Monday, March 12, 2007

Am I Tired of Zagging Him?

No I have the stamina. I might stop if he comes out of the closet to apologise. I know I have been rough on this dummy, but I will do it more subtly....all thanks to FreeLunch2020 who tagged me with a different meme. I have to tell 5 jokes, name 4 people I like, 4 animals I associate myself with and then tag 5 others. Here goes:

5 Jokes, can only manage one but in 5 Acts.

Act 1: TA (the minister with VMY2007 portfolio) holding his family jewels....aka crotch) visits Dr. Dickiam s/o Prickusamy, phallic specialist.

Act 2: DDP: What can I do for you Addy, sorry Tengku

Act 3: TA (still holding on to you-know-what): Promise me that if I show you, you will not laugh.

Act4: TA lets down his pants and DDP laughs hysterically but after 10 minutes checks himself and
aplogises: "I cant help it....I have never seen it so minute....anyway what's wrong Tengku?

Act5: TA: Its swollen.

Next. 4 People I want to add-mire to.

1. Adnam Mansor before he attained the age of reason
2. Adnan bin Mansor, the dutiful son distributing Shellane Gas for his bapak
3. Adnan before he called himself royal
4. Adnan de Man/sore with women bloggers and instantly got cheap publicity.

4 Animals I associate myself with: Only one actually, but anyway....
a. A pig's orgasm last 30 minutes. Lucky pig (somewhere here). In my next life I want to be a pig.
b. Lions mate over 50 times a day. (I still wanna be a pig. Quality over quantity)
c. An ostritch eyes is bigger than its brain (I know a Minister like that)
d. An elephant is the only animal that cannot jump (that's why I wanna be a pig, please, please)

I tag: desiderata, standupphilosopher,Kata Tak Nak, Lame Basket & Mob1900.

OK FreeLunch, do the needful...alert them to this.


Kata Tak Nak said...

I still do not know what all this tagging stuff is all about but I should say I am flattered, or should I?

You can't be serious about piggy's 30 minute orgasm.

Well, the man opens his mouth so he deserves what he gets. As for him apologosing, unless he wants to get his name into the Malaysian Book of Records as the first Malaysian minister to apologise, you'd be dreaming.

You're pretty good at writing so why noy a posting about Malaysian leaders and apologies. This paradox should be interesting reading.

BT (ex-SIA CREW ) said...

Hi Zorro...I know you are serious about the things you wrote but I can't help laughing because you are really humorous.
Anyway,that guy's brain is smaller than pigeon's eggs to have said such things about woman bloggers.

zewt said...

hahahahaa... tak habis habis eh?

hmmm... wonder if i should 'lie' another time.

desiderata said...

Dear matey:

I detoured here from freelunch, and I see my name on your Honours roll, it rocks!
But I told mGf (great minds think alike, and he's MemeORmimi--ing Desi2!:(
I've told him onceuponadimeDesi'snotdoiingA'moremimi butt for zorro's favout=r, I'd oblige, o'er hear, and make sure you deliver CatZJo the sexttime we meet UPorDOWN the TankSIr?

"Do you believe in ghosts?", said G to the man walking down the alleyway.
"No," replied the Man, and he turned to look at the voice who asked the Q. It swiftly disappeared into alley thin-aire.
Anyone experienced having sex with a ghost? Professor asked the class of Philosophy students.
One hand shot up, a Cowherd from India, and the Prof asked to demo the act.
"AS ezy as climbing a horse, Sir. Grab the goat from behind, mount it like brokeback moutain, dare you are!" as he grabbed the Prof from behind...
Joke3-5 is a Combo, also "recycled&reduced ala xpyre minus da d":
J3:YouthChief introduced Prez and No.2 to the redlight hussies.
AS No.2 emerged, he was arsed how was it?
"Emm, good, very good. But not as good as my wife-lah!"
J4: As No.1 emerged from the redhouse after suffering greenhouse effects,
he was also arsed how was it?
"Hmm, excellent, vely excellent. But not as gooder as my wife-lah!"
J5: As YouthChief emerged from the saunahouse dripping awe over, the chiefs awaited wit bated breath for his verdict:
"Yeah, haevenly ride! But I must agree with Mr Prez and derputy Prez, not as goodest as your wives!"

PS: Bernard, if thou art sued (slooney, heard Desi from bengkok!)for any of the above, Desi claims Poetic Licence which expires midnight March 14, 2007.
Now where's Cathy?

desiderata said...


5Pieples I wanna add-myre:
Addnan No-womanSo, Semi-valued LembuKeleta, Zakaria mAdAss, YusofDidn'tSay, + OneAmoreVacancy for anyone from that MonkeysHouse

5animals akin to me:

Porkie, AweBoar-ingBorneF'iends, Snowball, Boxer and Napoleon~~ ByGeorge O'swella:)

Kata Tak Nak said...

A 90-year-old man was having his annual checkup.
The doctor asked him how he was feeling.

"I've never been better," the old man replied.
" I've got an eighteen-year- old wife who's pregnant & delivered a child. "What is your opinion about that, Doc?" the old man asked.

The doctor thought for a moment, then says, "Well, let me tell you a story. I know a guy who is an hunter. He never misses a season of hunting. But, one day he's in a bit of a hurry and he accidentally grabs his umbrella instead of his gun.

The doctor continued, "So he's walking in the woods near a creek, and suddenly he spots a lion in some bush in front of him. He raises up his umbrella, points it at the lion squeezes the handle.
BAM !!!
The lion drops dead in front of him."

"That's impossible!" said the old man in disbelief.
Someone else must have shot that lion."

"Exactly" said the Doctor

Anonymous said...

hahahahah tks :D that's a good one...'tengku' adnan looks better than ever in that photo...and a pig..:D well, if they have that benefit,why not? to hell with stereotypes..:D will alert them...:D hope u r keeping well :D

mob1900 said...

waaargh, kena tagged...
now only i realised, padan muka gua. hahaha