Must we wait for a BN death before a landfill can be immediately closed down? Must a BN someone be confined to a depth of 6 feet before all the pot-holes, in our self-proclaimed developed state, be filled? Must a BN annointed give up the ghost to bring life to a ghost town? Why does it take two years for a grant to be approved for school repairs? Only when/if a BN fellow passed on the request is immediately passed.

When a national/state lawmaker is permanently certified as departed, notice how all and sundry descend (see pic) from all directions come to "feed" and be fed. This is a disgusting sight but it has happened and is happening today (circa Ijok).

RM36million! BN money or OUR (rate/tax payers) money? If it is our money who gave the BN approval to use our money to buy votes? Can BN be prosecuted for coveting our money for their own ends? I dont want an answer from the Election me he is a hired-hand and a nonentity. We need the answers from our Legal Eagles out there.

How come, especially in our developed State, after every storm recently-filled potholes become potty again. According to Hantu, my winged partner, small jobs are given to small-time Ali(read UMNO) Baba (read MIC/MCA) contractors. Big-time crony contractors do only big jobs, like now in Ijok. They don't only bring in their tractors and equipment, they bring in Mawi and MGR clones to inject life into this semua-nya okay one-horse town. Water-supply and electricity will be in abundance; bridges, even not necessary, will be built; things must be seen to be done for this simply easy-to-please kampong folks. Many things must be seen to be done because RM36million must not necessarily be seen to be charitably shared. Give the icing to these simple Ijok folks, the cake will be ..........So Who Next to do us a favor?


Jesusawe said...

Welcome back, I had hoped that last post wasn't a swan song.

zorro said...

No jesusawe, Never. Had disc kaput and I lost backup.So was mourning the loss, but now accepting the fact that live goes on. Will you walk with Malaysiakini...see latest posting.Thanks for the concern buddy.

yok hoong said...

Can you believe what this toyo said. opposition seek win for power only! BN for what? to serve the people? goodness, if not for the demise of the assemblyman, ijok folks would never see daylight.
btw, how popular is BN there? well, take note from the voting trend in the last 3 elections there. In that great 2004 election year ( where multitudes of people were conned by some nice slogan including me), the late 3-term assemblyman only managed 5,600 votes as opposed to around 8,900 votes in his first election.
BN not only has to throw in Alwi and MGR there to regain popularity but surely have to spent more than RM36.0 million. Believe me, you will see more last minute prime pumping there for BN to win.
Ijok folks, enjoy the once-in-lifetime goodies from BN while you can. Dont know when it will come again if the BN fellow wins after he is only 36 years of age. Too young to die in office, i am sure.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I worry that this whole thing would backfire on the BN and would produce a completely new breed of Malaysians.

You see what could happen is that, in all under-developed BN constituencies, the people would be praying for their reps to die and if they look healthy then they would just take in in their hands to terminate the buggers. Now we wouldn't want that would we? or would we?

Welcome back.

jasgill said...

Hi Zorro. Glad you are back. India is one of the most corrupted countries in the world. Yet a powerful premier, Indra Gandhi was convicted of election fraud in that country. She declared "emergency" after that and then went back to the electorate only to get fucked. I hope the lesser nincompoops masquerading as politicians in our country will one day get their just desserts. The fact that a peace loving man like you is now becoming a champion of injustice and fraud by our politicians speaks volumes in the development of the state of politics in this country. It takes guts. You have got them. I wonder what happened to that judge that convicted Indra Gandhi... whatever it is I am more proud of you today then 39 years ago.

zorro said...

Jas, I am humbled. Encouragement from bloggers like you provide me with the motivation to have that fire in the belly. Thanks for dropping by.Is there a chance of meeting, assuming you are in KL.

monsterball said...

There have been doing such stunts in all by-elections. most famous is Lunas where so much was poured out....even Samy Vellu said if Barisan did not win...he will stay there forever
Barisan lost!!
Story is wellknown and history and hope Ijok voters take inspirations for Lunas..not easily bought like children with sweets thrown to them.Vote with their conscience.
If so... Barisan National will surely loose!!

monsterball said...

By the way that terrible photo showing than band of canines are representing government personalities? Which one is which?

desiderata said...

dear matey Zorro:

Though you have knot given Desi a Z..z..zeta Jones, I have dedi a Sundae post partly to thee -- about "Tithes", holy, holey and unholy?
I hope you don't sue me, I haven't got that 20million nyet!:(
GDie, Tornado, don't blow Desi away!:)

Elviza Michele said...

Dearest Zorro,

Hah you are back, your laptop must have been fixed then.

See ya tomorrow

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