Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ground Zero: Ijok Dateline:24April.Part 1

Yesterday, 24 April was a busy but fulfilling day. Eric Woon of I am a Malaysian generously gave me a lift to the spanking new Jalan Duta court complex to lend support to Jeff Ooi. The exterior was awesome but (well, that is subject for a later posting.)

Since Jeff's case achieved what was planned we gathered for Tuesday Mee Rebus at Cafe14teen. At 1.45pm, Big Dog of Bigdogdotcom Pajaro-ed Rocky of Rocky's Bru, Noraina of 3540 Jalan Sudin, A Voice of Another Brick in the Wall, and yours truly to ground zero Ijok.

I was, for once, so impressed by the BN election machinery in evidence. I mean the convoy of humoungous trucks, bull-dozers, and other assorted accoutrements of frenzied activities. The poster warfare spelt out the feverish last moment shopping for votes from the denizens of Ijok constituency.

The BN heavies were buzzing around but we were not interested to hear their tired and tried tales. We asked around for the two contenders. Why not engage the heavies? We leave that to the NST and the Star who would dutifully portray their political bosses grinning from ear to ear and carrying
children. The last time they went into these antics was when the late Datuk Sivalingam was elected.They came, talk and disappeared for so long that Datuk Siva couldn't wait no longer. He gave up ......the ghost.

Not aware of the contenders itinerary we continued to look for leads. However, it was not difficult to spot us....the full bodied Big Dog, the Towering Rocky, the fast-talking A Voice, the metallic-gray-haired guy with his ever-present shoulder-strap handbag (humbly yours) and the always beautiful Noraina, black-capped and in shades. Rocky was spotted a former associate and we were given the whereabout of our quest. Move on to Part 2.

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Nice details...wait for part 2.