Monday, March 19, 2007



This posting is in support of 3540 Jalan Sudin who called on Johor exco in charge of social development,Dr. Robiah Kosai to give us a more creative excuse than the normal, not enough funds, not enough manpower, we lost some documents......Have a heart, for goodness sake. A good welfare organisation will go seek out the poor and dispense help. Dont play God and expect the poor to come to you....unless you get a big thrill just to hear a mother pleading for just a little bit extra for the 4 kids clinging on to her . Have you gone hungry, have you missed a meal because you have no means to get a meal, have you seen children crying because they are hungry, not angry. Have you slept in a make-shift shelter during a stormy night? Have you seen children fighting with dogs to get some scrap at the dump site? Have you walked many miles to get a sack of rice, a bag of salt or a bag of sugar and carry the whole load back to your waiting children. The poor don't need your sympathy, just your empathy. Clean up all the make-up, roll up your sleeves and get to work. There is a lot of work to be done for our poor.....and you are being paid to help the poor. Do I hear you whimper NO?


Kata Tak Nak said...

Madam Minister, you have been given a great responsibility by heading a ministry, though not as glamourous as others but has a strong bearing on the lives of many people. This, then, is a duty to the people and country.

You have been there for many years and can you confidently say that things are better? If so, why is it that complaints heard 20 years ago are still heard now? Why is it that excuses given 20 years ago are still given now?

I am sure, you would like your ministry to perform well. I am sure you would like to hear praises that under you the ministry has achieved much. Wishes and hopes don't add up to results.

Do you really know what your officers are up to? Do you really know the weaknesses in your ministry? Are you that naive as to believe every sweet report you get from your officers? If you can get almost accurate feedback from your party colleagues as to where you stand in your constituency, why isn't there a will to get that kind of accuracy in the reports on the performance of your ministry?

If these people are suffering because of a genuine shortage of funds, which shouldn't be the case since it was claimed many times over that we are doing very well, then the people should bear with it but no, most of these complaints are the result of poor delivery.

It doesn't hurt to listen to the people you know, in fact it will do you a world of good if you were to start listening to them.

monsterball said...

dear kata tak nak...Well said...but when have we ever seen ministers response to sufferings of the people...except near election time.....or to smoothen the roads like Samy did in Lunas to fool the voters. Do you recall he said he will stay in Lunas if ....Barisan lost. They lost!! Did he keep his words? Mind you ..he is the longest serving minister.
So you see kata tak nak...dia nak fool us over and over again......and it boils down to how serious voters are going to be on next election. Cannot blame that minister...she knows some are still idiotic voters.

monsterball said...

HI ZORRO!! Your layout with the two photos shows how level headed and smart you can be...if you stop drinking too much beer..
But don't you try to be too smart to compete with my Commander on posters competition. I will hatam you with camphor balls..since tons I have... cannot put in your drinks any more. Can I withdraw my promise?

Landed_Angel said...

Nicely put Zorro.. well written.. bravo.

Landed_Angel said...

So our dearest ministers, roll up your sleeves & do something.

May be you should see the poor in order for you to appreciate what's going on while all of you are sleeping, if not resting, in your cozy house or should I say 'mansion'

Luke said...
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